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The Mike Church Show-Trump Will Drive Pro-Life MAGAs Away With His Abortion Fiasco

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25m Abortion and Donald Trump

CDC Abortion Surveillance –

  • In 2021, 625,978 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 48 reporting areas. Among 47 reporting areas with data each year during 2012–2021, in 2021, a total of 622,108 abortions were reported, the abortion rate was 11.6 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, and the abortion ratio was 204 abortions per 1,000 live births.
  • Similar to previous years, in 2021, women in their twenties accounted for more than half of abortions (57.0%). 
  • Nearly all abortions in 2021 took place early in gestation: 93.5% of abortions were performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation; a smaller number of abortions (5.7%) were performed at 14–20 weeks’ gestation, and even fewer (0.9%) were performed at ≥21 weeks’ gestation. 
  • Early medication abortion is defined as the administration of medication(s) to induce an abortion at ≤9 completed weeks’ gestation, consistent with the current Food and Drug Administration labeling for mifepristone (implemented in 2016). In 2021, 53.0% of all abortions were early medication abortions. 
  • Use of early medication abortion increased 3% from 2020 to 2021 and 137% from 2012 to 2021.
  • Just from the sheer advantage points of the American youth, are these the actions of a  moral society?
  • We don’t even expect our youth to have self control any longer.
  • These numbers prove that.
  • This generation is corrupt.
  • They are now maturing in an immature way.
  • The ‘will of the people’ is to be single, childless and child-like.
  • QUESTION: What do we need leaders for if this is how we ‘lead’ our children? 
  • This is what leadership is all about.
  • Trump keeps it up on this states rights abortion thing…he might just give the Biden Regime the lift it needs to keep the White House.
  Catholic Action League 

  • We should recall who the first states rights advocate was.
  • Senator George McGovern 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
40m Donald Trump Unenforced Error

  • Whether you like a two party system or not, it is immaterial b/c that is what we have.
  • The only intervention is God at this point.
  • Laying down w/ unconditional surrender isn’t even fighting.
  • If the GOP adopts Trumps line on States Rights, we know this isn’t the truth.
  • This is a gross miscalculation here.
  • If Arizona wants to have its law, then that is their states right?!
  • Then why did he say it should be addressed Donald? 
  • The states rights claim is bogus.
  • Why stop at human life then if the state has the right to do so?
  • Everything that happens after life is because of human life and flourishing.

Catholic Action League – 


Republican Party Platform in 2016 – 

  • The Platform then called upon Congress to ban abortions based upon sex selection and disability, to ban dismemberment abortions, and to enact a Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It also commended the House of Representatives for passing Born Alive legislation.
  • “What happened Monday was an abandonment of five decades of Republican promises of federal opposition to abortion. The pro-life movement needs to recognize, lucidly, that we have suffered a major defeat, one of the worst in the movement’s history.” – C. Joseph Doyle
  • This is a grave error here and if he doesn’t correct it, he will lose the core of the pro-life constituency that he had back in 2016.
  • The Evangelical stance on abortion is the right one.
  • Evangelicals are the CORE of the pro-life movement.
  • What is Donald Trump telling them in 2024?

HEADLINE: On Abortion, Donald Trump Goes The Way Of Stephen A. Douglas by John Daniel Davidson 

  • By taking this stand, that abortion should not be a federal issue, Trump has not just betrayed his pro-life supporters but taken the side of Stephen A. Douglas over Abraham Lincoln. He has insisted that popular sovereignty, not moral principle, should decide the abortion question, just as Douglas insisted popular sovereignty in the new federal territories must decide the slavery question. 
  • In Georgia, you can’t get an abortion if a heartbeat is detected.
  • Is Donald going to tell everyone in Georgia they are wrong?
  • Will he defend that states law?
  • Moral neutrality on abortion in our time is like moral neutrality on slavery in Douglas’ time. It might seem politically savvy, a way to thread the needle on a seemingly intractable issue for the sake of building a coalition, but ultimately, it’s a recipe for tyranny and anarchy. If the unborn are Americans who have a right to life, as some states maintain, then that right cannot simply be waived because majorities in other states want to deny them that right.
  • The danger of taking what amounts to a morally neutral or indifferent view of abortion is that it reduces it to just another political issue subject to the whims of the electorate.
  • If one person can snuff out the life of another, and no third person is allowed to object, then in what sense do we have self-government? Democratic practice, after all, must be rooted in the principle of human equality. 
  • There are some things even a majority cannot justly decide to do, and to deny that is to open the way to tyranny.


Caller Derek from Las Vegas Nevada 

  • I would like nothing more than a national ban on abortion. 
  • Donald Jeffries – JFK and the unspeakable
  • The way I look at it is we have two choices.
  • He secretly wants a complete ban on abortion but he can’t come out and say that.
  • In this book JFK goes around in 1962 was talking tough on Communism, but secretly he was maneuvering for peace w/ Russia.
  • If its not Trump, then who?
  • We don’t have that Crusader that will stand on the soap box and say abortion is 100% wrong no two ways about it!
  • Let’s go down the list – 
  • If Florida is wrong then GA, LA, TX, OK and AL all have to fix their laws then.
  • If Trump is for states rights then he should be out there saying those states chose what they wanted. 
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Covington Compact

  • We just created on here at the last Crusader Congress.
  • I don’t think Donald Trump would sign it.
  • And that my friends is a real problem.
  Dobbs Decision 

  • It doesn’t just say return it to the states – they are wrong.
  • The Dobbs decision said the court found no constitutional right to abortion in the 14th Amendment.
  • That is a far cry from ‘the court said return it to the states’. 
1h17m Caller Cindy from Florida 

  • Beware of Chinese illegals robbing you at Home Goods.
  • In 2016 Trump came w/ Joe Dugan.
  • Most people there supported Ted Cruz.
  • He said Florida’s position is wrong, and if he is states rights guy, why mention that?
  • These political consultants are truly pro-life?
  • I think they have tunnel vision.
  • They can’t se what is done the road.
  • They gave us nothing with the Freedom Caucus. 
  • We worked on legislation all year to get nothing.
  • We had a bunch of people that moved down here that aren’t necessarily Republicans.
1h25m Where is the moral boundary?

  • If they are okay killing babies what will they be okay with doing to you?
  • As a moral principle – 
  • Geography shouldn’t determine existence. 
  • You are still taking a life.
  • I don’t believe it should be public platform to find itself or pronounce itself on the side of death.
  • There is no future or Making America Great Again w/o Americans!
  • Most people would agree w/ that I think.
  • People saying this polls well and it is a winner are just so very wrong.
  • If he starts running around and the MSM will ask him in each heartbeat capable bill state – he is in for a rude awakening. 
  HEADLINE: The future belongs to Right-wing progressives Conservatism is finished by Mary Harrington 

  • 94% of abortion are the ‘will of the people’ and I’m supposed to accept this?
  • I agree w/ Joe Doyle, this is a disaster. 
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Calle Debbie from Tennessee 

  • I was a Vivek Ramaswamy voter before he dropped out.
  • He had a way of communicating abortion.
  • He pointed out the left is a DEATH centered body.
  • I think Conservatives need to reframe it into a non-radical, family centric way.
  • I don’t think they really want to kill babies, this younger generation.
  • They are not on line at all w/ the Democratic position on this to just kill all the babies whenever.
  • I don’t think it should be part of government.
  • At the end of the day – the Church and the State – they exist b/c they have everything in their nature to perpetuate. 
  • Covington Compact – Article 2 – 
  • Why do we need a central authority?
  • Many Founding Fathers asked that question.
  • Maybe the problem is in trying to instruct the government on what it should do on matters it shouldn’t be regulating.
  • I don’t know how we come out of this as a country.
  • This is definitely a fragmenting topic.
  • NOTE – Tennessee has banned abortion completely in the state since August 2022.
1h50m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Andy Biggs, AZ on FISA3.4 million warrantless searches of American’s private communications. In just one year the FISA court reported there were 278,000 improper searches on American citizens, 19,000 improper searches of donors to a congressional candidate. There is no shortage of spying authority abuses by the weaponized FBI.

  • The deep state exist to perpetuate itself.
  • I spoke with Frank Wright yesterday during episode 1 of the Church Doctrine.
  • Do you think the average leftist of the WEF, do they actually believe what they say?
  • Frank’s answer was yes.
  • Even Hitler though some of the things he was doing was good.
1h55m HEADLINE: The future belongs to Right-wing progressives Conservatism is finished by Mary Harrington 

  • The people that make up the right wing intelligence, yes Elon is there and so is Tucker Carlson.
  • I’ve had people tell me they hope Tucker isn’t the leader.
  • Why is that?
  • You are going to have to have men that are willing to lead it and lead by their actions.
  • He has the fundamental root things correct.
  • What is one of these things you must have correct?
  • He has to be a……


  • We are here in this position b/c we have had no popular leaders that practiced the Catholic religion.
  • The man that will lead like Constantine before him.
  • I know you aren’t supposed to say this but…
  • Not everyone has the same thoughts.
  • You can’t just meld all the faiths together.
  • There is One Lord, one Baptism, one Resurrection, one Crucifixion. 
  • He needs to be or at minimum have Natural Law knowledge.
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Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

  • I know some of this sounds stupid to modern ears.
  • Most people have never heard these things before and they sound foreign. 
  • Let me give you the practical reason as to why we lack good leadership.
  • We deny the simple truths of reality.
  • Like women can become men and men can have babies etc.
  • Indiscriminate killing – 
  • This is the reality of what’s being denied.
  • An entire cult of people that deny all of this.
  • FOX News – how Biden has abandoned Israel – so while they are talking about the horror of Biden turning his back on the genocidal IDF, the reporter is walking through Gaza.
  • The camera man is showing that Gaza is nothing but rubble. 
  • Why wouldn’t the people that survived this plan another October 7th?
  • They have watched 1,000’s of children be killed by these IDF forces simply for being alive in Gaza.
  • This is the type of reality I am talking about here.
  • Do you see any true reporting on MSM from Gaza?
  • I bring this up because their reality is this killing is okay.
  • Does the core belief of the intellectual leader, what is he grounded to?
  • Shouldn’t we all agree God has dominion over all of it?
  • Let’s go back to Natural Law – shouldn’t we all agree on this?
  • That is a Universal thing we should all agree on.
  • That is why one leader is not the same as the next.
  • It has been a bad week if you are a Trump guy.

  • Is Speaker Mike Johnson being blackmailed?
  • Why is he doing what he is doing?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on FISAThis is the 3rd election cycle that the FBI and agencies like it are trying to change the outcome of an election. This law allows our government to spy on foreigners. Well we now know it has been used against Americans. Speaker Mike Johnson did his very best to make sure this FISA passed, why? The FISA bill is dead but, like herpes, it’ll be back. It’s important to punish the people that pushed it.

8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  AUDIO/VIDEO: MSNBC Morning Joe Undecided VotersI think he has been an absolute disaster for this country. My past performance of my 401K you can’t blame everything on 2020. The interest rates are way too high to invest. He is gaslighting literally everyone in the process.













Mahgdalen Rose

Political Correspondent 

  • Trump on Truth Social explaining that the new abortion policy for the campaign is now it is all about States Rights and the will of the people.
  • Isn’t this a messaging disaster?
  • This isn’t surprising though b/c he has been moving more and more toward a moderate stance on abortion. 
  • How do we create more solutions to support women that find themselves pregnant?
  • The Democrats are for abortion on a level that is so horrible and there is no middle ground.
  • If he is president the Republican party is going to give up on it.
  • He is basically saying ‘he has done enough for abortion’. 
  • You can never do enough to end abortion!
  • If you read Alito’s Majority opinion – it didn’t say it returned to the states.
  • Historically prior to the ratification to the 14th Amendment there was no right to abortion.
  • They found there was NOT a right to abortion in the 14th Amendment. 
  • No one is content w/ NY allowing 3rd trimester abortions.
  • That is NOT what the movement was or is.
  • We do care what happens in liberal states.
  • We were fighting to END THE DEATH OF BABIES across the country.
  • He has backed away from all social issues recently and we have a major problem here.
  • The problem we have here is that the right wing Evangelicals, if we don’t vote for him, there was no reason to even reach out to independents. 
  • Donald Trump is surrounded by advisors that don’t want to fight for social issues anymore.
  • Then if that is the case, we are only different on a few spending issues.
  • This comment that Trump made about Arizona getting it wrong, we keep hearing how grateful we need to be but if we have to be grateful for that is he saying all we can do is ban abortion at 24 weeks and anything less than that is wrong?
  • What is the difference from Biden then at this point?
  • There are inconsistencies that must be cleared up before the election.
  • When I saw Speaker Johnson, you need to be a backroom dealer and he simply isn’t that.
  • You can’t be a good guy, you need a bully.
  • The danger I see here is Hakeem Jeffries.
  • He is charming and a people person, he is also just like Nancy the male version. 

HEADLINE: Sonia Sotomayor’s retirement is a political IQ test by Nate Silver 

  • So winning the presidency is worth 400 EPPs. Winning an individual Senate seat is worth 3.6, and an individual House seat only 0.2 EPPs. A Supreme Court seat is worth 252 EPPs, by contrast, because there are only 9 justices and the terms last so long. That means a single SCOTUS seat is more than half as important as a 4-year presidential term!
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