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  Donald Trump in Manhattan Yesterday

  • Construction workers asked how they feel about seeing that many Republicans expressing support for Trump.
  • They all replied, well they keep messing w/ the dude.
  • Things are changing.
  • We love our country and he seems to love our country.

Reporter then asks – what do you have to say to President Biden?

Construction Worker – F You

22m SCOTUS – Presidential Immunity

  • We aired a lot of the SCOTUS hearing but most of it was hypotheticals.
  • In this instance president is ALL that matters.
  • You would be revering 234 years of history.
  • We have never gotten into this.
  • Justices Alito, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are very smart people.
  • Can you separate private and public instances for a President?
  • We have to be very careful of how we approach this.
  • Jonathan Turley – they are going to send this back to the lower court and demand that court go through all these instances and determine what actions are private and what actions are official.
  • There is no way this is going to trial before November 3rd.
  • In Manhattan, another day in this courtroom the Trump lawyers are walking out laughing and hanging their heads b/c this case is such a joke.
  • This guy David Pecker, yes his last name is Pecker.

HEADLINE: ‘Trump was my mentor’: David Pecker to testify for fourth time in hush-money trial by Lauren Aratani 

29m King Cobra Snake – Vocational School Drain

  • Two animal control guys get this massive King Cobra snake out of the drain but they are MENLY MEN!
  • This dude just grabs the tail and the other guy just waits around for the head of this thing.
  • They didn’t show fear in second of this video!
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2
  HEADLINE: Every day brings more evidence that it’s time to repeal the 19th Amendment by Andrea Widburg

  • The fact this is now being talked about publicly is wonderful.
  • We talk about it often here on the show and station.





















HEADLINE: Pennsylvania middle school student accused of beating pre-teen student, attacked sheriff deputies at hearing by Christopher Tremoglie 

  • I’ve been telling you that the day was going to come when a transgender beats up on a little girl and the Redneck dad will stop it.
  • The MEN are the ones that can stop all of this.
  • The act of violence allegedly came after a judge ruled that the student, who attends Pennbrook Middle School in the suburbs of Philadelphia, was to be held at the Montgomery County Youth Detention Center in Eagleville because of the violent attack at the school.
  • The attacker was charged as a juvenile, Duffy told me. It remains to be seen what, if any, other legal consequences the attacker will face because of the act of violence against the law enforcement officers.
  • The trans-identifying male student named “Melanie” had violent tendencies and school administrators had to solo-escort him into school every day and they were “warned repeatedly about the boy’s violent tendencies, but appear to have never intervened.”
  • The young girl testified that she spoke with guidance counselor Colleen Fattori five hours before the incident but to no avail. 

HEADLINE: Inside the twisted minds of female teacher pedos: Sex predator expert reveals what drives these seemingly harmless women – and the disturbing warning signs all parents must look out for by Stacy Kaiser 

  • “The investigation of 25 female teachers across 16 states have been arrested for sex crimes in the last year, I think back to those sessions.” – Stacy Kaiser
  • What is the root cause?
  • Family disintegration. 
  • We are sending our children to schools and daycare younger and younger.
  • Our women are working and leaving other women and men to raise their children.
  • When a 12-14 year old boy comes home to reveal the hot math teacher made a pass at him, the parents, especially the dad acts as if this is a good thing.
  • Unfortunately we as a society don’t think women predators are a big deal and that boy and men can’t be raped.
  • You have to acknowledge that this is a problem.
  • But presenting to the world as ‘ordinary’ or even an exemplary example of an adult role model is a tactic offenders use to ingratiate themselves with a community and fool their victims into a false ‘sense of safety.’
  • Back in the 1990’s when I was working in broadcasting, Mary Kay Letourneau was in the news.
  • She was 34 years old, with 4 children and she served 3 months in prison for the offense.
  • This is what the porn culture has done.
  • Some even say, if teachers were paid enough they wouldn’t have to make money other ways like Only Fans pages etc.
  • We have children and women being put into positions they weren’t made to be in.
  • I don’t think it is radical to think and say that women should be at home teaching their own children.
  • I want to trust all the adults I know but do you really know everyone that well?
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1h22m AUDIO/VIDEO: Justice Sotomayor SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Hearing – Personal Gain – If the president decides that his rival is a corrupt person and he orders the military to assassinate him, is that w/in his official acts for which he can give immunity?

  • If Donald Trump wanted to assassinate Obama, he had 4 years to do so.
  • You know she is referring to Donald Trump in this hypothetical.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Hearing – Private vs Public Actions – The most powerful person in the world could go into office knowing that there would be no potential penalty for committing crimes. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump Attorney D John Sauer SCOTUS Presidential Immunity HearingThe regime you’ve described is the one we’ve operated under for over 234 years.

  • Jimmy Carter could have thrown the book and prosecuted Ford for pardoning Nixon.
  • This would have been presidential misconduct, if what they are saying is correct.
  • Bush could have prosecuted Reagan for Iran Contra.
  • At the time what was the just of the Iran Contra?
  • Get money from one source and funnel it to another to bring about a net good but that deal was privately made.
  • Using some of these SCOTUS hypotheticals yes.
  • 234 years and not ONE time has this been an issue.
  • Justice Thomas talked about Operation Mongoose. 
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1h40m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Economic Update on Campaign Trail in Syracuse NYIt’s clear we have the worlds strongest economy in the world, and that’s a fact. 15 million new jobs created in 3 1/2 years. Unemployment hasn’t been this low for this long in 50 years. Wages are rising.

  • Did you hear that?
  • He said he created 15 MILLION jobs and wages are up.
  • The GDP is at 1.6%.

HEADLINE: GDP growth slowed to a 1.6% rate in the first quarter, well below expectations by Jeff Cox 

  • You have to factor in the amount lost also.
  • Remember back when COVID was still a thing?

HEADLINE: Expect Big Negative Revisions to BLS Monthly Jobs in 2023, GDP Too by Mish Shedlock 

  • In March, the economy continued to add a high percentage of government and social assistance jobs. Part time employment rose by 691,000 as full time employment fell by 6,000.
  • The BED report lends huge credence to the idea that GDP data is overstated and Gross Domestic Income numbers (reflecting payrolls) are more accurate.



AUDIO/VIDEO: Justice Alito SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Hearing – Punishing Opponents – Closely contested elections will lead to a cycle where former presidents fear they will be prosecuted by a bitter political opponent, will that not lead us into a cycle that destabilizes the functioning of our country as a democracy.

  • The ONE case of Trump’s that actually went to trial he won.
  • Why did the Governor of Arizona, NC, PA, WI and MI – why did they all veto the legislatures attempt to fix rigged elections?
  • They attempted to make mail-in ballots illegal but the Governors vetoed them.
  • If this is not corrected in Arizona, you can expect lawsuits to be filed the next day.
  • There is no getting out of this.
  • You can see the alignment here.
  • You can see the states that are like minded.
  • You can see where the lines of a Civil War are being defined right before our eyes.
  Catholic Action League – Donald Trump Abortion Stance

  • Leaving abortion up to the states.
  • Remember when we had C Joseph Doyle on to discuss this?
  • This is what is transpiring this election season.
  • Politicians know that pro-aborts will punish them at the poles.

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  HEADLINE: Secret Service Scuffle Prompts DEI, Vetting Scrutiny by Susan Crabtree 

Richard Barrett

Follow Richard on X – @ElArmedCatholic

AUDIO/VIDEO: Parents North Penn School District – Transgender Student Attacks A Young Girl – This was a teenage boy who beat on a little girl. Don’t look at me like that, you are a father, what if that was your daughter? I’m here b/c people reach out to me b/c too many people are afraid to say stuff like this.

AUDIO/VIDEO: A 12 year old Student of North Penn SchoolWe warned my counselor it was going to happen b/c I was 2nd on the ‘Hit List’ and was told to watch my back b/c he’s coming for you at lunch. We were not allowed to call our parents, there was blood everywhere and he was yelling “I’m gonna murder you’, we had to watch them clean up her blood w/ a mop. 

  • This just makes my blood boil.
  • Public schools should be abolished but I am going back into the school system b/c I have to work.
  • They were all started w/ good intentions but that isn’t the case anymore.
  • This disease spreads.
  • I’m glad he had his fiery rant but when he said I’m not against any group, he lost me.
  • He is still scared to mention that ‘group’ is a bad group.
  • Children shouldn’t have to deal w/ these issues.

BREAKING IN – For Donald Trump Audio – 

8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  HEADLINE: Why Would Candace Owens Convert to Catholicism? by Kennedy Hall

  • Now, if I could offer some unsolicited advice to Candace—although I am sure her erudite husband will have said similar things—I would encourage her not to feel the pressure to be anyone’s theologian. Owens is highly intelligent, and I am sure she will grasp the profundity of Catholic teaching as well as anyone. I imagine she’s been studying voraciously for years at this point; but there is a pressure that new Catholics, especially celebrity Catholics, feel to shout from the rooftop about their new faith. 
  • But the world of Catholic discourse is as cutthroat and merciless as any commentariat community, and there will be no shortage of opportunists who want to co-opt her convert zeal into a publicity stunt. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sharing her journey on podcasts and at conferences, as this will inspire many, but it is still advisable to be cautious about which characters you trust.
  • So, we should all rejoice that Christ left the 99 and found the one sheep who needed saving. And we should pray that God strengthens Candace as the wolves surround her as she embarks on this new chapter in her life.

Richard Barrett


  • Candace Owens is following the Natural Order.
  • Her inbox is probably filled w/ thousands of requests.
  • We tend to do this often with new Catholics especially in the Conservative realm. 
  • When Church Militant went down it sucked the life and their longing and maybe excitement out of Catholic Media.
  • It burned over a million people.
  • Anyone in that sphere was effected by that.
  • It is the day after CM went down.
  • I think people feel betrayed and they no longer have a taste or desire for Catholic media.
  • It was a black eye for the Catholic Community.
  • It is not ethical to profit off the tragedy inside the faith and the Catholic church.
  • To stir the pot and profit off of that is NOT ethical.
  • Erick Erickson @EWErickson on X
  • Movie Reviews on Saturday’s show – 
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