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The Mike Church Show-Trump’s States Rights Abortion Appeal Is An Appeal TO Satan’s Rights

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13m Crusade Congress Updates

Quality over Quantity 

  • This was one of the most productive congresses we have had.
  • Everyone was very excited about this congress produced something that a congress would actually produce.
  • The speakers were wonderful.
  • Retired Col Rob Maness – 
  • I was really surprised that after his speech some of our most Catholic attendees were around the table w/ him asking him all manner of questions.
20m  Abortion and IVF

  • Trump was a life begins at conception guy after the Dobbs settlement. 
  • Now that all of that is done, he has somewhat changed his view points.
  • Could it be the left wanted Roe to go down in flames?
  • Look what happened in Ohio.
  • You get the wording right, you can get innocent pro-life people to vote for abortion w/o knowing it.
  • This is what I call an unforced error – there is no need for him to say anything about IVF.
  • For those of you that don’t know, this isn’t just about couples trying to have babies.
  • There is a lot of life created in the embryo stages that is just left frozen forever or flat out killed or ‘disposed’ of.
  • Remember Trump vs Hillary – Susan B Anthony List Marjorie came on the show – Trump and repealing Roe?
  • There is an industry called Big Fertility out there.
27m Joe Biden & Student Loans

  • This is a straight up bribe.
  • Biden is saying this as though this is all his money!
  • SCOTUS said he couldn’t do this but here we are.
  • So how is Biden getting away with all of this?
  • They are playing 2024 as if there are 2 groups they have to win.
  • Group 1 – 18-40 year old women that simply want to abort any baby they want to.
  • Group 2 – 18-40 year old college graduates that have mountains of debt w/ part-time jobs.
  • The latest stat – 1.78 latest female fertility rate.
  • That is what we have right now in the United States.
  • It takes 2.0 to tread water to keep our population. 
  • The fact we have no people running on this is alarming.
  The Rapture That Didn’t Happen

Marshall Applewhite – self-proclaimed prophet Marshall Applewhite was the leader of the Heaven’s Gate religious cult group. He died in the group’s mass suicide in 1997.

  • The group experimented with several unusual diets and sex, drinking and smoking were forbidden (some male members, including Applewhite, were later castrated.) Lying and breaking the rules were considered major offenses. Uniformity was also important to Applewhite and Nettles—members all wore baggy clothing and had short hair essentially to mask gender and sexuality.
46m Eclipse 

Static Electricity

  • A telescope was set up to measure cosmic background radiation.
  • The data was supposed to prove the Earth wasn’t in the middle of anything.
  • This was supposed to finally disprove the Creation theory and prove Evolution.
  • When the data came back, the CBR of the universe, something strange happened.
  • QUESTION: Guess what was at 0.0 on the X axis and the Y axis?
  • ANSWER: Earth
  • They chalked it up to ‘faulty instrumentation’. 
  • 10 years later they sent another telescope up w/ super high tech stuff and it was 1,000x more powerful and accurate.
  • They downloaded the data and it came back with the exact same results.
  • Earth is RIGHT SMACK in the middle.
  • In 2012 they did this experiment ONE MORE TIME and guess what?
  • They got the exact same result.
  • Imagine that!
  • The Principle Movie – 

HEADLINE: Seeing God in the Eclipse by Eric Sammons

  • Solar eclipses happen all the time; on average, there’s a solar eclipse somewhere on earth every 18 months. True, eclipses recurring in a specific place are far more rare, happening only about once every 400 years, but it’s highly America-centric to think this particular eclipse has a special meaning all the others do not have.
  • Consider a full solar eclipse, when from certain vantage points on earth the moon exactly blocks the totality of the sun, darkening the skies and making the sun “disappear” except for its corona (the super-heated outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere, which is only viewable by human eyes during an eclipse). I noted above that a solar eclipse isn’t uncommon on earth, but it’s incredibly uncommon within our solar system. In fact, earth is the only planet in our solar system (including Pluto!) that experiences full solar eclipses.
  • Uniqueness of solar eclipses on earth is due to two seemingly random factors. First, the sun is about 400 times larger than the moon. Second, the sun is also about 400 times further away from the earth than the moon is from the earth. Because of this coincidence, the moon appears to our eyes as approximately the same size in the sky as the sun, which means it covers the sun during an eclipse. No other planet has this direct proportion between the sun and one of its moons.
  • QUESTION: How does an object get into motion?
  • QUESTION: What is one of the 5 proofs of God’s existence? 
  • ANSWER: Motion
  • The Big Bang Theory – 
  • To view the eclipse is to view two beautiful sets of motion.
  • One the rotation of the globe known as the Earth.
  • Two the speed at which the moon orbits the Earth.
  • Three the motion of the sun and the Earth relative to one another.
  • Some entity set the Earth, moon and sun into motion.
  • You can see God in the eclipse because there is motion.
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1h13m Back To Eric Sammons Article at Crisis

  • You know the Atheist out there try to explain motion using Red Shift Theory.
  • They say you can prove Red Shift was a measurement of lightwaves in particular stars and it would shift from one shade to another.
  • Red Shift Theory is no longer.
  • It only worked in a small window of time.
  • Celestial bodies are bound by the orderly laws of gravity: smaller bodies are attracted to larger bodies and thus the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth. This is what leads to eclipses. These revolutions are precisely ordered and even elegant. Isaac Newton found that the gravitational attraction force between two point masses is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their separation distance.
  • All celestial activity, including solar eclipses, lead some to believe that man is insignificant compared to the universe. Atheists like to note that the earth is simply a pale blue dot in the expansive universe, less significant than a single grain of sand on a massive beach. But they see things backward. The truth is that the universe, with its trillions of galaxies each containing trillions of stars and with planets beyond counting, is itself insignificant compared to the Almighty God. Yet this same God takes a personal interest in each and every one of us. The vastness of the universe demonstrates not only God’s power and immensity, but also His love for us.
  • Why does an eclipse matter?
  • Does an eclipse that can be seen by men on Earth matter to other planets?
  • Does it matter if you are looking out into the sky on a clear night and you can see small pale blue dots?
  • We are the only creation that can marvel at an eclipse.
1h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kirby on Face the Nation – Israel International Law – Thus far, as I said the other day, we have not seen any indication that they have violated international humanitarian law, but we take it seriously. They take it seriously at the state department and we’ll keep looking at this.

  • This is how complete the Zion propaganda machine has worked.
  • I don’t even know what to call it at this point.
  • The state of Israel – 
  • So God’s ‘chosen’ people can bomb and invade anyone they want but people that call themselves Christians and claim Christ is King are bad?

AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kirby on Face the Nation – Change in Policy – The President was clear w/ the Prime Minister, if there’s not changes, if things don’t get better, then we’re going to have to make changes of our own.

  • We are funding two wars simultaneously.
  • Ukraine and Israel.
  • All casualties of war aren’t the same.
  • If the Biden Regime identifies some people are a threat to America, and they are at Daytona, can they just arbitrarily bomb Daytona to get the 2 terrorist?
  • Is that ‘justified’? 
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Israel v Hamas Conflict

  • Doctors going into Palestinian hospitals, because there may be a Hamas person there, it is okay to bomb that entire hospital?
  • It is okay to get the one Hamas commander at all costs?
  • Shouldn’t we be seeking peace in all aspects?
  • What is Just War Theory?
  • The embassy in Syria – the Israelis claimed there was a high level Hamas in there and they sent that building crumbling down.
  • But that isn’t against International Law?
  • What does International Law state?
  • Indiscriminate violence   
  • How many people have been killed and injured in Gaza?
  • To date, more than 31,184 Palestinians have been killed and 72,889 injured, according to the local health authorities.
  • There has to be demons at work here.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld on The Five – Israel – Your respect for what Israel does is related to the Holocaust. If you actually believed that since the Holocaust Israel has a right to defend itself, then this is the moment to prove it.

  • This is neo-con demon inspired non-thinking. 
  • When does it end though?
  • Israel can always claim there is a Hamas here or there for all eternity to continue the killing correct?
  • The same with slavery.
  • The Jewish community use the Holocaust when it suits them.
  • Much like the black community uses slavery and reparations when it suits them.
  • It is illogical.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Responds to Donald Trump State Abortion


  • He should be excommunicated immediately.
  • Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  • Trump should not have come out and said what he said.
  • What the state of Ohio did is ‘the law of the land’ and it must be undone.
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2h16m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Abortion and IVFAlabama acted very quickly to preserve IVF. The Republican party should always be on the side of life. Many people have asked me what my position is on abortion and abortion rights. The Democrats are the radical ones on this position. The concept of having an abortion in the later months and execution after birth is unacceptable. The states will determine by vote or legislation or both. And whatever they decide will be the law of the land, and by that I mean the law of the state. Many states will be different. Many will have a different number of weeks. 

  • More human beings will be killed voluntarily via abortion every 2 years in the United States as in the Holocaust.
  • No one wants to talk about the dirty secrets of IVF.
  • This is Big Fertility that is all this is.
  • How many embryos are destroyed or frozen for eternity?
  • This may come as a surprise to some of you, but as a Roman Catholic, the Church teaches IVF is unnatural and immoral.
  • It sounds cruel and heartless.
  • Like we want to punish the non-fertile.
  • I’m not going to argue on the teaching of the Church.
  • Even if it uses natural things and the natural process, it is aided by scientists thus making it not natural.

HEADLINE: Trump’s Mixed Messaging On Abortion And IVF Plays Right Into Democrats’ Electoral Strategy by Jordan Boyd

  • Babies are beautiful and should be cherished despite the circumstances of their conception. But that doesn’t mean the multibillion-dollar fertility industry gets a free pass to serially manufacture embryos only to doom a majority of them to death or life in a freezer. 
  • Trumps call for the creation of children by whatever outsourced reproductive means necessary in every state also guarantees that innocent embryos, commissioned by people who could afford to fund their creation, will be subject to genetic testing, premature disposal, and other unethical practices such as surrogacy. 
  • If the IVF clinic makes a baby that has brown eyes over blue eyes, can they legally dispose of the embryo?
  • People think this kind of thing doesn’t happen but it most certainly does.
  • What the Alabama Supreme Court did was heroic. 
  • They said life begins at conception and an embryo is life.
  • You aren’t supposed to know that IVF creates MORE birth defects than natural birth.
  • Are we all opposed to surrogacy? 
  • How do homosexual couples obtain children?
  • They purchase them.
  • This is slave trade by definition. 
  • The will of the people that is why we are in the pickle we are in today.
  • People suck!
2h29m  Caller Joe Beeman from PA

  • The Congress was wonderful and the kids had such a great time.
  • It is funny you are talking about this today b/c I brought up the point to Retired Col Maness – there are two issues I have w/ President Trump.
  • 1. The debt 
  • 2. Abortion 
  • Was it truly how he felt or did he do Roe v Wade just to get the votes?
  • I can’t vote for anyone that is okay with abortion by any stretch.
  • He has softened on abortion.
  • I think his pride is getting in the way.
2h40m Back to Caller Joe Beeman from PA

  • The will of the people when it contravenes Gods rights can’t be enforced.
  • Shouldn’t it be a deal beaker for Trump?
  • This used to be the counterpoint of every Christ loving family.
  • We were not going to support people that believe in any form of abortion.
  • I’d much rather face my Maker knowing I didn’t vote for anyone that supported any form of abortion.
  • What is more beautiful than children? 
  • Bringing in more children into the world.
  • Children are the future.
  • We want Trump to be a rebel, we don’t want him to be on the fence on this.
  • We want him to be bold on life just like he is bold on the border.
  • That is the issue we need to focus on and he needs to be a good leader on this issue.
  • He should stand on principle even when everyone around you says you are nuts.
  • I like talking about politics but at the end of the day, I am worried about getting into Heaven.
2h48m Caller Rose W from OH

  • I just wanted to call and thank you more personally thank just a text message.
  • We don’t believe in IVF and lives are lost and babies are killed in the process.
  • This isn’t taught from the pulpit in many cases and we need to hear it.
  • All you upcoming young broadcasters – at the end of the day, no matter what your vocation is, as Catholics we must understand there aren’t two confession lines.
  • You don’t have a personal and vocational line.
  • Thank you for leading the troops.
  • We should pray for Trump to have courage to have the same conviction in his public and political life.
  • I think this will poll terribly.
  • The Christian sect that support him the most is Evangelical is life begins at conception and there are no exceptions.
  • This is about life and death.
  Crusader Congress 

  • It was a huge success.
  • It was probably one of the most productive Congresses we have had.
  • When each was read aloud we had some objections and edits.
  • At the end it was a unanimous vote on the 3 articles of the Covington Compact.
  • I signed the Covington Compact.
  • The will of the people is a rotten way to run things.
  • You do it long enough it will produce the wrong result.
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