The Mike Church Show-What Lies Beneath? What Is Buried In Ukraine And So Damning To The Cult Of Death?

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27m Pfizer, Gain of Function and COVID

AUDIO/VIDEO: Project Veritas undercover exposing Pfizer for exploring ‘mutating’ COVID-19 Virus – Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning

HEADLINE: Pfizer Director Speaks Giddily About Manipulating SARS-CoV-2 by John Leake 

  • It’s hard to fathom that the villains in our great spiritual struggle are creatures of such shallow levity. If I were tasked with writing a novel about this terrible drama, the real-life bad guys would give me nothing to work with. Instead of the mystery, depth, and malevolent cunning of Richard III and Iago, I’m left with characters who resemble Derek Zoolander’s friends who blow up the gas station. Heaven help us.
  • While this guy does seem like an idiot, he apparently still passed chemistry.
  • How did the government do this to us?
  • How did they get away with all of this?
  • We will rebroadcast our LIVE shows from when COVID FIRST hit.
  • Maybe taking a look back will give us the knowledge to never allow this to happen again.
  • It was an amazing yet disastrous year, 2020.
  Joe Biden Starts WWIII

  • Do you guys remember Cindy Sheehan?
  • Some people called here the “Peace Mom”.

HEADLINE: Americans Who Tell The Truth via Americans Who Tell The Truth

  • $210 trillion in liabilities.
  • The Canadians put the whole thing to a stop, remember that?
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Joe Biden Starts WWIII

HEADLINE: Biden will send 31 Abrams tanks worth $400 million to Ukraine: White House adds to Zelensky’s arsenal after diplomatic row with Germany by Geoff Earle and Rob Crilly

  • The sanctions against Russia didn’t work.
  • Sending Ukraine billions to fight against Russia didn’t work.
  • Do you think sending tanks is going to be THE one thing that turns this around for Ukraine? 
  • If the Russians were able to succeed in such an operation, the bulk of Ukraine’s army would be effectively encircled in the east while Moscow would have regained control over most of its traditional territories. 
  • There are 2 possibilities here – 
  • Either they are BOTH wrong or one side is lying.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden 10 months ago The idea that we are sending in offensive equipment and planes and tanks and trains w/ American crews, don’t kid yourself that is called World War III.

  • This whole thing stinks from top to bottom, the whole world knows it but our government is going to do it anyway.
  • Where are the Cindy Sheehan’s of the world?
  • Where are the Libtards gathering doing peace protests? 

HEADLINE: How Biden Reluctantly Agreed to Send Tanks to Ukraine by David E Sanger, Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper

HEADLINE: Germany Still Years Away From Replacing Russian NatGas, Official Admits To “Unspoken Strategy To Pay Crazy Prices” via ZeroHedge 

  • Germans refused to send tanks to Ukraine.
  • Why do you think that is?
  • What in the hell is buried in Ukraine that the worlds regimes cannot allow it to either stop or be discovered? 
  • How is it all of the worlds corrupt leaders are rushing to Ukraines aid?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Ukraine Today I’m announcing that the US will be sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

  • This ‘war’ is a cover for something.
  • They are sending money, then airplanes, then tanks…do they really want to win and have this be over?

AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kirby on Ukraine getting tanksIf Zelensky was up here instead of me, he would tell you he wants as many as he can as fast as he can.

AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kirby on UkraineWe need to prepare ourselves to have to continue to support Ukraine for quite some time.

1h43m AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker McCarthy on why he isn’t allowing the 3 members to be on special committeesAdam Schiff lied about documents while on the Intel committee, Swalwell had an issue w/ a Chinese spy and the FBI knew about it.

  • Did you know Adam Schiff read Donald Trumps transcript of that phone call into testimony but ADDED things to it?
  • He absolutely lied about the phone call.
  • Does he deserve to be on any Intelligence Committee.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ilhan Omar on McCarthy kicker her off committeeThis is a blow to the integrity of our democratic institutions and a threat to our national security.

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2h19m HEADLINE: Why I’m Taking Out a Daily Wire+ Subscription This Weekend by 

  • The Daily Wire could not exist in the error of Saint Ferdinand.
  • Little Ben Shaprio wouldn’t be allowed to boast and brag about denying Christ.
  • Is Matt Walsh the only reason to get a Daily Wire subscription?
  • Would you support the WHOLE entity just for Matt Walsh?
  • Can some good come from some evil?
2h35m HEADLINE: The Covid Narrative Tide is Turning by Sheryl Collmer

  • This is what happens when reality sets in.
  • You can’t deny the bodies piling up because of the COVID vaccine.
  • According to the latest U.S. data from, there have been 34,000 deaths reported from 219 million injected with the Covid jab. Underreporting of adverse events is said to be as high as 99% due to difficulty of reporting, lost or scrubbed reports, shock after the death of a loved one, and the reluctance of physicians to question the safety of jabs. 
  • You don’t run these into the death numbers.
  • That isn’t 41% of 34,000.
  • It is in the millions so you are talking about adding hundreds of thousands into the VAERS.
  • It’s clear that most people now realize what a malignant project the vaccine campaign was: the demand for the newest booster is minimal. A month after it was rolled out last fall, only 3% of those eligible had taken it. 
  • They already have the money though Sheryl – Pfizer got PAID BEFORE for services not yet rendered. 
  • The government paid for these vaccines and signed contracts for MORE.
  • Do not believe this is just going to pass.

Incline unto my aid, Oh God…Oh Lord make haste to help me!

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Rand Paul Biden says he will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling. I have news for him, he will negotiate b/c conservatives will NOT vote to raise the debt ceiling without significant reforms.
3h10m THIS JUST IN – 

HEADLINE: Adam Schiff, a Trump Impeachment Manager, Runs for Senate in California by Reid J Epstein 

  • Representative Adam B. Schiff, the California Democrat who emerged as one of President Donald J. Trump’s chief congressional tormentors from his perch atop the House Intelligence Committee, announced on Thursday that he would seek the Senate seat long held by Dianne Feinstein.
  Nancy Pelosi 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jesse Watters on FOX discussing Paul PelosiA judge has just ruled that the police body cam footage w/ Paul Pelosi must be released, body cam footage and the recorded interview done w/ police & the 911 call.

  • Where is the next appeal?
  • The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California.

HEADLINE: Paul Pelosi sold Google stock a month before DOJ antitrust lawsuit: report by Mark Moore 

  • They are going to say that that would endanger the life of a public service member.
  • 100% this is how they will shoot down the showing of the video.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Barr and Epstein’s deathHow was Barr able to send an email stating people wouldn’t believe he killed himself BEFORE it was announced that Epstein was dead.
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