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The Mike Church Show-When Ukraine Runs Out Of Soldiers It’s Your Son’s Turn

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  • New COVID lockdowns are on the way
  • Ukraine and Russia Conflict
  • Donald Trump turn himself in on Thursday
  • GOP presidential debate
  HEADLINE: “Sign of Hope”: Statue of Our Lady Remains Intact After Maui Fires Destroy Surrounding Homes by Jacqueline Burkepile 
40m Climate Change and Wildfires 

  • Started off w/ the wildfires in Canada that the smoke was blanketing NYC.
  • Then you had the wildfires in Hawaii.
  • Then you have Hillary tropical storm hitting California.
  • Then you have wildfires in Washington.
  • The MSM has been all about Climate Change for months now.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Native Hawaiian discussing Hawaiian land and Sierra ClubDid you know that we are the ones organizing w/ the Sierra Club to remove 13 tons of trash b/c for the 1st 20 years the telescope operators wouldn’t pay for trash removal.

  • Here is what’s gonna’ happen.
  • The poor people that own some of this land will be told by their insurance companies that it was an act of God and won’t give them the full value of their homes to rebuild.
  • In comes the super rich like Oprah and Zuckerberg and to fill in the gaps they will have companies that will come in and buy the rest.
  • If someone doesn’t come in and assist the poor in this area, they will lose their homes, lands and everything they know.
  Mars and the Moon

HEADLINE: The New Race to Reach the Moon—and Find Water by Micah Maidenberg and Aylin Woodward 

1h03m COVID the Lockdowns Are Coming Back

HEADLINE: Why the Covid Delusion Continues by Jeff Thomas 

  • What will it take to get COVID Karens fired up again?
  • Did they learn anything from the last go around?
  • They never confessed, most haven’t apologized, and they can’t see the damage they did.
  • There is more addiction to drugs, our kids lost education time, they were traumatized b/c they were told they were going to kill their grandparents….
  • They learned NOTHING!

HEADLINE: The Mandates Are Back by Steve Kirsch 

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  AUDIO/VIDEO: CBS Maui Fires News Anchor 

  • “Even through all the destruction and all of the rubble, I want to show you a sign of hope. Right here. You can see this sign,” Segundo says as he walks to the statue of the Blessed Mother.
  • “I bet many of our viewers just experienced what I did: chills,” Lopez says. “I got chills just seeing that statue.”
1h22m TKD tells story of 35 MM camera on vacation – 

  • Changed the lens I was using and took some online courses on how to use the light meter to light your subject.



Jas Wil (James Wilroy)

UnWrapped  – cigar app

  • How can we not be doing well on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart?!
  • Section 230 – protects social media companies from user generated content. As long as it’s legal you can put it on the app store.
  • The FDA took it upon themselves to regulate the tobacco cigar industry like they do w/ cigarettes. 
  • The FDA now has no federal authority over 100% tobacco product.
  • You add something to the cigarette thus making it possible to regulate.
  • The CIGAR is the same leaf that came from the ground, out of the soil, picked, dried and rolled therefore not eligible for regulation. 
  • If you or anyone in your family and friends circle have an app or a farm or anything, we can absolutely get them here for an interview!












HEADLINE: Perrybaconism by Rod Dreher 

HEADLINE: I left the church — and now long for a ‘church for the nones’ by Perry Bacon Jr. 

HERE is the problem with this guy and the ‘church’ he went to….

  • “Once on campus, I attended church more than my peers, while enjoying the freedom of not being in services every Sunday.”
  • There is a reason Catholics don’t call Mass on Sunday a ‘service’.
  • You are listening to every anti-Catholic bigot that has ever had it’s way w/ a microphone.
  • It is called the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass….not a service.
  • The order of Mass – 
  • We are all facing God.
  • People think that the Priest is the ‘rockstar’ of the Mass.
  • That isn’t the case.
  • It is Jesus, which is why we all face the same way.
  • The Mass is a recreation of the Last Supper. 
  • The words in the Bible are pretty accurate. 
  • The Mass is not about ME.
  • It is for God.
  • It isn’t time for you to go and ‘feel good’ like you do when you go to a baseball game, or football game or concert.
  • That is what is missing Mr. Bacon. 
  • You’ve never actually seen the BEAUTY of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  • You plan your week around what happens on Sunday. 
  • So if you have a concert late Saturday night, you change you Saturday night plans to accommodate your Sunday!
  • In the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor of Washington Jay InsleeThere is a beast at our door, and that’ she beast of climate change. We need to decarbonize our economy so these fires don’t ravage us.

  • How do these people continue to get away w/ saying something like this?
  • Climate Change does not cause forest fires.
  • Poor forest management cause forest fires.
  • People like you signing bills that supposedly ‘conserve’ the forest b/c they won’t let you do controlled fires…this is the result of that.
  • What happens over time when you have dry spells and no preventative controlled burns?
  • THIS – Canada, Hawaii, Colorado, California and Washington, NONE of these states allow controlled burning.
2h34m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden in Hawaii (tries to compare a small kitchen fire he had to what they are facing) Lightning stuck outside my home and hit a wire that came through an a/c duct, to make a long story short…I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette and my cat. All kidding aside….

  • Talk about not reading a room right.
  • This man didn’t lose his home, his wife, his cat or his ’67 Corvette.
  • He was just fine.



















HEADLINE: Ukraine live briefing: Ukraine claims strategic southeast advance; Americans told to leave Belarus by Lyric Li and Annabelle Timsit 

  • Ukraine is running out of bodies.
  • What will happen to the economy and people in Ukraine in the future?
  • There will be NO young men to procreate. 
  • Who will marry the Ukrainian women?
  • The U.S. Embassy in Belarus said Americans should avoid traveling to Belarus because of a buildup of Russian military forces there, the “arbitrary enforcement of local laws” and the risk of detention and civil unrest. The embassy noted that Lithuania closed two border crossings last week, potentially limiting ways out of Belarus, and that Lithuania, Poland and Latvia were considering closing more border crossings. 

HEADLINE: Ukraine live briefing: Zelensky hails new F-16 pledge; Wagner chief says group is hiring for work in Africa by Lyric Li, Annabelle Timsit, Mary Ilyushina and Mikhail Klimentov 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on UkraineThe media is lying to you about Ukraine. They claim the Russian army is incompetent, Ukraine is a democracy and that Ukraine is winning. None of that is true. Ukraine is being destroyed and it’s population is being slaughtered. Ukraine is running out of soldiers.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Colonel Douglas MacgregorWe have about 43 or 44 4-star generals and admirable – we have to think about that we have a force of 1.12 million people in the armed forces. All the armed services. In WWII at the height of the war when we have 12.2 million men under arms we only had 7 4-star generals. Somehow or another we managed to end up on the winning side. I think what we have now borders on lunacy. Today if you have forces forward they are easy to identify, target and destroy. We have great aircraft but terrible air defenses, we haven’t fought anyone that compelled us to take care of that. 

  • I am more afraid of the Russians here in the US than the ones in Russia.
  • They don’t care about us, they don’t want to come over here and fight the US.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Colonel Douglas Macgregor We’re going to have to be pushed over the cliff into the abyss, and I think that’s where we’re headed.”

  • Why haven’t the people in Palestine OH been taken care of?
  • We continue to spend billions in Ukraine but we have 40,000 Americans in Ohio that don’t have safe drinking water.
  • Why have a big standing army if you aren’t gonna’ use it?
  • Well why do we have one to begin with?
  • If you are in the National Guard Reserves, and you are let’s say you are a Corporal who in your state will make you an officer? 
  • The answer to the question is no one!
  • You Governor won’t make you a general.
  • Who does though?
  • It has been folded into the military forces.
  • The National Guard is now under the control of the Commander in Chief. 
  HEADLINE: Report: Biden Regime Planning to Reimplement COVID Mask Mandates and Lockdowns Beginning This Fall by Debra Heine 

  • How is this going to work exactly?
  • The sources allegedly told Infowars that the restrictions were coming due to concerns about BA.2.86—also known as Pirola—a highly mutated new variant of the coronavirus that has countries on high alert.
3h23m HEADLINE: Why the COVID Delusion Continues by Jeff Thomas

  • How many of you know someone that would throw right back into the COVID hysteria even knowing what we all know now?

HEADLINE: Lionsgate Brings Back Mask Mandates in Office by James Hibberd 

  • A Hollywood studio has instituted a mask mandate for its employees in light of the current COVID wave. Lionsgate sent an email to staff asking them to mask up on certain floors of its Santa Monica office after several employees caught the virus. The studio is also asking employees to conduct self-screening before coming to the office. 
  HEADLINE: The “War on Climate Change” is coming…again by Kit Knightly 

HEADLINE: Everything you need to know about Covid’s “Eris” Variant by Kit Knightly 

  • The big news the last couple of days is that “Covid” is back…again. This time it’s the “Eris” variant, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, it supposedly is causing a spike in cases for the first time in…who cares how long.
  • California was the last state to drop the mandated mask in public.
  • What we have here is not science.

HEADLINE: This pro-mask “study” is why you should NEVER “Trust the Science” by Kit Knightly 

  • In this particular modelling study they started out by telling the computer that cloth masks reduce transmission by 53% and respirators reduced it by 80%.
  • Essentially they told their computer that masks prevent disease…and then said “ok, computer, since you now know masks prevent disease  – what would happen if everybody wore them all the time?”
  • What we have here is not “science” it’s a computer model based on the results of a subjective phone survey conducted by a government agency with a vested interest. It is entirely meaningless, and yet is published in journals and cited by “experts”, perhaps even used as the basis of introducing new laws.
  • An ongoing quid pro quo relationship between the researchers – who want honors and knighthoods and tenure and book deals and research grants and to be the popular talking head explaining complex ideas to the multitudes on television – and the corporations, government and “charitable foundations” who have all of those things in their gift.
  • Self-reporting surveys, manipulated data, “modelling studies” that spit-out pre-ordained results. Affiliated-authors paid by the state or corporate interests to provide “evidence” that supports highly profitable or politically convenient assumptions.
3h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Justin Trudeau on Meta blocking local Canadian news – It is so inconceivable that Meta is blocking news in Canada at a time when Canadians impacted by wildfires are in need of up-to-date information.
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