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The Mike Church Show-Where Were The Navalny Bleeding Hearts When Zelensky Killed Gonzalo Lira!?

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15m Donald Trump Judgement

  • $350+ million to be paid by Donald Trump according to Judge Engoron.

HEADLINE: Judge fines Donald Trump more than $350 million, bars him from running businesses in N.Y. for three years by Adam Reiss and Dareh Gregorian 

  • Judge Arthur Engoron ordered the former president and the Trump Organization to pay over $354 million in damages, and barred Trump “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of three years,” including his namesake company.
  • The judge’s decision is a potential blow to both Trump’s finances and persona — having built his brand on being a successful businessman that he leveraged in his first run for president. Trump is currently running for the White House for a third time. This case is just one of many he is currently facing, including four separate pending criminal trials, the first of which is scheduled to begin on March 25.
  • Judge Engoron also ordered the continued “appointment of an Independent Monitor” and the “the installation of an Independent Director of Compliance” for the company.
  • There was no crime.
  • No injured party.
  • So how can remorse be shown?
  • Why should remorse be shown when no crime was committed? 
  • The ruling also bars the Trump sons — who’ve been running the company since their father went to the White House — “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of two years.” Both were fined over $4 million, plus interest, for their roles in the scheme.
  • Trump can just appeal this right?
  • What does an appeal look like?
  • He can appeal the verdict to an appeal court but he still has to pay.
  • He will have to post money to appeal, so he will have to post a portion of that $364 million.
  • He will have to put a bond up equal to $364 million.
  • So who will bond someone that kind of money?
  • He also cannot borrow from any bank headquartered in NY.
25m Truckers for Trump

  • Out of the 3.5 million truckers in the United States, only 1.8 million are employees of trucking companies. 
  • So that means 1.7 million are owner operated.
  • If you ever wanted to bring the US to a screeching halt, get the truckers to revolt or boycott.
  • I don’t think most Americans realize just how much of the stuff you purchase was trucked in to you.

HEADLINE: Trump says truckers boycotting driving to New York City from Monday are ‘great patriots on the side of freedom’ after $355 million fraud ruling by Isabelle Stanely

  Russian Journalist Dies In Prison

  • The Drudge headline reads “Putin Planned Murder Down To The Second”!
  • How do they know?
  • Russia doesn’t just leak information to the US.
  • Especially something like this.
  • Who asked Putin directly if he did this?
  • Gonzalo Lira died on January 12, 2024 of pneumonia in jail.
  • Where was the outrage then?

HEADLINE: US Citizen Gonzalo Lira Dies in Ukrainian Prison by Marton Losonczi 

  • This is a case of selective outrage.
  • Why did Edward Snowden flee the United States to go tell the story of what he learned while working at the NSA?
  • Where did Edward Snowden go first to seek asylum? 
  • He went to Hong Kong first.
  • Where is Snowden now?
  • He is actually in Russia now.
  • Where is Julian Assange? 
  • He is at London’s Belmarsh Prison.
  • We talk a good game of ‘freedom of press’ but we don’t do a good job at it.

HEADLINE: Your Government Needs You Angry At Foreign Tyrants So You Won’t Notice The Ones Ruling You by Sean Davis 

  Sound of Freedom Movie

  • The first 15-20 minutes are very disturbing.
  • A lot of people probably couldn’t watch it after the first couple of minutes.
  • After you get through the plot of how this one particular sex ring got its children, then from there it turns into a spy thriller movie.
  • Then it is all about getting the kids back and justice for the kids.
41m Oppenheimer Movie

  • The story of J. Robert Oppenheimer is unbelievable. 
  • The United States Government held nothing back on him.
  • He tried to stop and tell people how bad what he created was but the government didn’t want him to.
  • They tell Truman ‘we can build this bomb and we believe it will work’ and Oppenheimer and other scientists start pleading w/ the government, we built it so now we don’t have to use it.
  • They built it as a detomrant not to be used.
  • That is truly what they thought.
  • When the bomb is presented to the military and the scientist are still involved, they asked Oppenheimer to give them a city.
  • And he gave them a city, but he was under the impression it would merely be a bluff.
  • Just to scare Japan into submission. 
  HEADLINE: Irreverent funeral service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for trans activist sparks outcry by Jonathan Liedl and Matt McDonald 

  • A raucous funeral liturgy for a high-profile trans activist and sex-worker advocate was held Thursday in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, sparking an outcry on social media that the iconic church was misused to advance an ideological agenda at odds with Catholic teaching.
  • There are tons of people that want to have a funeral and wedding there.
  • You are not entitled to either of those at that Cathedral. 
  • Devout Catholics are actually denied funerals there.
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Back to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Story

AUDIO/VIDEO: Raymond Arroyo on LGBTQ Funeral at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYCIt was scandalous and sacrilegious behavior condemned by the NY Archdiocese. They were apparently not told about who this person actually was. They were told on Wednesday the night before. However, upon seeing these people dressed in fishnets and thongs coming in, it should have been called off. Not everyone is entitle to a funeral at St Patrick’s.

  • This is what the enemy thinks of Catholics.
  • This is done b/c they know we will not do anything!
  • That think we will just lie down and take it.
  • The Catholic church is seen as the weakest among the religions.
  • The Catholic church better start getting serious about this.
  • The door that was opened by the Pope w/ the ‘same sex’ blessing…that is the beginning of this.
  • Notice they didn’t try this at a Mosque. 
  • You don’t think the Black Mass people saw this?
  • This is declaring open season on all Catholic churches.
  • You would hope in a sane world the Holy Father would condemn this but that isn’t what we are going to get.
  • Instead we will get some ‘God loves all His children’ crap.
  • Imagine if we had Catholics that had the intensity and drive of Liz Cheney and the January 6th committee. 
  • If there were Catholics in this crowd, we should demand action be taken against them by Holy Mother Church.
  • They should be publicly condemned. 
  • Each and every one of them.
  • You want this to happen again? 
  • Because this is a success story here for the LGBTQ community and Satan.
  • According to a statement released by the pastor of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a Mass of reparation has been offered at the cardinal’s instruction for the controversial funeral that took place at the cathedral. He said, “The cathedral… had no idea that our welcome and prayer would be degraded in such a sacrilegious and deceptive way”
  Dressing With Dignity

HEADLINE: On Not Looking Awful: The Three Sartorial Basics by Sebastian Morello 





AUDIO/VIDEO: Liz Cheney on Journalist, Putin & Donald TrumpHe has pointed out to a NATO alley that he would encourage Putin to do whatever he needed to do. He pledged retribution and that is exactly what Putin did to that reporter. I think that we have to take Donald Trump very seriously. You’ve now got a Putin wing of the Republican Party. 

  • The Putin Wing of the Republican party?
  • Who are these people? 
  • Why didn’t Liz say anything about Gonzalo Lira?
  • Why didn’t Biden say anything about Lira?
  • There have been many people targeted by these people for simply reporting.
  • GOPP = Grand Old Putin Party
  • There is a video of Navalny talking about overthrowing the Russian government. 
  • What an irony he was an insurrectionist! 
  • Liz Cheney is in support of him b/c she doesn’t like Putin.
  • See how this works.











BIG BIG BIG Crusade Channel Announcement

  • So after years of contemplating this, and after 8 years of attempts to do things around here a certain way……a for profit endeavor, it has occurred to us that we need another approach. 
  • The one thing you really need is access to EARS.
  • Without access to ears, it is just broadcast.
  • So thought turned to how can we get more ears?
  • Crusade Channel ads on Patriot Channel and some large market AM/FM radio stations.
  • We need to put our programming in front of ears.
  • In November of last year it all started to take shape.
  • Friday March the 1st a new version of this will become the Crusade Radio Network.
  • WXKG in Atlanta Georgia, 1010 The King
  • So the Mike Church Show will now be put in front of ears once again.
  • It is open for syndication nationwide now!
  • The thing that is driving the excitement around this is AM/FM is dead right now.
  • Bo Snerdly – if you follow him he mentioned the VOID in FM radio since Rush Limbaugh’s death. 
  • We start in Atlanta and move forward from there.
  • What someone in Atlanta hears is not going to be 100% what YOU hear here on the Crusade Channel. 
  • You get this radio show as you have always gotten it. 
  • I have been wanting to do this for a long time guys.
  • Can you imagine just driving in Atlanta and hearing THIS show for the first time?
  • This is not a Clear Channel station.
  • This is an independently owned radio station.
  • Dave Ramsay is the BIGGEST and most syndicated radio show and he does it all on his own.
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2h14m AUDIO/VIDEO: Shannon Bream w/ Dem Senator Michael Bennet on Trump v Biden  I think Biden’s age will be an issue but he needs to get out there an run on what he has done w/ our country. It is getting better. We should be asking which of these presidents will be more likely to bring chaos? Who will bring more enduring peace or a path forward in the Middle East? Iran became stronger during Donald Trumps presidency.

  • What is really going on out there?
2h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: Truckers for Trump, Trucker JakeWe are welcoming over 9,000 MAGA brothers and sisters to our family today.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Truckers for Trump, Trucker Jake discusses ColoradoA few years ago Colorado sentenced a trucker who was badly injured in a wreck to 110 years in prison. When truck drivers around America heard about this sentence, they brought the state of Colorado to its knees. MAGA patriots make this country run….Liberals….they make our coffee.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trucker Driver Warning NY’ersYou better start going to the grocery stores right now. If you are not stocked up on food by Monday you will start feeling the pain by the end of that week. Truckers are now entering the battle w/ Donald Trump. 

  • People need to understand how this all works.
  • You assume that all of these OTR work for large corporations.
  • Here is how this actually works.
  • Many of them run regular routes.
  • Pick a big corporation that doesn’t have its own fleet and they ship by freight.
  • These drivers go where the payload is.
  • The United States is a country that relies on truckers for its food.
  • A 10% reduction and Americans would feel it.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: JD Vance at Munich Security Conference 2024 on Ukraine/Russia ConflictIf the package that’s running through the Congress right now…goes through, I have to be honest to you, that is not going to fundamentally change the reality on the battlefield. The amount of ammo we can send to Ukraine is very limited. We have manufacturing problems right now, not in the future. What is reasonable to accomplish and when do we think we can accomplish it?
  The Shroud of Jesus – in the Founders Tradin’ Post

The Shroud of Jesus: And the Sign John Ingeniously Concealed

2h44m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Waterford TWP, MI on Joe Biden in NovemberThanks to citizens like you, this November, the great state of Michigan is going to tell crooked Joe Biden, ‘You’re Fired, get the hell out of here!’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Waterford TWP, MI on NY JudgeThe crooked judge maybe you saw what happened in NY. This is a banana republic. Do your own due diligence. Don’t believe what you’re reading. There were no victims no defaults, nothing. The bankers testified in the trial, they called me a highly sought after whale! 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Waterford TWP, MI on Fani WillisI paid him cash, I didn’t take anything. They took 9 trips. She paid him in cash every single time, where did she get the money from? What a lotta bullshit. She wanted to indict US Senators. It is so sad. 

  • I will guarantee you Brian Kemp has called this judge already saying you heard the arguments, they can still prosecute the case but it can’t be Fani Willis.
  • I bet he has asked her to be removed.
  • Leaving this public relations disaster in place is suicide. 
  HEADLINE: Shall we talk about Navalny…?  
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Paul Harvey 1992 on Global WarmingClimate Change is a hoax and if we aren’t careful and we moved based on the sky is falling headlines, we will spend trillions of dollars and we will destroy our country for nothing.
  HEADLINE: This Fossil Is Famous. Scientists Say It’s a Fake. by Aylin Woodward 
2h55m HEADLINE: On Not Looking Awful: The Three Sartorial Basics by Sebastian Morello
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