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The Mike Church Show-You All Can Go To Hell, I’m Going To Texas They Killed PornHub!

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You All Can Go To Hell, I’m Going To Texas, They Killed PornHub!



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14m  HEADLINE: Pornhub disables website in Texas over objection to age verification law by Taylor Goldenstein

  • So why did Pornhub pitch a fit and pull the website out of Texas?
  • What is the big deal?
  • If I want to go to a cigar website I have to verify my age.
  • Same with any alcohol website.
  • There is no ID required you just have to check a box that says I am 21 years of age or older. 
  • So if you want porn out of your state, pass legislation for age verification. 
  • This happens in any state where Pornhub has to be held accountable.
  • A STATE legislature has undone what the SCOTUS did in the mid 70’s stating porn is free speech.
  • People who go to the site are now greeted with a long message from the company railing against the legal change as “ineffective, haphazard, and dangerous.” The company calls for age verification by the makers of devices that let people on the internet, instead of individual websites.
  • How is this age verification ‘dangerous’?
  • How do they know that you are using Pornhub if you are in Texas?
  • IP tracking that is how.
  • This is how Google tracks you and ‘suggests’ other sites for you.
  • Every move you make on the internet is being recorded. 
  • When people realize the gravity of what these sites are gathering from you while you are on them, it will scare you so badly you will bail on them.
  • So this is how states are supposed to act.
  • This is a major victory here. 
  • The website is also down in at least five other states because of similar laws — Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Utah and Virginia.
  • We are hoping to add Louisiana to this list very soon.
24m Mark Levin 

  • Who would have thought that the worlds greatest Neo-Con, Mark would go to war w/ Schumer over Israel?
  • Netanyahu is carrying on his path of total destruction. 
  • They are wiping Palestine off the face of the Earth right now.
29m HEADLINE: Chilean burglars targeted ‘millionaire neighborhoods’ in Baltimore County, police say by Justin Fenton

  • Baltimore County Police, he received even more of a shock: Investigators believed it was the work of a crew of burglars from South America who had been hitting high-end homes in the area. 
  • Since  their arrest, they have been connected to at least three other burglaries or attempts, police said. One was carrying a phone that had conducted an internet search for “millionaire neighborhoods in various cities,” and another had taken videos inside of large homes as well as pictures of large amounts of jewelry, according to charging documents.
  Israel and Palestine

  • A major EU power is committing to sending troops to Ukraine.
  • Apparently they are going to relieve the Ukrainians in Kiev.
  • The continued slaughter of Ukrainian men is all that is happening.
  • They will not get anymore money from the Congress.












Riley and the NCAA

HEADLINE: Athletes Sue NCAA For Allowing Transgender Women To Compete, Use Locker Rooms by Mary Whitfill Roeloffs 

  • I bring this up b/c Coach Nick Saban is making the MSM rounds on NIL and how the players should be compensated. 
  • How would you even do revenue sharing?
  • If you are going to do it, just organize it, call it a league, appoint a board, elect a commissioner and let it go.
  • They don’t want to remove the COLLEGE part of the sport. 
  • They want to continue to say College basketball and baseball.
  • What is a college?
  • It isn’t a casino. 
  • It is a school!
  • Sixteen female athletes filed a federal lawsuit against the NCAA for allowing transgender women to compete in college sports and use women’s locker rooms at events, legal action spurred by the success of swimmer Lia Thomas, who became the first openly transgender person to win a NCAA Division I national championship two years ago.
  • They want the appeal of the fans to still follow their favorite SCHOOL team.
  • This didn’t have to happen.
  • AAU = Amateur Athletic Union
  • $40.5 million – 
  • Big gets to the point it can’t grow any bigger but it needs to give the appearance it is still growing. 
  • If they are a monopoly in college sports – 
  • The NCAA doesn’t want to own up to the fact that it is a monopoly. 
  • They want Congress to make a law about it.
  • The NCAA doesn’t want the responsibility. 
  • The portal is the end of college sports, its over.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Riley Gaines on NCAA LawsuitThe NCAA’s most basic job is to protect the fairness in collegant sports. The NCAA is failing on their most basic duties to provide fair, equal and safe competition not just for women but really for everyone.

  • Why would parents want their girls to play any sport at this point?
  • Riley Gaines, Reka Gyorgy, Kylee Alons and 13 other athletes on Thursday filed suit in the Northern District of Georgia against the NCAA, university system of Georgia and a dozen individuals, accusing the NCAA of discriminating against women, violating the right to bodily privacy and violating Title IX and the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Coach Nick Saban on NIL I’m for college athletes, but maybe a revenue sharing w/ NIL so we could continue to support athletes and athletics. 

  • giving them revenue share is turning them into trick turning prostitutes. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Riley Gaines on NCAA and Transgender RulesWhat we’ve seen across the board as it pertains to the NCAA is its full of cowards. Spineless, morally bankrupt cowards at that. We hope they do the right thing. 

  • The women’s movement, they must be rolling over in their graves b/c woman, as it used to be no longer exists. 
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NCAA and Riley Lawsuit

  • The plaintiffs, who are seeking other athletes to join the class action suit, are asking a judge to declare “any male” who has competed in NCAA women’s events ineligible, revoke and re-award any titles those athletes have won and stop the body from allowing transgender female athletes to compete in women’s events going forward, among other demands.
  • Why are these girls left to fight this battle?
  • Why aren’t there men taking this on?
  • Why aren’t there men threatening to beat up people like Lia Thomas?
  • It should pain us that our daughters are out there trying to fight these men.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Paola Diana on GBN Discussing Transgender MadnessThese men are stealing the seats for women. Companies are using men to promote female products. Many women like me war opposing this nonsense. This is a way to silence women. Using this ‘be kind tactic’. 

  • Why are they picking on woman and children? 
  • The men have dropped out b/c they have taken up pornography. 
  • Dr Horvat during her talk at Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Western Civilization will not be saved until men rise to the challenge and save it.
  • She said if men started acting like men again, the women would have no choice but to fall back and become women again. 
  HEADLINE: Legislation banning childlike sex dolls in Louisiana passes out of committee by Teiko Foxx 

  • Legislation banning importing, ownership, and sales of sex dolls that resemble children 12 years and younger passed out of committee this week.
  • Bill author, Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell, explains authorities contacted her about trafficking after intercepting a package with a label describing it as a mannequin.
  • “It was what appeared to be like a 12-month-old child but very realistic. And with all the parts there for sexual gratification basically. And it was addressed to someone in Metairie.”
  • This is just disgusting and proof that what I have been telling you about is true.
  • There are a lot of pedophiles out there. 

HEADLINE: Child sex dolls; Senate passes bill to criminalize those who have them by Jane Davenport 

  • This is just another way for people and children to be groomed by these dolls.

HEADLINE: Manufacturer of Child Sex Dolls Claims They Help Prevent Molestation by Lamonica Peters 

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BREAKING News – Bill Melugin Twitter – Per DHS sources to me & Grill Jenkins, the Haitian man arrested for raping a 15 y/o disabled girl at a migrant hotel in Massachusetts Wednesday night came to the U.S. via the Biden admin’s parole program for Haitians, which allowed him to fly into JFK airport in NYC direct from Haiti in June 2023 w/ a 2 year parole grant. We’re told that ICE has now filed a detainer on 26-year-old Cory B. Alvarez with local authorities, & that he had a sponsor listed in New Jersey as part of his parole. 

  • The Biden admin’s controversial CHNV parole program allows up to 30,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans to fly into the U.S. after they’ve supposedly been vetted and have a sponsor in the U.S.
  • The recipients typically receive two year “humanitarian parole” grants, which allow them to apply for work authorization and live in the U.S. 
  • According to CBP data, at least 138,000 Haitians have been brought to the U.S. since the start of the Biden admin’s program in January 2023. 
  • The Biden admin considers this program a “lawful pathway”, and the recipients bypass the border entirely, flying over it instead. The program is an effort to cut down on high numbers of illegal crossings at the border. 
  • Did you know 138,000 Haitians have been brought into the United States last year.
  • They have been paroled and they are roaming the countryside. 
  • This rapist was brought her under Biden’s parole program – he had a 2 year parole grant. 
  • I’m tired of all this.
  • We are importing so many criminals into our country and there seems to be no end in sight.
  • This ruling class of Democrats are willing to sacrifice the American citizenry to keep their power.
  • That is all there is to it.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Agenda 47Rescuing America’ Auto Industry from Joe Biden’s Disastrous Job-Killing Policies.

  • What are CAFE standards?

Corporate Average Fuel Economy – CAFE

  • Why don’t we force the auto manufactures to make cars that are gas friendly?
  • You have to remember people used to not care about how many miles per gallon they got.
  • No one ever conceived of this because oil was so abundant then. 
  • In any event the Carter administration  allowed all of this.
  • MPG – no one cared what this was.
  • Government does what it always does, it took over the Big 3 and the rest is history.
  • EPA
  • What should happen is they should all be repealed. 
  • You want to keep foreign cars out of America, put a tariff on them.
  • This is backroom deal garbage.
  • If you want competition and small car companies making smaller cars in larger quantities, you have to get rid of CAFE.
  • It is used to subsidize the Big 3 anyway.
  • If Trump really wants to do something about it he should appoint a commission to study how to deregulate the automobile industry the way the telephone and airlines were done by Ronald Reagan.
  TikTok and China

  • What we should be doing is keep the Chinese OUT of the United States.
  • No property here at all.
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C. Joseph Doyle

Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend – 

  • No one knows the story better than you old friend.
  • 1990’s there was an attempt by a homosexual group that reinvented themselves as a Irish group. 
  • They marched one year back in 1992 and people started to boycott the parade. 
  • The politicians continued to boycott the parade b/c homosexuals weren’t allowed to march. 
  • No one asked the participants their sexual orientation.
  • It was John J Hurley head of War Veterans Council – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Leaving of Boston – Morning Star Camp 

The Leaving of Boston – (“The Leaving of Liverpool”) by the Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

Saint Benedict Center, Still River MA












HEADLINE: Willis or Wade must step aside in Trump’s Georgia case, judge rules by Ella Lee and Zach Schonfeld

  • Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis’s once-romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade constituted an appearance of conflict of interest in the racketeering case and barred the prosecutors from continuing to oversee it unless either Willis or Wade leaves the case.
  • The judge’s decision is a middle ground between the two sides. Trump and eight of his co-defendants argued the relationship meant the entire district attorney’s office should be thrown off the case, which would’ve hurled the prosecution into chaos. Prosecutors described the calls to step aside as baseless.
  • The issue at law is anti-nepotism – 
  • If this whole thing goes up in flames – Nancy Pelosi ‘Once Impeached Always Impeached’ – he will always be indicted.
  • The left will continue to use this.
  • Trump has been making the argument has carried the day.
  • This judge is just talking about the appearance to the public.
  • What is the LEGAL ramification of this?
  • Both of them are compromised.
  • Neither one of them should be allowed to continue. 
  • What does this now say about the Secret Grand Jury?
  • If they had heard about the affair, would they have returned the indictment?
  Mike Lindell – SCOTUS Filing

HEADLINE: Mike Lindell Teases Supreme Court Evidence by Newsweek 

2h50m HEADLINE: ‘Excess Mortality Skyrocketed’: Tucker Carlson and Dr. Pierre Kory Unpack ‘Criminal’ COVID Response via ZeroHedge

AUDIO/VIDEO:  Dr Pierre Kory w/ Tucker Carlson – Safe and Effective

AUDIO/VIDEO:  Dr Pierre Kory w/ Tucker Carlson – Vitamin D 

Looking at data from 16 different studies and 1.26 million individuals, the meta-analysis revealed:

  • Vitamin D showed about a 60% effectiveness against the incidence of COVID-19 in randomized control trials.
  • Vitamin D showed about 40-50% effectiveness in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 in observational studies.
  • For preventing severe COVID-19 cases requiring ICU care, vitamin D supplementation was about 70% effective.
  HEADLINE: Introducing The Advil Pain Equity Project

AUDIO/VIDEO: Believe My Pain – The Reality of Pain Inequity 

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