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Hogs For The Cause

  • Another year down in the books. Year 10 for The Barbacoa Brotherhood has come to an end.
  • Thank you to everyone who donated their time, money and goods for the worthy cause.
  • If you want to see just how bad the situation has become with humanity, go to a festival.
  • Faith, Hope and Charity
  • We witnessed all manner of depravity at this charity event this past Saturday.











Rolling Stones Cancel JazzFest

HEADLINE: Keith Spera: Rolling Stones cancellation is the most devastating in Jazz Fest history

QUESTION: Why is the cancelling of the Rolling Stones so devastating?

ANSWER: It isn’t. This is how JazzFest is attempting to cover itself from those demanding their admission be refunded.

  • Bourbon Street – this street is NOT named after the LIQUOR. It is named after the French Monarchy family. 
  • What does this say to the other bands that are still performing?
  • It tells them they aren’t really worth going to see b/c JazzFest is completely devastated the Rolling Stones cancelled.
  • This organization is a FOR profit organization.
  • They claim to have charities they fund but who knows.
  • The poor are the poor in NOLA b/c they lost the faith and the family structure that comes with the faith.
  • The most Catholic City NOLA has placed its hope on those useful demonic idiots, The Rolling Stones.


Raising Chivalrous Young Men In An Increasingly Decadent Society


Mike Church

Joseph Pearce

Brother Andre Marie

Dr. G.C. Dilsaver – you can check out some of his Selected Essays and Videos.

  • So you can purchase tickets to this event now. 
34m Attire and Debatutary at Music Festivals

  • Young women wearing denim cut off shorts with the pockets longer than the denim.
  • When women dress like that, they are telling people THEY don’t respect their own bodies so why should anyone else?

9 Ways of Being Accessory to Another’s Sin




HEADLINE: Podcasting’s Netflix moment: the global battle for domination by Mark Sweney

  • Why is this a battle?
  • Why don’t people admit the astonishing power Our Lady has left in our hands, in the Rosary.
  • Why shouldn’t we have this conference like the Pole has headed up for us in New Jersey? 
  • Why do people begrudge us if a little bit of profit is made from this to host OTHER events?

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HEADLINE: Modern Family by Rod Dreher

SideBar – last night on Wheel of Fortune there was a contestant that promoted, happily, he was married to his husband of 10 years.

Back to Headline:

  • “Gestational Carrier”
  • This is beyond creepy and disgusting.
  • Imagine when your ‘daughter’ finds out how you went about creating her!
  • These two open sodomites, pretending to be mother and father at Hogs, it was absolutely disgusting.
  • My friends response was…it may come back to the day that we have to openly call them out and beat them up.




























 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

  • Changing URL’s b/c of Twitter shadow banning us.
  • It becomes costly but I need to be able to reach people with the initial story when it happens, NOT 3 weeks later.
  • How horrible would it be to find out your spouse is actually your sister?
  • This is happening b/c we are closing adoption records, and now THIS!
  • Sperm donors and babies born in test tubes, these records are sealed. 
  • People have to play the guessing game as to if the person they are dating is related to them.
  • What interest would a state have to make birth records like this sealed?
  • Wouldn’t the state have an interest in keeping things open b/c of birth defects?
  • Just when you think they can’t get any lower than the same sex…they go tranny. When you think you can’t get worse than tranny they go incest. 
  • Where is Child Protective Services? 
  • This child has her dad and her grandmother as her parents. WHAT?!
  • Former Russian Communist Masha Gessen speaking to a Lesbian conference about marriage.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Title Lesbian Activist’s Surprisingly Candid Speech: Gay Marriage Fight Is a ‘Lie’ to Destroy Marriage – Masha Gessen has 3 children with 5 parents. 
  • Sweet Astroid of Death
  • These children have NO CHOICE in the matter.
  • Where are the adults to advocate for these children?
  • Remember the Lesbian couple that adopted 6 children then drove them off a cliff in California? 

HEADLINE: Crash that killed lesbian couple and their six adopted children appears INTENTIONAL say authorities after revealing they plunged off the cliff at 90mph without braking by Ariel Zilber, Emily Crane and Jenny Stanton

  • Mike tells story of a Family member that knows about the faith is as far away as possible but she helps or volunteers as an advocate for children in abusive homes for one reason or another.
  • She still cannot admit it is the restoration of the Faith that will fix it!
  • We must reclaim the faith.
  • Why aren’t we desperately trying to bring others to the faith?
  • We know there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church so why aren’t we trying to bring everyone we know to the faith?
  • The Lords commandments are not MY laws/rules. They are His and we should follow them. 
  • “I don’t get an opinion, I don’t get a vote!” – Mike Church
  • Lepanto Institute – latest report HEADLINE: Catholic Relief Services Created Funding Mechanism for Contraception-Spreading Project by Michael Hichborn
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HEADLINE: Mr. President: Close NATO For Good by Patrick J. Buchanan

HEADLINE: Is It Uncivil to Argue That Abortion Kills a Baby? by David French





























 Special Guest Caroline Farrow host of The Farrow Files Unleashed 

Follow Caroline Farrow @CF_Farrow

  • Mother and Son Day – Mother’s Day in the UK
  • If you were born in a male body, you cannot have children!
  • Motherhood is something that can only belong to the FEMALE sex.
  • When people are shamed by others, that doesn’t usually bring them to Christ.
  • Christ didn’t shame people, they came into his orbit and they changed on their own. 
  • We are called to be kind and there is niceness. Niceness calls us to be deceptive sometimes does it not?
  • “It isn’t kind or nice of you to say to this other family member that what they are doing is wrong.” – Mike Church

HEADLINE: Is It Uncivil to Argue That Abortion Kills a Baby? by David French

  • “And we see this all the time in the debate over abortion, where one side’s true objection is to the humanization of the unborn child. That’s the core of the argument. If the child is rightly viewed as a distinct human being, then the implications of the act of abortion become far more grave.”
  • Wise as serpents and gentle as doves.
  • Abort 62 – graphic videos and posters etc
  • “Plank in the Eye” 
  • QUESTION: If you don’t point out that it is sin?
  • ANSWER: You are eliminating sin.
  • Fraternal Correction or a public statement of charity if done in public.
  • Example of Hogs For The Cause – volunteer that made coffee for all the male volunteers.
  • Am I really being PURE in heart here?
  • We really need to check our own hearts. 
  • Are we really being humble in the eyes of the Lord?
  • Are we doing it for our own wellbeing or for a badge of honor?
  • When a man whistles to women, they see it as validation, they don’t see it as a bad thing.
  • I am woman and I am the same as you. This is what Transgender individuals are saying now. 
  • This is free range to bully actual women.
  • Big Brother television show – 
  • Backlash from these activists on social media b/c of this. 
  • The level of harassment are astronomical!
  • They have outed details of my children and my ex-partner. 
  • This is Frat Boy type stuff they are doing.
  • @gmc General Medical Council = there is guidelines for social media when you are a doctor.
  • Alfie Evans –
  • Caroline is not the abuser here.
  • You can do a simple glance at her Twitter account to see that.
  • The farther they get from the faith, the more out of touch they become.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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