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The Plague of Female Immodesty Meets it’s Cure: Stefanie Nicholas & The Young Trads – The Mike Church Show

today08/22/2019 6

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Full Video of this interview here. 

Taken from this full episode of the Mike Church Show!


Special Guest Stefanie Nicholas 

Follow Stefanie here on Twitter @StefMNicholas

Stefanie writes at @onepeterfive & @cathfamilynews

  • It is nice and cool in the summer, I hike in them!
  • I can do everything in a long skirt I could do in a short skirt. ACTUALLY more b/c the short skirts limit your leg movement more.

HEADLINE: Understanding Modesty: Objective Standards and Practical Insights by Stefanie Nicholas

  • We have nothing to do with anyone else, we have just been infected by feminism. 
  • Men and women don’t sin in the same way.
  • MEN AND WOMEN lust in different ways. Men lust after women and women lust for men to notice them.
  • Still living in the world but dressing modestly.
  • Men have it far easier when we talk about dressing modestly.
  • It is a vicious cycle.
  • Good Catholic men wether single or married want to be pure of mind and heart and the complete lack of compassion displayed by women!
  • The Muslim attire – this isn’t being modest, this is something completely different.
  • Matt Gaspers at Catholic Family News – 
  • If you consent to this all the time, it is basically soft core porn.
  • Immodest dressing is on that soft core porn line.
  • I follow the WHOLE word of God, not just what is highlighted in RED. – Stefanie Nicholas
  • The pushback you see from discussing this is guilt.
  • It’s pride, rage and guilt. 
  • When you feel RAGE, that might be God telling you something.
  • I’m very thankful to all the women that have shown me how to dress modestly.
  • Try and beat the bar of modesty. The world is not modest. Be the trend setter in the RIGHT direction.
  • Marian Apparitions – we must know these, we know how Our Lady dresses through those apparitions. 
  • Our Lady always dresses modestly – she never wore pants. If she were here today she wouldn’t be wearing yoga pants I can promise you that.

Written by: Corey Clark

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