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Written by on 09/11/2019

The REAL, Violent History of Pre 9-11 Muslims & Who Defeated Them

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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  • Faulting Charles Martel for aggressing the Muslims living in their new found peace.
  • The Muslims invaded Spain then moved on to France. Then from there to invade Christendom. They had no rights to these lands.
  • Crusade I & II
  • There were 3 Johns who shortly after they scored their victory, people actually began to sing…There was a man sent from God….
  • All 3 in their respective times were the savior of our times.
  • A land battle but on ships so to speak. 
  • John Hunyadi
  • Lepanto waters was red with blood.
  • Our Lady of Victory – Our Lady of the Rosary
  • They went to Mass, confession and received Holy Communion then hopped on their horses and went to war.
  • The Muslim general said he was marching to Rome and wrap the Popes head in a turban. 
  • Victory was won on the 12th – the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary
  • At 4:00 am on 11 September 1683, the Ottomans attacked.
  • “Veni, vidi, Deus vicit”—”I came, I saw, God conquered” – 
  • Saint Mary of Victory The Historical Role of Our Lady in the Armed Defense of the Faith
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Oldest Polish Hymn “Bogurodzica”
  • HEADLINE: The Battle of Belgrade and the Transfiguration 
  • Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary 
  • Before all of those battles 15th Century the Battle of El Gray
  • Siege of Malta – A Fragment of the History
  • St. Benedict Center Conference 2019 – Registration

HEADLINE: Pete Buttigieg: Icon of Catholic Dysfunctionality by Brother Andre Marie

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