The Breakdown: The Rioting Is Not Trump’s America – It’s The Demoncrats Route To Violently Overthrow the American Way Of Life

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The Breakdown: The Rioting Is Not Trump’s America – It’s The Demoncrats Route To Violently Overthrow the American Way Of Life

It’s Time To Call Out the Demoncrats For Their Attack on America

As much as the Demoncrats and leftist pundits want to say it, the state of the union as we now see it is a result of liberal policies and the fruit of their labors.

Trump’s America

Poll the #Antifa pansies who are destroying neighborhoods across America and I guaran-damn-ty you those #SoyBoys and gals are @BernieSanders and @JoeBiden lovers. This is NOT #TrumpsAmerica – it’s the #ViolentLeft and #Communistic, #Fascist takeover of America. 

They are quick to condemn these violent acts by a young man but will simply overlook that fact that violent protesters are crossing state lines with vehicles full of weapons to be used for terrorist activities. 

What they don’t want you to know is that this has been the call of dem leaders and the media for years.  When someone finally stands up against them, all the violence is wrapped around their necks.  See how the dems have fomented violence for years right here.

How Do We Defend Against BLM Lies?

With the popularity of Black Lives Matter, it’s almost impossible to defend against the racist and communistic ideas so prevalent in the movement.  Here is a plan of attack for those who might want to listen to your view point on the dangers of the Black Lives Matter movement:

  1.  Take them to the website.  There is not better way to defeat the ideas of a person than to use the words against them.  Study the “What We Believe” section of  the BLM website.  Spending time there learning about their mission and purpose will help you point out the errors so prevalent.
  2. Point to the protests.  The protests are the fruit of the BLM movement.  It is here we will see the ultimatum – bow to our demands or we will destroy your communities.  Coupled with the websites support of Communism the threat of violent force is how they push their agenda through.
  3. Black Lives Matter is an intrinsically racist organization.  Any organization the pushes for the exaltation of one people group over another is racist.  When the statement “Black Lives Matter” is made, what is insinuated is that black lives matter more than yours.

Jay Bishop Was Hunted Down And Murdered – For Being a Trump Supporter

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Written by: Aaron B

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