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Written by on 11/02/2015

Mike_Church_bow_tie_LPAC_2014Mandeville, LA – Hi, I am Mike Church and I am the founder of the Veritas Radio Network.  I am writing this piece to help you understand why I would undertake such an endeavor.

For over 13 years, I was the host of my own radio talk show broadcast nationally over the Sirius/XM satellite radio service.  It was called the Mike Church Show and it was a call-in political, current events talk show.  It was hosted on the Patriot channel and my show remains the longest-running radio talk show in the history of satellite radio.

This was a moral problem that could not be fixed with the charade we call American politics or the ill-educated, partisan rancor that drives nearly all of talk-radio.

But a strange thing happens when you interview numerous experts in their field who vividly describe a societal problem while offering limited solutions.  OR when you hear the cries of many fellow citizens who offer rational solutions to individual or national problems, but who are ignored by the powers that be.  OR  when your own contact with the political and economic world leaves you bewildered for lack of any positive change through time.  It seemed that everyone had an opinion, including me, but were opinions the highest level of knowledge?  And, if so, how do we pick which opinion is best or the one to be tried?

By the grace of God and the help of some friends, I determined that opinion was not the highest level of knowledge.  Truth is.  And once that change started, my career, my show and my life were forever changed.

Over the last two years many listeners noticed the change in me.  I went from being a neo-con to a republican apologist, to a strict constitutionalist, to a Ron Paul libertarian…as the stronger opinions were dragging me closer to the truth.  But through every iteration, I continued to focus on politics and a governmental solve.  And, in doing so, I did catch some grief from SiriusXM, but I remained on the air.  You see, so long as you continue to offer an opinion, be it popular or not, you are still Ok because you remain in that phony, truth-denying world of Red Sox vs Yankees, Left vs Right “liberal” vs “conservative” et cetera.

This all changed when I came to the conclusion that the problem in America is a deeper, more fundamental and systemic problem. The problem in America was its irreligiousness which is practiced to the point of hostility toward public fidelity to the Faith and its universal teaching and the related refusal to submit to the Author of the universe and His Authority.  This was a moral problem that could not be fixed with the charade we call American politics or the ill-educated, partisan rancor that drives nearly all of talk-radio.  But, there IS a solution and it can and should be a part of talk-radio and all other media. In short, there is a truth, we can know it and we can and should repeat it by applying it to nearly everything we do.

Of course, I did not see this clearly all at once.  I still don’t see it as clearly as I ought.  Knowing God and conforming to His will is a lifetime occupation.  I began to discuss this insight with my audience and challenge them with the question of all questions: What is truth?  And I wasn’t satisfied with nonsensical answers, half-answers or proximate causes.  I wanted the truth.  I wanted to know that I could know the truth.  I wanted to know how I could know the truth.

Oddly, each time these issues became clearer and more certain to me, I became more alienated from those who wanted to hold their opinions as truth without putting them to the test.  This was true for some of my audience and for my employer too evidently.  It seems the world still desires to deny the Truth and to kill those who dare to profess it.  Kyrie eleison.

So I was let go by Sirius/XM, but not by the truth.  They can shut me up on one medium, but they cannot shut It up…nor its humble, radio advocate outside that medium.

Which brings me to the Veritas Radio Network.  I have decided to create a forum for the great thinkers of our time, those who accept the REALITY that Truth is higher than opinion and are willing to speak it with clarity, courage and charity.  We intend to seek the Truth, every broadcast hour of every day and bring it to you as best as we are able in this fallen world.

We hope that you will listen…for the Truth will set you free. – Mike Church, November 01, 2015

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What Others Say of Mike:

Mike Church is the host of “The Mike Church Show” on the Crusade Channel of the Veritas Radio Network. Mike is a breath of fresh air in the American radio hemisphere—an informed, unafraid, articulate and committed Catholic who never hesitates to tell the truth and tell it forcefully. A Southern gentleman from New Orleans, Mike is also a great on-air talent. — C.J. Doyle, President of The Catholic Action League of Boston

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