The TrannyMammy™ Mafia Is Pimping Poisonous Dope – The Mike Church Show

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    The TrannyMammy™ Mafia Is Pimping Poisonous Dope – The Mike Church Show candacechurch



Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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Well did you survive your first day of Lent?! Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, how did your fast go?

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Clinical Study on Puberty Blocking Drugs

  • Do you remember Little Alfie Evans? He was at the #1 hospital in the UK for harvesting organs for transplants. His parts were worth more than his whole. So, they allowed this baby to die.
  • The NIH said NO, judges ruled against pleas to allow him to be transferred to Italy or the US for treatment. This was going to be at NO COST to the UK.
  • The Oldest driving force in the history of mankind….MONEY.

HEADLINE: Tavistock’s Experimentation with Puberty Blockers: Scrutinizing the Evidence by Michael Biggs

  • ‘The question is, if you halt your own sex hormones so that your brain is not experiencing puberty, are you in some way altering the course of nature?’
  • Two groups vociferously opposed taking it slow and studying puberty blockers: 1) Mermaids 2) Gender Identity Research and Education Society.
  • Why aren’t Americans demanding more research be done?
  • Because through abortion, we have taught people that LIFE doesn’t matter, HAPPINESS does!
  • Mutilation of the body doesn’t work. The brain is the issue. The body is not.
  • Gender Dysphoria is a MENTAL disorder. This is not a physical disorder. So why are we allowing them to mutilate their body and not addressing the brain which is the actual issue?
  • ADHD that’s the OLD issue, the NEW issue is transgenderism.
  • What did we do with ADHD kids? We pumped them full of drugs.
  • What are we doing with children with gender dysphoria? We are pumping them with drugs.
  • Who ultimately is paying the price for this? The kids.
  • Great Point in the Mike Church Show Chatroom: Its to get the kids to kill themselves (if they weren’t aborted then get them later) population control.
  • EXACTLY what we have been discussing. If you can kill the child shortly after birth, why can’t you do it later with puberty blockers?
6:57 HEADLINE:  DNC Blacklisting Of Fox News Proves GOP Needs To Fight Media by 

  • They present a set of false choices.
  • Why can’t there be tri-partisanship? Why only 2?

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 Fasting Bread – nuts, fruits and oats with olive oil, herbs and garlic

  • That is how the Church Family broke its fasting yesterday at sundown.
  • What are you fasting goals this Lent?
  • Are you going dairy-free?
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 HEADLINE: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Monumental Hypocrisy by David French

  • St. Augustine – Just War Theory 
  • If I had to guess on just those I met, more than half that fancy themselves Trads are Neo-Cons. 
  • I’m sorry if this angers you but these are the facts!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ron Paul – We have lost our way completely. We expand our government every chance we get. Founders – had a revolution, wrote a constitution!

  • Afghanistan – innocent killing 
  • Too many good Catholics are Decepticons.
  • What we do with our military is NOT JUST. 
  • We leave women and babies behind with NO husband and father.
  • We should follow the Monroe Doctrine.





HEADLINE: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Monumental Hypocrisy by David French

  • I thought this was Green and Clean?
  • QUESTION: Why do people become socialist? ANSWER: It is a LEGAL way to steal the wealth from he country and the people. 
  • Dark Money Skeleton – AOC
  • The Green Clean spokeswoman has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar basically.
  • Fat Jerry – President Trump – Congressman Nadler

HEADLINE: The Guy Trump Called ‘Fat Jerry’ Is Chairman Nadler Now by Michael Daly






HEADLINE: Trump and Masculinity by Jonah Goldberg

  • I am Arnaud – remember him? He sacrificed himself in a Muslim hostage situation. He traded himself for a woman.
  • I think Trump is a real man for several reasons but he is NOT completely a man.

CATHOLIC AIR RAID WARNING SIREN – (pardon the use of the ‘A’ word)

  • Real Men have accepted the responsibility of getting their wife and their children to Heaven.
  • They trust the Church established by God cannot be corrupted. The men inside it, yes but not the Church.
  • So much divorce, adultery and pornography going on today….b/c the real men have left the battlefield.

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Special Guest Peter Kwasniewski

NEW book Tradition and Sanity

Other book – Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness

  • Gregorian Chant just lifts your spirits!
  • I love the #SmellsNBells
  • I am teaching some online courses for varies people but primarily I am writing.
  • New Liturgical Movement and Rorate Celi – I am an editor there so I can post 
  • The content of the liturgy is extremely beautiful. They have the scenes of drawing on our forefathers. We aren’t making this up as we go.
  • If you are going to read one book about the Traditional Latin Mass, read Noble Beauty – and The Incredible Catholic Mass.
  • BOTH these books will make you fall in love with the Latin Mass.
  • The condition of men and people, we are prisoners of our own age. 
  • CS Lewis talks about this. Why do we need to read old books?
  • Millions of Catholics in the world aren’t even interested in the Latin Rite.
  • Massive collapse of philosophy and culture.
  • When you attend the Mass, there is no guarantee you will recognize it from the NOM you went to last Sunday.
  • Solemn Rites done in order to respond to the evidence found in nature. To make a connection with God.
  • God reaches down to us b/c he sees how we are ridiculously trying to reach out to him through false religions.
  • The Church has always understood this as a precious ‘trust’. 
  • Even if you started over with the acorn, what he gave at the Last Supper, it wasn’t a static thing. It was a living organic reality.
  • The liturgy has attracted to itself great artists and composers. 
  • The art of the High Altar – artist worked for years, there are thousands of little details to this beauty.
  • Liturgical reforms secretly came around to thinking the same as Luther.
  • They became uncomfortable with the use of the term ‘sacrifice’. 
  • The offering of the Pascal Lamb! Why wouldn’t the altar draw your attention?
  • You can take baby steps – Peter Kreft A Suma of the Suma and A Shorter Suma
  • Taylor Marshall has a great introduction to Augustine.
  • The Dumb Ox by G.K. Chesterton  St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox by G. K. Chesterton (pdf)
  • FREE club – we don’t feel like we belong to Vatican II.
  • Very accessible book – Tradition and Sanity – it is very easy to read, very urgent questions and very relevant for today.




QUESTION: Catholics who have little experience with Tradition and the Latin Mass, does interviews like this one with Peter, does this at least make you curious?

  • Veneration of The Blessed Mother – look no further
  • For all of you Crusaders 

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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