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Thursday-The Covid Reichstag Geheimpolizei Is Here, “Where Are Your Papers, Citizen!?”

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    Thursday-The Covid Reichstag Geheimpolizei Is Here, “Where Are Your Papers, Citizen!?” LoneRhody

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  • COVID19 updates from around the country
  • The Governors have taken this power grab & continue to run with it.
  • Can we now be all done w/ all men are created equal b/c we are seeing that is not so w/ this complete and total shutdown.
  • Democracy is a failed experiment now.
  • “The United States is one big JONESTOWN, all that is missing is the Kool-Aid!” – Mitter Chur
  • Did you ever think American citizens would allow the gov to completely lock them down & threaten them w/ arrest if they don’t comply? We are there folks!
  • AUDIO: Guten Morgen from the Great Escape
  • The time is now, if this is what a Democracy is capable of doing then it isn’t worth our defense in its current Constitution.
  • The State of Louisiana is on complete lockdown because Gov. Edwards is completely freaking out.
28m HEADLINE: Mecklenburg County ‘stay at home’ order goes into effect 8 a.m. Thursday by WBTV staff 

Crusader Stadium: Cezary -“Bring on the bread lines, I know how to cheat. Pregnant women always go first.”

  • Wanted to note that one of the last things in the list is Human Services – aka Planned Parenthood.
  • This list is so long – things that are considered ESSENTIAL is ridiculous!

HEADLINE: WE WERE RIGHT! Dr. Birx Confirms WHO Was WAY OFF in Their 3.4% Mortality Rate and It Will Likely Drop Under 1% As TGP Predicted by Jim Hoft

  • There is a direct correlation b/w big pharma, big agriculture and government.
47m Caller Travis from Ohio – 

  • These numbers are very small, too small to close down the entire country. 

Crusader Stadium: Since Fauci mentioned in a press conference that the COVID-19 could become seasonal;  So when the virus comes back in October/November what’s to stop “them” from declaring an emergency right before the election…October surprise? Keep people home? Mail in voting? No ID to vote?  Absentee ballet with no registration?  E-vote?

  HEADLINE: The High Price of Coronavirus Relief by The Editorial Board 
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  HEADLINE: 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic by Off Guardian

HEADLINE: ‘Catholic Democrat’ Is an Oxymoron by Peter Maurice

HEADLINE: Prayers and Cocktails for Coronavirus by Michael P Foley 

  Caller Cindy from Florida – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. Shiva The Truth About Coronavirus 

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   HEADLINE: Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients by Ariana Eunjung Cha
   HEADLINE: A record 3,283,000 people filed for unemployment claims in week ending March 21, according to U.S. Department of Labor data. by Catherine Thorbecke
2h24m  AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. Shiva Time for Truth on Coronavirus 
   AUDIO: Dr. Debra Birx – “the media is irresponsibly presenting distorted COVID19 number to the American people in an effort to frighten them.”


HEADLINE: Wake Up! Your Fears Are Being Manipulated by Peter Van Buren

  • The liberals all went into full “all you Trump followers should get COVID19”.
  • Folks you are being manipulated, turn off the MSM.
  • Save your family and your sanity and turn it off.
  • Start asking the question, who gave my government the authority to this to me?




Special Guest Fiorella de Maria – 

Host of the NEW Fiorella Files – book review show

Episode #1 will air soon!

  • The entire UK is on complete lockdown. 
  • We can only get out if we need the hospital or grocery stores.
  • One has to hope there is a silver-lining here b/c people are now starting to actually look after each other.
  • We have had a mass rush of panic buying here in the UK.
  • It is absolutely ridiculous!
  • What is with the toilet paper thing? I just don’t understand it.
   Crusader Monastery Prayer List

Please in your charity remember the following people in your prayers – 

Jerry Wayne Cox – lost his teenage daughter in an automobile accident yesterday.

Caleb – who has down syndrome and was just diagnosed w/ Crone’s disease. 

Ruby Clements – suffering from partial seizures along w/ continued health issues.

Michael A. – going through a rough patch due to many medical bills.

Father John Hollowell – for a speedy recovery from brain surgery, he is celebrating private Mass from his hospital bathroom!

Father Dana Christensen – has been diagnosed with ALS

Tara Carroll Gates – for her conversation to Catholicism. 

Joann – suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

Ashleigh Matte – going through a personal struggle

Mrs. Anderson – passed away yesterday, she was not Catholic.

Father James Martin SJ – for his reversion back to the Faith.

Pope Francis

Annie Blackburn – suffering from Lupus.

All suffering from the coronavirus.

ALL PRIESTS – for more vocations & for any experiencing depression or loneliness.

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Written by: LoneRhody

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