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Thursday-The Democrat Shampeachment Case Unfolds: Trump & Putin Stole Queen Hillary’s Throne

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    Thursday-The Democrat Shampeachment Case Unfolds: Trump & Putin Stole Queen Hillary’s Throne LoneRhody

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  • Twitter issues w/ Naturalized Citizen
  • President Trump attending the March for Life 
  • March for Life Rally
  • USCCB being sued for Peters Pence


 HEADLINE: Tom Cotton: If I added vodka to my milk on the Senate floor, Schiff would’ve accused me of collusion by Charles Creitz
   Mike’s New Term – Schyffilis – not an STD but having to hear Adam Schiff drone on for hours without actually saying anything at all.
  HEADLINE: Rand Paul: 45 Republicans down to dismiss Trump impeachment charges by Morgan Watkins 


HEADLINE: Lev Parnas Is A Grifter And A Fraud And The Media Loves Him by Peter Van Buren

  • He takes his place as the last Hail Mary play in the gladiator games that is impeachment.
  • #OrangeManBad
  • The President can recall anyone in these posts at anytime. 

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 Special Guest Matt Gaspers editor at Catholic Family News 

Follow Matt Gaspers here: 

47 years of the March for Life

HEADLINE: Class Action Filed Against USCCB by The Remnant

HEADLINE: Catholic sues US bishops for ‘misleading’ faithful to donate millions to ‘fraudulent’ Vatican charity by Lianne Laurence

  • Peter’s Pence funds was used to help the production of the Elton John movie.
  • Vatican’s real estate holdings and other investments. 

HEADLINE: The Impeachment of Christ the King: What’s Really Behind the Sham Impeachment of Donald Trump by Christopher Ferrara

  • We don’t have to like him personally but we must give credit where credit is due.
  • Only God knows if he is sincere or not.
  • *****Bottom line is he is doing things that are falling in line w/ Catholic teachings! *****
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HEADLINE: 21 attorneys general, led by Alan Wilson, write Trump impeachment defense letter to Senate by Nathaniel Cary

  • President Trump using article 2 – the media continues to use this sound bite completely out of context.



 HEADLINE: “I Don’t See Her In Beijing Or Delhi” – Niall Ferguson Slams Davos’ “Virtue Signaling” Greta Fanboys by Zerohedge 

HEADLINE: ‘Who is she?’ – US Treasury chief takes swipe at Thunberg by The Associated Press

  • “U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is in no position to give economic advice until she goes to college and comes out with an economics degree”

AUDIO/VIDEO: GEICO Commercial of Wood Chucks Chucking Wood

HEADLINE: Feminist Author Demands Germans Stop Having Babies To Save The Planet by Joseph Watson via Summit News












 Special Guest Fiorella de Marie

Author of our 5 Minute Mysteries and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

See No Evil – by Maria Father Gabriel #3

  • Here in London it is really cold, foggy and wet. We don’t usually get snow but we do get the nasty weather.
  • Part 2 of this mystery here – 
  • At the end of this particular episode, this ending is not like previous mysteries. 
  • #Megxit
  • Americans are fascinated by royalty. 
  • Anglicans in Texas – Joseph Pearce all roads lead to Walsingham 
  • Kate will be Williams King consort – 
  • Charles is currently the Prince of Wales. 

HEADLINE: The Entire Royal Family Tree, Explained in One Easy Chart by Clair Nowak

LIVE – 5 Minute Mystery

  • You have about 10 minutes straight of non-stop clues here.
  • We will record either 3 or 4 of the first few episodes, OFF AIR for download or purchase ONLY, we will give commentary as the episode is playing and give you the clues you need to SOLVE each mystery.
  • Series vs Episodes or Seasons 
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Richard – who continues to battle sepsis.

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Joel Doc Berry – as he continues to recover from a few surgeries. 

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Written by: LoneRhody

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