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Trump’s Bombing Soleimani Isn’t The Issue, ‘Muricah Being Permanently In Iraq Is!

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  • Abby Johnson the ProLife Golden spokeswoman, promotes killing a baby in Texas
  • Bombing in Iraq











HEADLINE: Easy Call: The Strike on Soleimani Was Lawful by Alan M. Dershowitz

WPR = The War Power Resolution

  • Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi: ”Hadj Soleimani was in Baghdad at my invitation. He was scheduled to visit me and carried a letter with him from the Iranian leadership on how to de-escalate tensions with Saudi Arabia.’’
  • Thomas Jefferson – didn’t act unilaterally 
  • Presidential Authority – Clinton, Bush and Obama all issued similar authority 
  • Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and 2 minority leaders – 

HEADLINE: 3 Americans Killed In Attack On Kenyan Airfield By Al-Shabab Militants by Wynne Davis

  • Well if the Kenyans wanted war, they are gonna’ get it. 
  • We LOVE war and we aren’t afraid to bomb any country at any time.
  • It is Congresses job to declare war but they are too cowardly to do their job on this subject.






HEADLINE: 1973 War Powers Resolution is Unconstitutional, Too by Judge Andrew Napolitanto (originally published in 2013)

  • We left this hanging here in December, Nancy Pelosi and the gang wanted to Impeach Trump b/c he needed to be removed immediately b/c he was a GRAVE threat to America.
  • Well, where is the resolution? Why hasn’t it been sent to the Senate?
  • QUESTION: Who were the framers of the Constitution looking at every single day at the Convention?
  • ANSWER: George Washington 
  • Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution  – The Powers of Congress
  Big Mouth – Netflix Original 

  • This is basically kiddie porn.
  • This is a pedophiles DREAM show.

HEADLINE: Why Greta Thunberg Should Be The Next Disney Princess by Libby Emmons

HEADLINE: Stop Believing in Free Shipping by Amanda Mull


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HEADLINE: Trump Says “US Will Not Leave” Iraq Unless Billions For Air Base Are Repaid, Threatens Baghdad With “Very Big” Sanctions by Tyler Durden

ReConquest Zionism by Brother Andre Marie

  • Here is a list of all the episodes in which Brother Andre Marie discusses Zionism. Reconquest Archives, Episodes 111-120
  • There are 45 just to the letter C!
  • FOB = Forward Operating Base
  • QUESTION: How can anyone possibly know what LONG TERM implications would be if America finally pulled out of Iran and Iraq?
  • John Krasinski actor who plays Jack Ryan in the Amazon Series
  • Quiet Place – 
  • USAA – Insurance, Banking, Investments & Retirement
  • This entity is gear just for active and retired military and their families. 
1h32m AUDIO: Nancy Pelosi – Women’s Leadership Summit, Speaker Pelosi

Where is she getting these numbers from?

FACT: The Russians had just as much right to invade Crimea than we ever had to the confiscation of Texas from the Mexicans.

  HEADLINE: Stop Believing in Free Shipping by Amanda Mull
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Foundations Restored – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Foundations Restored – A Catholic Perspective on Origins Official Trailer

  • How many Catholics don’t believe in the Creation story?
  • Darwinism – 

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HEADLINE: Our Real Existential Crisis — Extinction by Patrick J. Buchanan 

Japan – The number of births in Japan fell in 2019 to a level unseen since 1874, around 900,000. But there were 1.4 million deaths for a net loss of 512,000 Japanese. An even larger loss in Japan’s population is expected this year. Japan’s population has been shrinking since 2007, when deaths first exceeded births by 18,000. And with 28% of its population over 65, and fewer births every passing year, Japan is aging, shrinking and dying — with no respite in sight.

Bulgaria – In 2050, Bulgaria’s population is estimated at 5.4 million — a loss of 40% to death and migration since Bulgaria won its freedom from the Soviet Empire.

QUESTION: Why are the worlds population decreasing? 

















 Special Guest Hugh Owen – 

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  • The Lord’s way between two extremes. 1) Too much emphasis on the external and trying to beat Hollywood at their own game. 2) We have the truth but we still need to understand and work on the platform of presenting it to a group that is accustomed to the high priced Hollywood effects.
  • Cartesian Darwinism –
  • St. Augustine – 
  • Genesis from beginning to end is truth. 1-12
  • King and Queen of a completely harmonious Earth.
  • The only point on which St. Augustine differed was on the meaning of “day” in Genesis 1.
  • This isn’t b/c he rejected scripture, it is b/c he knew he had to reconcile an apparent contradiction in Genesis 1 and 2 as sequential days.
  • He didn’t know a word of Hebrew or Greek so he depended upon his Latin translations.
  • St. Jerome’s translation was far better but St. Augustine didn’t have this translation.
  • Supernatural intervention of God.
  • 6 containers of water at the wedding in Cana
  • This wasn’t a coincidence – ordinary water into the most delightful wine anyone had ever tasted.
  • This was EXACTLY the same divine power He used in the 6 days of creation!
  • Collective Amnesia in the Catholic Church right now with its faithful.
  • QUESTION: Can you rule something that doesn’t exist?
  • Vatican I 
  • Darwin – 1859
  • QUESTION: What is a Magisterium? 
  CrossTalk with Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief 
  Crusader Monastery Prayer List

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Christopher Jude Pigg – newborn that decided to make his appearance early. He was born w/ down syndrome and several other birth defects the parents were not aware of.

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