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Mandeville, LA – Mike conducts a 4 hour lesson on the looming future to the complete rejection of God; the coronation of the machine kings and the “genocidal maniacs” scchming to do Satan’s work and bring it all about…with an assist from Justin Timberlake! John horvat weighs i on the subject, don’t miss this episode!

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
6:10  Welcome to the Mike Church Show on February 8, 2018

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Coming up later today LIVE on the show: John Horvat author of Return to Order
6:16 Email from listener Marcus

  • recap of story from yesterday on the massive numbers of babies being murdered daily
  • Can You Handle The Truth? by Regis Nicoll


Apologetics Course last night was a huge success

  • Brother Andre talked about the scientism that we are all possessed of today.
  • Scientism is the new [c]atholicism – theme of the day
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Justin Timberlake’s song Filthy

HEADLINE: Justin Timberlake Unleashes the Technopoly by Kai Weiss

  • Full frontal assault on the thinking that there is a God









HEADLINE: The face of the future? Silicon Valley engineer who created Google street view and is at the heart of Uber and Waymo’s self-driving car feud founds a RELIGION worshiping AI

  • Can God exist without man and can man exist without God?
  • God is primary source, we are the result of the primary source
  • Your parents were necessary for your creation correct?
  • What would you have seen 2 minutes after Adam was created, what would you see? A Grown Man
  • AI is a fraud. If there were going to be an artificial intelligence, that is an oxymoron.
  • The goal of AI is to exterminate man. It doesn’t need us.
  • Have you ever watched the Terminator movies?
  • Example: Apple came out with iPhone X (you turn it on with facial recognition)
  • No one seems to think that is a “bad” thing. A device scans your face….
 6:57 Audio: Millennial…I’ll just ask Siri




HEADLINE: Credit Card, Student And Auto Debt All Hit Record Highs In December by Tyler Durden

  • the Trillion stayed and added $18 billion to the debt
  • The new total of all 3 is now $1.027.9 TRILLION ( the highest number on record)
  • Americas young adults owe $1.491 trillion in student loans
  • It is virtually impossible to be productive in America without maintaining a fleet of cars
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 7:29 Justin Trudeau – Not “mankind” its “peoplekind”



back to headline: Credit Card, Student And Auto..

  • Do you think your children have been educated to the tune of $1.491 trillion?
  • So why did the US economy close 2017 with an upward GDP burst?
  • Remember when you used to “save for a rainy day”?
  • Largest debt owed is mortgage debt. It dwarfs these debts.








HEADLINE: Justin Timberlake Unleashes the Technopoly by Kai Weiss

  • What do the creatures of AI think they will do with humans?
  • “We are currently surrounded by throngs of zealous Theuths, one-eyed prophets who see only what the new technologies can do and are incapable of imagining what they will undo. We might call such people Technophiles. They gaze on technology as a lover does on his beloved, seeing it as without blemish and entertaining no apprehension for the future.”
  • Technology has become a God for the faithful
  • GK Chesterton “The typical modern man…has no positive picture at all of what he is aiming at, but only a vague (and erroneous) sensation of progress.”
  • We are NOT enemies of science, but when science challenges the Catholic faith, then it becomes the enemy because it is attacking the Church.
  • The GOD particle
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HEADLINE: Teilhard de Chardin: False Prophet of a “New Christianity” by Hugh Owen

  • spiritual warfare
  • Our Lady of Fatima
  • “He who has once seen me can never forget me: he must either damn himself with me or save me with himself.”
  • “Catholic doctrine holds that God created a perfectly harmonious world for man in the beginning. According to the theistic evolution, however, perfection has never existed in the past.”
  • The creation of an International Criminal Court
  • They don’t have the upper hand but they certainly have the numbers
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Welcome to the final segment of The Mike Church Show

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Special Guest: John Horvat author of Return to Order

  • 311,000 this includes downloads, audio books etc
  • The difference between a vocation and a career
  • Vocation is a calling
  • Back in the day everyone had a calling whether it was to be a father, a millworker, a welder etc
  • Yes there is an increase in demonic activity. Protests are great..just had one against Father Martin. Keep the pressure on them, it works.
  • Public displays of affection in Mass from sodomites.
  • “Way of the Future” religion
  • Homo Deus – The History of a Tomorrow Without God by John Horvat II
  • He discusses “data-ism” data will ultimately control our lives. He goes so far as to say human life is chemical reactions….no soul.
  • He says there is NO FREE will.
  • He says there is no single person. We are all full of many different people
  • These algorithms this data mining…it truly is a tomorrow without God
  • Reference Teilhard de Chardin by Hugh Owen
  • The Devils Promise
  • Immortality
  • the annihilation of the soul, of man
  • This isn’t a joke, he really believes this.
  • The author says his role is to throw the ideas out there and get people used to them.
  • This whole concept doesn’t make sense.
  • Life Sciences – these are the new dogma of the faith
  • The author uses all the terminology of the church
  • We have the same weapon the people at Lepanto had, the rosary
  • God is in charge, he knows what he is doing
  • Increase in the number of young men and women, specially young men
  • When you expose them to the na
  • TFP Student Action
  • Everyone has an opportunity to call out things against the faith. If necessary organize. The other side will back down if the opposition is large enough.
  • Regional TFP Conference in Lafayette next week
  • Whatever you do…do it with HUMILITY!  The only book Mike has put out that he CANNOT be proud of!




  • “oh she’s in a better place” How do you know?
  • the modern post Vatican II version of Heaven is a piano bar
  • Materialist Heaven
  • #LifeRuined
  • The New [c]atholic church is here
 9:51 back to headline: Teilhard de Chardin

  • By product of evolution
  • Omega Point

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Written by: candacechurch

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