Wisdom Wednesday: Is There A Church That History Says Is The Church of Christ? Yes There IS with Brother Andre Marie

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Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel

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  • There are several times that BOATS are placed into Gospels.
  • The waves are coming into the boat and Jesus is asleep.
  • This has long been interpreted as to Saint Peter’s Bark, the Church itself.
  • Like sometimes Jesus appears to be indifferent to the tribulations of His Church.
  • He has his eye on the situation, when he woke up he rebuked him.
  • I never noticed this before – Jesus got into the boat and His Disciples FOLLOWED Him.
  • The following of Christ – poverty, chastity and obedience. 
  • Institute of Christ the King
  • As a community they seem to really form themselves into gentleman. 
  • He is a tough guy spent 15 years in a tough mission in Africa. – Canon Jean Marie Moreau
  • They have manners and they are all very gentleman. 

HEADLINE: Technological Security as a Problem of Social Ethics by Joseph Ratzinger

  • When Dr Fauci said when they attack me they attack science, it was the height of hubris. 
  • That is not science – all things science do not give permission slips to be done in the name of science.
  • ATOM BOMB – Just because you COULD make it doesn’t mean you SHOULD have made it.
  • The Church is not opposed to science.
  • What companies science?
  • Theos – theology 

HEADLINE: Russia and the Universal Church by Vladimir Solovyev

QUESTION: What is the true Catholic Church? Roman or Orthodox

ANSWER: It is centered in Rome under the pope and it has all four marks… and a multitude of rites both western and eastern.

HEADLINE: What’s in That Prayer? The Collect for the Twenty-Fourth and Last Sunday after Pentecost by Brother Andre Marie 

HEADLINE: Anecdotes of Two Recently-Deceased Pontiffs by Brother Andre Marie 

Tonight’s ReConquest – Episode 361: ‘Whether God Exists?’ — the Five Proofs


Written by: Justin Redman