The Mike Church Show 101116 Seg 3-4: Nicole Hemmer: The Birth of Conservative Media as We Know It

Written by on 10/11/2016


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Mandeville, LA –  Patrick J. Buchanan viewsthe latest pronouncement of Donald Trump’s death as exactly what the cowardice “baked in” class would say. Yet the only one who did not give up over the Media Industrial Complex’s videotape coup de grace was precisely the one who is responsible for all this, Trump. Buchanan: “What did Trump accomplish in 18 hours? He rattled Hillary Clinton, firmed up and rallied his base, halted the stampede of the cut-and-run Republicans, and exposed the hypocrisy of liberal and secular celebrants of the ’60s “sexual revolution,” who have suddenly gotten religion where Trump is involved. Trump exposed the fraudulence of the Clintons’ clucking concern for sexually abused women, brought Pence back into camp, turned the tables, and changed the subject from the Trump tapes to the Trump triumph at Washington University. Upshot: the Donald is alive.” Buchanan doesn’t bother with the facts that the Paul Ryan’s and Jason Chaffetz’s of the Congress-world have done less to stop Hillary and expose her manifest, diabolical failings than Trump has with no power other than a microphone. Put that in your holier than thou flight, Paul Ryan.

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