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Cows And The Scale Of Things To Come

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Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

Farmer Brian K from Texas

  • We had this type of heat in 2011 here in Wharton so this isn’t something NEW.
  • It is hot but it is summer.

HEADLINE: Neptune’s Disappearing Clouds Linked to the Solar Cycle by NASA HubbleSite 

  • Astronomers have uncovered a link between Neptune’s shifting cloud abundance and the 11-year solar cycle, in which the waxing and waning of the Sun’s entangled magnetic fields drives solar activity.
  • The link between Neptune and solar activity is surprising to planetary scientists because Neptune is our solar system’s farthest major planet and receives sunlight with about 0.1% of the intensity Earth receives. Yet Neptune’s global cloudy weather seems to be driven by solar activity, and not the planet’s four seasons, which each last approximately 40 years.
  • So it the sun can effect Neptune, why doesn’t it effect Earth?
  • I mean we are told HUMANS are causing all the clouds, heat, cold etc right?
  • The images reveal an intriguing pattern between seasonal changes in Neptune’s cloud cover and the solar cycle – the period when the Sun’s magnetic field flips every 11 years as it becomes more tangled like a ball of yarn. This is evident in the increasing number of sunspots and increasing solar flare activity. As the cycle progresses, the Sun’s tempestuous behavior builds to a maximum, until the magnetic field beaks down and reverses polarity. Then the Sun settles back down to a minimum, only to start another cycle.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bill Weir CNN Discusses ‘Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there)’ – regenerative farming and buffalo grazing patterns.

  • You can’t even take that stuff seriously anymore.
  • The solution is correct to this however so CNN gets this one right.
  • CAFE Standards 

Written by: Justin Redman