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Introducing The Best New Way To Listen To The CRUSADE Channel: The CRUSADE Content App!

NOTICE!!! The new CRUSADE Channel Content App does NOT replace the current CRUSADE Channel app, it is an enhanced app for downloading/listening to On-Demand content!!!Mandeville, LA - The VRN Content App is now officially launched and the VRM v 3.0 is here. This totally new smartphone/tablet app puts the power of world-class content distribution and consumption into our avid fans hands. Here's how to start taking advantage of the app and […]

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The Mike Church Show

The UK’s Smiling Execution of Baby, Alfie Evans

Mandeville, LA - Mike does what you can only do on LIVE, BROADCAST Talk-Radio today: put heart and soul into real-time coverage of a tragic event that needs a passionate narrator. Today's topic is the heartbreaking, diabolical campaign by UK authorities to execute baby Alfie Evans. Mike covers the story from every angle including appealing for the intercession of Our Lady of Walsingham. this is LIVE, CRUSADE Channel radio at […]

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Our Missionary Friends In Rome

The Mike Church Show

The Devil IS In The Details: California, Syria And LGBTQ-n-Ablers

Mandeville, LA - The gig is finally up for those who pinned their illegal war against Syria on the now proven hoax of the Douma chemical weapons "attack". Mike was way ahead of this curve and predicted this outcome last Tuesday and continued to reveal the truth here daily. Pearson Sharp of OAN News delivers the final blow today and Mike is on it! [purchase_link id="50983" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member Download" […]

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