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Mandeville, La – Mike’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Colleen hammond author of Dressing With Dignity, available SIGNED & Dated by Colleen in Mike’s Founder’s Tradin’ Post bookstore, here.


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Special Guest: Colleen Hammond author of Dressing with Dignity

  • You want to dress in a dignified manner. Do you see politicians bearing their breasts? NO
  • You treat someone else with the dignity their human soul is accorded.
  • First impressions matter the most!
  • Dressing like a floozy…..(excerpt from Dressing with Dignity)
  • Colleen – I am a rape survivor!
  • It is an act of violence taken out in a sexual manner…dress has NOTHING to do with that.
  • What I am referring to is dressing provocatively and allow a mans thoughts to venture off into a state of sin.
  • Men and women brains are different! There was a study

CNN: Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say by Elizabeth Landau

New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.

  • Women dress for other women
  • Drawing undo attention to ourselves does not mean frumpy. That is also drawing attention to yourself. That is also NOT charitable or humble.
  • “Should we only be seeking our own PERSONAL comfort?”
  • Are yoga pants acceptable?
  • What does comfort mean?
  • Clothes used to be thought of as the first line of defense against God’s little critters. Clothes serve as protection.
  • Shakespeare used to wear a Tudor Ruff
  • I would be really uncomfortable dressed as a biker chick
  • In .2 of a second they can tell whether or not they trust us. So less than 7 seconds they have made 7 decisions about you!
  • I am a dressing consultant currently, nothing has changed I am teaching women to dress for success which is the same as dressing with dignity.
  • Sin is easy, it doesn’t take much effort to do; it takes effort to NOT sin.
  • If you are showing….they are looking!
  • You are imprinting something on their brain and you are NOT being charitable
  • The Priest forbid the use of Colleen’s name or the name of the book.
  • The book became something it wasn’t! I never said wearing pants is a mortal sin, never said it, never thought it!
  • What we do in here matters out there.
  • I used to get very upset and cry about how can people lie about me now? But now I just brush it off and pray about it. Now I’m like, “it’s the truth so just deal with it”
  • I live in Texas so when people say, “God will understand if I wear a tank top to Mass.” No…he will understand but you are being lazy.
  • Latin Mass an veiling for women
  • The veils are now becoming a fashion thing as well which is not a bad thing.
  • Women used to wear hats to Mass too. As long as you are not wearing a Kentucky derby hat.
  • Veils are great for bad hair days too!
  • How would you approach a trip to the grocery store? How would you advise them to dress?













  • How would you approach a trip to the grocery store? How would you advise them to dress?
  • Men in shorts remind me of frogs….Colleen
  • Do you get a chance to speak to young and what do you say to them?
  • Girls say to me they want to be more like a Kate Middleton, they don’t usually say they want to dress like Katy Perry
  • She has brought her hemlines down now that she has children because she does a lot of squatting.
  • HomeEc we don’t teach our children how to sew or wood working or anything like that anymore.
  • Home Depot you need 5 people to have a class, they will do a class for your family!
  • Teaching girls to dress with dignity, not just why but HOW to do it. Your color, your body shape etc
  • In a business setting you have to have a female talk to another female about dress. You cannot speak to the opposite sex about inappropriate dress or its sexual harassment.
  • Excerpt from Dressing with Dignity
  • God is everywhere! He isn’t just in the Church! Just remember you are a temple of the Holy Ghost
  • When you wrote the book was it revenge? Mike
  • Story of how Colleen was pushed to write the book.
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Written by: MikeChurch

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