Robert Sengenis and Hugh Owen Learn Genesis And Learn Real Science AND The Faith!

Written by on 03/11/2019

Mandeville, LA

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Special Guests: Robert Sungenis and Hugh Owens

  • Hugh Owens – Father Paul Robinson’s book The Realist Guide to Science and Religion
  • Chapter 5 –
  • Father Robinson and I would differ on the St. Thomas statement.
  • He has exhausted human wisdom over divine wisdom.
  • We should defend God’s word as we have understood it.
  • We must restore instead of creating division.
  • Theology is a science and it is the Queen of the sciences. The natural sciences are good but should always be subservient to theology, the Queen of science.
  • Robert Sungenis – what is the foundation that one builds of his view of the world?
  • Dinosaurs have been found to have all sorts in their digestive tract b/c this doesn’t fit into their schema.
  • Where did they get to the idea that dinosaurs are so old?
  • According to the Evolutionist the Earth MUST be old.
  • You have to look at their FOUNDATION. The foundation leads you to the next formation.
  • Uniformitarianism –
  • The fossils are created by a flood.
  • How is it going to make an impression if it has no weight behind it to make the impression?
  • There is another foundation that must be mentioned – Theory of relativity but look at these theories, they all start off with an absolute. We measure everything else UPON this stable absolute.
  • Hugh Owens – There is no salvation outside the Church.
  • Without intending to, many Church leaders have moved the boundary b/w natural science and Church teachings.
  • Genesis is not a myth. From he beginning of the Church, we know God created everything for man.
  • As members of His mystical body, restoring it back to the beauty.
  • Young people know this yet they are being told by teachers this isn’t correct. That human science has progressed so that we know differently. Through evolution.
  • In reality, Dogma is not dependent on science and more accurately pseudo science.
  • Catholics who don’t accept traditional chronology of the Earth and Adam and Eve, we don’t call those people heretics. It isn’t our place to make that kind of judgement upon fellow Catholics.
  • We are defending the traditional teaching of Creation.

HEADLIINE: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, Why Does It Matter? by Tony Capobianco

Robert Sungenis –

  • A divine intrusion occurring – what happened before Adam sinned? God said Adam if you obey all your offspring will be saved. You will be tested for the human race. That is our salvation right there? What happened when Adam sinned? The creation was cursed. The cataclysm happened right then.
  • Now the whole world is under the curse of sin and waiting for salvation.
  • 8 people, Noah and his family.
  • Whenever men disobey God, and it can only be corrected by salvation, this is what we find in the Bible…a cataclysmic event.
  • Mike tells story of Daughter #2 had to take this prerequisite course in Evolutionary Chemistry

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