The 1st Annual CRUSADER Knights Congress

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Date: 04/30/2021
Time: 6:00 am

Enough of the “conferences” and “restoration” movements, it is time for action; bold, decisive, Christian Action to carve out the unique communities that will make up a New Christendom! This is a C O N G R E S S not a conference. We plan to meet, pray, fellowship, learn, laugh and change the world starting with your home i.e Your Kingdom, Join Us!

CRUSADE Channel Personalities Presenting:

Mike The KingDude Church

David Simpson

Brother André Marie

Richard Barrett

Other Presenters

James Matthew Wilson

Our 3 Day Congress will combine elements of timely rhetoric; hands on instruction workshops and exercises in establishing an esprit de corps among knights & maidens!

Objection: “But, we have a Congress, and they’ve just lost their way since Trump and besides they’re ‘our friends on the other side of the aisle’!”

Answer: No we don’t and no they aren’t! As St Thomas Aquinas wrote.

“Human law is law only by virtue of its accordance with right reason; and thus it is manifest that it flows from the eternal law. And in so far as it deviates from right reason it is called an unjust law; in such case it is no law at all, but rather a species of violence.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

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