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Mandeville, LA – The Facebook hearings kicked off yesterday and Mike covered them from gavel to gavel and today gives his analysis. “Kabuki, dog and pony show, theater; well-planned in advance and well played by Mark Zuckerberg who appeared he was coached by CBS’ Bull! Brother André Marie makes his Wednesday appearance to discuss the problem with young men as mass murderers: the attack on the family, told to Sister Lucia among others, is succeeding. Reverse Deception’s Greg Carpenter previews his final installment of Reverse Deception Radio & The RFK Assassination and adds color to Mike’s exasperated call for avoiding a war with the Russians via Twitter!

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TOPIC: Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress yesterday

  • TV Series Bull
  • People and opinions can be manipulated. This is what Zuckerberg was doing yesterday.
  • VIDEO: Sen. Maria Cantwell grills Facebook CEO Zuckerberg on privacy breach
  • What is “sales support”?
  • Are we electing a President or are we selling a product?
  • Senator Cantwell is a Democrat so she by accident answers the right questions.
  • “I can definitely have my team get back to you”
  • I’m not going to answer your question but I’ll have a team member do it.
  • The Senate can pass all the rules and laws they want, you are taking another layer of subsidiarity away from the population if Congress attempts to regulate social media.

HEADLINE: Palantir deployed a predictive policing system in New Orleans that even city council members don’t know about


HEADLINE: Louisiana law to ban sex with animals wins Senate vote 25 – 10 by Dave Cohen

  • So this is what the LA legislature has added – “Anal sexual intercourse between two human beings shall not be deemed as a crime”
  • Obviously you have a conflict here with this act in particular.

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HEADLINE: The Unspeakable Pleasure by Leonard Sax

  • Why do young people now think they have permission to kill?
  • “Contemporary American psychology largely ignores the possibility of moral choice rooted in a framework of transcendent values.”

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7:30RP Back to Headline: The Unspeakable Pleasure

  • This is directly related to abortion.
  • Culture has consequences – culture teaches feels good do it, less likely to understand themselves and less likely to master their impulses.
  • Stunning absence of morality in our Nation.
  • Error only produces more error unless it is corrected.
  • There is an ultimate purpose.
  • Man has free will and animals don’t so we simply cannot be compared to them.

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 HEADLINE: It’s Time For The United States To Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous by Jesse Kelly

  • There is a lot of pride and apathy at play here.

Side Note:

  • President Trump called for 4 states to send their National Guard to the Mexico state border.
  • Those states basically said, hey llama, can you send over the executive order for that?!
  • Those states don’t need the President to rally their National Guard! They have the power to do that themselves.

Now back to Headline: It’s Time for the United States to Divorce

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Special Guest: Brother Andre Marie host of Reconquest

  • If you don’t have a set base of what is right and wrong, then what do you have?
  • You have to have natural law and b/c we have gotten away from that we have to have so many laws and it has become totalitarian. And many of these laws are not just.
  • Charity becomes indulgence when there is no natural law.
  • This is why the suicide rate for transgender and homosexual people is far higher than that of heterosexual people.
  • Their life expectancy is shorter as well. For the male homosexual it is 26 years shorter than a heterosexual man.
  • Example of tobacco and life expectancy.

“If You Be Risen With Christ” – Tonights episode of ReConquest Part I of II

  • We need to conserve tradition.
  • The idea that I have to accept the lesser of two evils is a moral atrocity.
  • The devils final battle is the family.
  • Heaven for Ladies Hell for Men – Fathers are the head of the family (specifically begins with the attack of the head of the household)
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Back to Headline: It’s Time For The United States to Divorce

Michael Holt book

  • Opposite side of the same coin, what they both do is flee from The Authority.

HEADLINE: Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-election in November by Jonathan Martin & Alexander Burns

These are divides of choice and religion.






 Special Guest: Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception

  • We will be concluding the show of who killed Robert Kennedy.
  • We will go over some recently unclassified documents on today’s show.
  • JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Russia and Syria
  • They are going to cause all manner of global chaos b/c they think they should be running the world.
  • I fail to understand how an internal war in another country has to do with our National Defense.

HEADLINE: Trump Tears Up Twitter With Early Morning Tirade, Slaps ‘Failing New York Times’

AUDIO: Tucker Carlson Syria: America’s Response

  • Same story being recycled that al-Assad is a monster.
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