Fake Meat Is For Fake “Good Guys”, Like AlGore – The Mike Church Show

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    Fake Meat Is For Fake “Good Guys”, Like AlGore – The Mike Church Show Corey Clark

Fake Meat Is For Fake “Good Guys”

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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Al Gore and Impossible Foods

HEADLINE: Gore’s quest to become a fake meat billionaire – Lobbies for climate policies that limit meat while his firm invests $200 million in meat substitutes by Marc Morano 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Snowpiercer Official Movie Trailer 

  • QUESTION: Why do we continue to allow people like this to say God’s creations are bad?
  • Solyndra – What happened to this company? Does anyone remember?

HEADLINE:  Barack Obama Solyndra Scandal: 8 Facts About Green Energy Company Controversy by Alana Marie Burke

  • 22 ingredients make up this Impossible Meat – ingredients including bamboo and potato starch
  AOC – Tweets

Claims the devastation in the Bahamas is caused by Climate Change.




Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond host of Reverse Deception

All the way in Japan!

  • Cuban cigars and imported American bourbons in Japan?
  • Japanese Whisky and a Scotland Scotch 
  • Episode II – population control – expands on what we learned in Episode I
  • How abortion and Planned Parenthood was a National Security issue, it is NOT part of the Health and Human Services.
  • This is according to our US Government, I am not just making this up.

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Hurricane Dorian – 

Geoengineering – 

  • When you see the green, yellow and red color images on the coverage of a Hurricane, that is radar.

AUDIO: Alex Jones Gay Frogs 



AUDIO: Commercial on TV

  • Botox commercials all have YOUNG people. 
  • We are so obsessed with our looks that we start this botox stuff in the teen years.
  • “No lines on your forehead but you will asphyxiate.”
  • Nothing to see here.
1h25m  BC court to hear case today of dad forbidden to refer to daughter as ‘she’ by Justice Centre for Consitutional Freedoms

 Here’s What People Who Used To Be Transgender Are Telling The Supreme Court by Nicole Russell

  • Remember the story in the New York Times about Andrea Long Chu demanding everyone watch the video on how he is going to become a she?

HEADLINE: Andrea Long Chu’s Fake Vagina by Rod Dreher

QUESTION: The first transgender person? The first transitioner? 


  • Support group for those woke parents that have come to the realization that mutilating their children isn’t the best thing after all.
  • 4th Wave Now
   HEADLINE: Vegan Woman Takes Neighbors To Court Over Barbecue Smell From Their Grill by Bill Galluccio
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 Special Guest Ralph Sarchie and Sean Austin 

Demonologist and Demon Files TV Show

  • Religious Demonologist is a better title for what we do.
  • We research the paranormal but with the Faith aspect in the forefront.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Norman the Doll
  • Like the mother bringing the Annabelle doll into the house and taking it to a psychic and naming it Annabelle.
  • He took the form of a snake. He incited imagery for this young girl to get her scared to start with.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: The Demon Files S1E1 The Mirror 
  • You can have 20 blessed medals on your body, if you don’t have the true faith in the power of those medals they will not protect you.
  • Ralph Sarchie – “The Sovereignty of God protects.”
  • When you bring people onto the show, you can network with other paranormal investigators. 
  • Getting into deep conversations is very important.
  • Sean – QUESTION: why did you go back to 112 Ocean Avenue?
  • Sean and Ralph both went back to Ocean Avenue
  • Spirit Box – one particular voice kept coming through.
  • I’ve actually seen and heard with my own ears what they are talking about with these spirit boxes.
  • The demonic can trap a soul.
  • This spirit was either 6 or 8. This boy wouldn’t be a big mortal sin doer so why this happened I don’t know but I just knew this was an innocent soul trapped in that house.
  • Connecting with spirits for personal gain, that is where the SIN comes in and the downfall.
  • I don’t suggest anyone doing this.
  • These activities we do have a purpose, it is to help families and individuals. 
  • There needs to be a minor exorcism done on these homes. They can go dormant for a while but these demons don’t just leave on their own.
  • Lee Lutz was involved in the Occult prior to moving into that house so that didn’t help the situation at all. That exacerbates the demonic activity that is already present.
  • You cannot live in a state of mortal sin and do battle with demons.
  • The Lizard Lizard on the Wall – Ed and Loraine Warrens nephew
  • The mirror in that episode has been given to to him for safe keeping.
  • I focused more on the dresser in the girls room b/c I was getting information that phenomena was going on in another location as well. 
  • That is how some cases go, you have to have an open mind so you can locate any contact objects etc.
  • The crushed pill taste in Sean’s mouth after the religious invocation in this house.
  • Shadow Chaser sequel will come out within the next year. This is more of a group of experiences or cases that were very profound to me.
  • Biggest story in the book was a girl that was possessed while pregnant. That story didn’t have a happy ending sadly.
  • We don’t use our free will wisely in most situations.
  • Mike describes conversation w/ his brother – sanitarium with ghost tours
  • There are risks involved in anything with the super natural. 
  • 100% correct – we have free will but the sin element of doing this is more concerning with doing something like this.
  • God commands us NOT to communicate with the dead and/or spirits. 
  • People do this most of the time out of curiosity. 
  • It opens you up to more sinful things.
  Cross Talk with Richard Barrett – host of The Barrett Brief 

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Written by: Corey Clark

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