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Founders Pass Members Can Update Your Credit Card Information

today07/20/2016 10

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Mandeville, LA – Below are instructions to help you update your credit card information for Founders Pass members registered with this site. CRUSADE Channel founder Mike Church notes:

I would like to personally thank you for your Founders Pass membership and for making “Radio The Way It Should Be” possible in the first place. As I say often on the show, we are the answer to “The Liberal Media” and as such are a LORE (listener owned radio enterprise) and what an exciting prospect that is becoming! We rely on membership funding to continue the 24/7 CRUSADE of the Veritas Radio Network that includes the Mike Church Show LIVE! and I hope you will consider continuing your membership by updating your credit card information which has either expired or changed causing your current membership dues to be declined.

You can update your card at the Founders Pass NEW Member home by:

1. Logging into your account at (your username has been imported from
2. At the top of any page on the site click the “Members” menu tab then “My Account” sub menu button.
3. Then scroll down to see “My Subscriptions”, click the “update billing details” text.

4. In this window you can enter any credit card you would like to use for your regular payment.

5. Click “Update” and you’re all set.


Again, thank you for helping to launch and make successful the CRUSADE Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network, “Radio The Way It Should Be”.

All Best,

Mike Church

p.s. In case you have forgotten the amazing benefits Founders Pass membership grants you here’s a short-list:

1. Streaming and download access to EVERY episode of the Mike Church Show ever aired on CRUSADE since NOV 11th!
2. On-Demand access to the Mike Church Show RSS feed via any RSS player including iTunes!
3. Streaming and download access to all the other great, ORIGINAL programming you hear on the CRUSADE Channel including: True Money Show, My Story of America, Reverse Deception, ReConquest with Brother André Marie, The Constitution Hour with Kevin Gutzman, The Mark Kreslins Show, The Modern Wrong World Made Right with Mike CHurch and Kurt Wallace’s The Flow.
4. An always on 15% discount in the Crusade Channel Store and Mike Church’s Founder’s Tradin’ Post.
5. Pre-release purchase privileges for new, rare, special edition items from the Founders Tardin’ Post and Founding Father Films Publishing.
6. Member’s only video and online events.
7. The satisfaction of knowing you’re part of a ground floor movement that aims to radically reform broadcasting and make it ethical and in pursuit of the Truth.


Written by: jadechampagne

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