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Free Farm Friday-Beef In Corn On The Cobb!?

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Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

Farmer Brian K from Texas  

HEADLINE: IngredientWerks produces “Meaty Corn,” proving it can significantly reduce the high-cost of key alternative protein ingredients, with a carbon-neutral footprint, at industrial scale by Ingredient Werks 

  • Do not believe they can target things that well to inject and make this creation.
  • They have already proven that unintended consequences. 
  • Molecular farming company unlocking the vast potential of plants to produce animal proteins for human health and nutrition, announced today it has achieved a major milestone for the alternative protein industry by producing a proprietary corn expressing high levels of bovine myoglobin. As a high-value heme protein and key animal replacement ingredient, bovine myoglobin is used to mimic the taste, texture and aroma of meat in alternative protein applications. Using corn as a “manufactory” for the production of high value proteins like its “Meaty Corn,” IngredientWerks leverages the immense capacity of the US agricultural cultivation and processing infrastructure to produce these valuable proteins at industrial scale, with a carbon neutral footprint, and at a fraction of the cost to produce the majority of these alternative animal proteins today.
  • “This achievement is to the alternative protein industry as is the advancement in lithium-ion battery technology to the electric vehicle market – an engine that creates quality, affordable, and sustainable value and helps drives consumer adoption,” said Matt Plavan, CEO of IngredientWerks. “By reaching these expressions levels of myoglobin in corn, we believe we’ve solved for three of the greatest challenges facing the alternative protein markets today – the production of high-quality, low-cost animal proteins at scale.”
  • What are the ramifications to our bugs?
  • What are the ramifications to their surroundings?
  • Myoglobin is a protein that’s found in your striated muscles, which includes skeletal muscles (the muscles attached to your bones and tendons) and heart muscles. Its main function is to supply oxygen to the cells in your muscles (myocytes).
  • All the photographs in this article show this being done in a covered, controlled structure. 
  • Sugar Cane –

Written by: Justin Redman