Free Farm Friday

Free Farm Friday-John Henry Shoulda Let The Steam Engine Beat Him

today04/28/2023 82

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Free Farm Friday

Farmer Brian K from Texas 

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

HEADLINE: Texas Senate passes bill banning the purchase of farmland by citizens from hostile foreign nations by Paul Best

YouTube University – 

  • People sharing skills via videos to help you gain some knowledge.
  • That is basically the only thing that YT is truly good at. 
  • I wish I would have paid more attention to when my father worked on things.
  • Maggie’s Father can fix anything!
  • John Deere – all electrical inside the cabins
  • Have to call technicians out to do any type of maintenance on the machines. 
  • If you try to do any of the work yourself, it voids the warranty.
  • The Lorax and the one seed or tree left.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Original Lorax by Dr Seuss 

  • Same thing they are doing w/ the farmers.
  • The government saying you can only farm 10% of your land etc.

Written by: Justin Redman