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Heroes, Incompetents And Goats of GOP Debate And 2022 Campaign with Mahgdalene Rose

today09/28/2023 164

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Mahgdalen Rose

Political Reporter 

  • We are all good people and it is all okay, Vivek kinda’ came across as a ‘friendly’ way.
  • That might play out as a bad thing for his campaign.

QUESTION: Who made the biggest gaff of last night?

ANSWER: I have seen a lot of memes and talk and social media buzz over it. It has kept him in the media cycle which might be the real reason for it.

  • The continued pausing for laughs was the major gaff of the night by Mike Pence. 
  • For me it showed he just can’t read a room or a stage.
  • If I were running against Trump I’d be COVID all day all the time.
  • That is his weakness, that is where you should hit him hard at.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Gaetz on House Floor discussing devaluing American dollarWe’re in so much debt, we are driving up deficits so fast, we are devaluing American money so rapidly that in America today you can’t even bribe Democrat senators in cash alone, you need gold bars just so the money can hold value. 

  • Kevin McCarthy his time is done.
  • We need Matt Gaetz in there to just rip things up and create massive chaos so they can’t get anything done.
  • Nancy Pelosi was and is one of the BEST Speakers we have ever seen.

Written by: Justin Redman