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Hey MADD! You Need A Pub In Your Neighborhood On Every Street Corner

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Mandeville, LA – On this Free Phone Friday, Mike solves the problem of DUI and public abuse of taxes to build the Cabal’s roads and personal automobile fleet fleecing system. Oh, we also solve Ireland’s demon problem!

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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
 6:13 Welcome to The Mike Church Show on Free Phone Friday January 26, 2018
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6:25 My Favorite Catholic Things by Carrie Gress

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back to Mothers Against Drunk Driving headline

  • drive thru daiquiris
  • “I have never understood how a zoning code could, in good faith, permit a drinking establishment that could only possibly be reached by car.”
  • small scale solutions
  • lawyers need you to go out and drink as do the police officers
6:39 Crusade Capuchin Dark Roast Coffee – Founders Tradin’ Post




back to Mothers Against Drunk Driving headline

  • “there is no thought about community when it comes to zoning etc”
  • this is all part of the “restore the order” argument
  • these pubs or restaurants with alcohol are placed these distances on purpose
  • I’ll just get an Uber – no matter if it is your car or someone else, you are missing the point
6:52 Small towns have post offices next to….you guessed it houses

  • There was always a grocery store located nearby also
  • All the conveniences were within walking distance
  • big boxes putting small grocery stores out of business at an alarming rate
  • Our slavish inability to see that driving is not a requirement is literally taking lives.
7:02 Men grab your weapon and get in the game.

  • legal protection of the 4 mortal sins
  • pornography, sodomy, contraception, and abortion
 7:09 Some BeeGees history
 7:12 HEADLINE: I’ve Had It With Reporters Trying To Stamp Political Heresy Out Of Tennis by Dave Seminara

  • what does it matter who your athlete follows on Twitter?
  • what does it matter what political party you associate with?
  • does the fact he wants a wall change the way he plays?
7:26 Welcome back to Free Phone Friday – choose your own topic of the week!

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7:30 back to headline: I’ve had it with reporters

  • Twitter is like a religion to journalists
 7:40 Founders Tradin’ Post Sale of the Day: Go To St. Joseph on sale for HALF price today

Did you know you can stash money into your account for later use?

 7:43 back to headline: I’ve had it with reporters
 7:47 Vatican II

  • tearing down all the high altars with sledge hammers
  • some churches had wise men/women that lovingly removed the altar rails and high altars
  • Twitter has its own sacrament – the sacrament of excommunication
  • If they don’t like what you have to say, they will take care of you and your opinions









Debbie Schlüssel with her weekend movie reviews:

Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure – too long but 2nd half was the best

movies have just gotten too long for the average viewer

  • Next week – Fifty Shades of Grey (it is only romantic because he is a billionaire, if he was living in a trailer it would be a criminal minds episode)
  • Discussing the gymnast doctor and his sentencing
  • Where was the news coverage on this?
  • 7 days of testimony from the young girls
  • the whole thing was a circus (the judge allowed people to cheer) this is grounds for an appeal
  • this judge wanted her judge Ito moment with the sentencing
  • Ex-USA Gymnastics doctor gets up to 175 years as abuse victims applaud
  • Moving on to West Pointe and the allowance of homosexual cadets
  • You can’t go to any news site and NOT need eye bleach
  • Joe Mac email to Mike on how gay marriage doesn’t effect him so live and let live right?!
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8:26 HEADLINE: Irish priest asks for back-up as demand for exorcisms rises ‘exponentially’

  • why do you think evil is on the rise in Ireland?
8:45 Welcome back to Free Phone Friday – choose your own topic of the week!

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 8:48 HEADLINE: Same-Sex Active-Duty Couple Marries at West Point

  • going back to the email from listener Joe Mac
  • why don’t I have the freedom to say no?
  • there is no live and let live or let them be together it isn’t hurting me





Caller Mitch from Missouri

  • how were parents in these rooms with this accused doctor and NOT say something?
  • these families are putting too much weight on these athlete kids
  • the importance of explaining the difference between career and vocation
  • he who dies with the most amount of toys…still dies
  • getting the 1st vocation correct = the first commandment
  • God chose to put the term LOVE in his first commandment
  • we all get sold the “fantasy” of life and love
  • Example: Kia car commercial with bikini models and their favorite band…nothing about the actual car
  • The 4 Intentions mentioned previously: pornography, sodomy, contraception, and abortion
9:28 back to headline: Irish Priest asks for back-up

  • Demons Gone Wild – Ireland
  • International Association of Exorcists
  • Deliver Us From Evil
  • Does this topic interest you? Did you know we have a series with Ralph Sarchie called Deliver Us From Evil? All episodes are available for download for FREE if you are a Founding Brother level or above and available a la carte for anyone.
9:39 Caller Chris from Kentucky

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Written by: candacechurch

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