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How To Purchase And Redeem A Founders Pass Gift Membership

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Mandeville, LA – This video shows you how to purchase and redeem a Founders Pass Gift Membership.

Thanks for purchasing a Founders Pass Gift Membership.

PLEASE NOTE!! YOU CANNOT REDEEM A GIFT MEMBERSHIP FOR THE RECIPIENT, YOU MUST REDEEM IT BY CLICKING THE “show gift link”!! If YOU redeem the gift, even with THEIR info, you will only be changing your current membership to a 30 day gift membership.

Step by stop, gift giving:

1. Login.

2. Go to “My Account”

3. Scroll down to “Gifts Purchased”

4. Click “show gift link” you wish to give to a friend, family member, business associate or enemy!

5. email that link to your friend congratulating them on the gift. You can use Mike Church’s pre-written form letter as your email (after customizing it with name, greeting etc.

All that is needed is to click the “show gift” Link and then a popup window will appear that has your gift membership code on it:

Redeem Gift image
Copy that code and using your favorite email client (Outlook, Apple’s Mail etc), email it with instructions to your gift recipient – Use Mike Church’s gift membership announcement here.


Question: I get a “404 Error”when clicking the “View All”.

Answer: Refresh your browser and dump your cache, this issue has been resolved.

Question: When I click the “show gift link” nothing happens.

Answer: It may look like the page is loaded but sometimes all the javascript doesn’t load. Simply refresh the page and the link should popup.

Answer 2: If you have Popup ads blocked or a Popup ad blocker extension, this may cause the gift link window to not display. Disable the Popup option or extension, dump cache, refresh and try again.


Written by: MikeChurch

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Listening on the tunein radio app. (when I can) I find it much easier to navigate than the Veratas app. Thank you so much for finally leaving the Sirius Radio %&*#@ . Now I can finally tell friends to listen to the Mike Church show.

I did this once before and not so long ago. It is really a simple process but so is winning at Backgammon (I can show you how I do it) if one continues doing it. This video’s value grows every time I return to initiate another Gift Membership. (This would be a good time to laugh if one is not laughing already). I am here to initiate another Gift Membership. I should practice this process often. I am working on it. BTW, yes, I gave a Founding Brother Membership because she is an uniquely good friend and her access to the resources included at that level of Membership are appropriate to her generally superior (relative to me) potential to engage them appropriately provided she finds time to avail herself of the services offered. I intend to continue paying for that Account until she or thee cries, “Beowulf and his band of merry men!” and I will ask, even then, if that cry was intended to answer this instruction before I stop paying for that account as it exists today. Thank you.

You can simply buy a membership and tick the “is this a gift membership” box during checkout, Richard then after purchase, assign the membership to someone in your membership details account.

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