How Trump’s Made Secession A Non-4 Letter Word – The Mike Church Show

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    How Trump’s Made Secession A Non-4 Letter Word – The Mike Church Show candacechurch

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11:03 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE
When Nancy Pelosi starts to make sense, your party is over!

AOC is now running the party.

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 Mike discusses President Donald Trump and his donation to a young girl via the Murray Povich Show. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Maury Povich Show from December 19, 2000

  • They never reveal the amount that Donald Donated. He specifically asked NOT to have the amount made public.
  • If you are a listener to the show, you know I don’t call them Leftist. 
  • They are anti-Christs. They are anything that goes AGAINST the religion or faith of any kind.
  • They are the enemy here. This is why they stay opposed to President Trump.
  • President Trump has been the most Pro-Life President we have had.



 HEADLINE: DNC Blacklisting Of Fox News Proves GOP Needs To Fight Media by Mollie Hemingway

  • Who put FOX in the drivers seat here and guardians of conservatism? 
  • What are they trying to conserve exactly?
  • Have you seen what their spokeswomen wear? They aren’t conserving modesty.










HEADLINE: Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize amid uproar over past comments on ‘extremely primitive’ women by William Cummings

  • Who hasn’t said or done something they wished they hadn’t 10 years ago?
  • Are you the same person you were 10 years ago?
  • TrannyMammy Pimps – I say this not to talk about the CHILDREN that are suffering from this mental illness. I am referring to the PARENTS that are doing this to their children.
  • This is the same with Kevin Hart the comedian.
  • You just can’t cave with these people. 
  • Even if he were to apologize, they wouldn’t accept it. The mob would still be after him.
  • Exhibit A – Tucker is refusing to apologize and it is the RIGHT move.

HEADLINE: Martina Navratilova, Who Beat Communism And Owned Tennis, Got Eaten By The Transgender Mob by Marian L. Tupy

  • This was Martina Navratilova’s Tweet that got her in hot water: “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”
  • How many of you remember the The Beverly Hillbillies? Ellemae used to call her daughter “an old maid”. 
  • This whole idea of 18 years of age being youth still…it has no basis in history.




Back to HEADLINE: Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize amid uproar over past comments on ‘extremely primitive’ women by William Cummings

  • Of course it was all done on social media. These types of people don’t show up at your doorstep. 
  • The MOBS are all on social media.
  • So he called a few women whores? What if they are whores?
  • If it was so offensive, why wasn’t something done THEN? When it was said not 10 years later.
  • Parents – think of your children’s social media pages. What society deems ‘acceptable’ today may not be acceptable in 10 years. Then the social justice warriors can then come after your child for a post from 10 years ago.

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Special Guest: Donald Livingston founder of the Abbeville Institute and author of Rethinking the American Union.

  • We are in orbit around Charleston.
  • Arranged Marriages – Donald Livingston was all for it.
  • His point was that sex is a very strange thing. It is hard to get any kind of policy around it.
  • Look at the catastrophe of divorces and illegitimate children that surround marriage today.
  • There should be a little more of an “arrangement” with marriage.
  • Of course when you are 20 or so, you think you are invincible. 
  • Even if it wasn’t arranged, this is a modern idea that you marry for “love”. No you marry for “children”. 
  • Communist Experiment – private property hasn’t been eliminated here yet but that was one of the first things that was done away with. 
  • New York, Vermont, New Mexico – passing acts in legislature laws of infanticide: it is bias to the radical free floating individualism. 
  • Supreme Court would constitutionalize so called gay marriage.
  • Obama, both Clintons and more stated marriage was b/w a man and a women yet the Supreme Court just arbitrarily decided the opposite without much opposition.
  • Rethinking of the American Union – Founder of the Abbeville Institute 
  • Institute was created to counter the Universities in the South and Southern Tradition.
  • Southern History is just not taught anymore due to political correctness.
  • Robert E. Lee – he was one of the most popular Generals
  • It was because of his character. 
  • The Enduring Character of Robert E. Lee – book by Marshall L. DeRosa
  • Today if someone disagrees, the opposition immediately caves and adjusts accordingly. This would not have happened or even been an option 10 years ago.
  • Congress writing its own rules.
  • What Lincoln had to argue – simple authority. It is rooted in the American people as an aggregate. 
  • Forming a Political Society of the American People – and they recognized the colonies as states.
  • States then were really like counties.
  • They accepted Federalism – QUESTION: what happens when there is a conflict b/w the two? Who decides the proper course of action?
  • This ends up being the Supreme Court.
  • Jeffersonian View: completely different from the Political Society.
  • Two different views of America and it is important to understand the two views.
  • Majority Rule – would be an absolute horror show.
  • Article 7 – Ratification of 9 states
  • If they have the power to call a convention to ratify then they have to power to do the opposite!
  • The states weren’t even allowed to vote then. 
  • The Supreme Court wasn’t considered legitimate.
  • RUSSIAS SECESSION: The biggest PEACEFUL collapse in modern history. 15 states over a period of time negotiated a dissolution. Some states when their own way.
  • The Left is the party concerned about secession. 
  • Trumps election was portrayed as illegitimate. 
  • The Trump election simply wasn’t accepted. So Congress and all isn’t concerned about policies… is just a battle of legitimacy. 
  • GDP of the world is $70 Trillion, the United States is at 3 TIMES that.
  • Texas, NY and Florida are larger than Japan. Japan has the largest GDP in the world.
  • Texas has larger GDP than all of Russia.
  • It cannot continue to be centralized. We are just too big.
  • People in their gut KNOW this is NOT working but they are all trained on the Lincolnonian
  • Model, they don’t know how to change it.
  • Abbeville Institute – 
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Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Wacasey COMING SOON new series on the Crusade Channel by Dr. Wacasey

  • The main stream media is ignoring the solution to our current healthcare crisis.
  • I’ve had great difficulty getting this message out b/c they don’t want to solve it!
  • They make too much money!
  • Healthcareonomics will be broken down into 3 shows: for Patients, Employers and Doctors
  • Dr. W’s Equation available in the app store.
  • Dr. Kevin Wacasey has 3 books out currently
  • The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care
  • Healthcareonomics
  • Healthcareonomics 101
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Special Guests: Robert Sungenis and Hugh Owens

  • Hugh Owens – Father Paul Robinson’s book The Realist Guide to Science and Religion 
  • Chapter 5 – 
  • Father Robinson and I would differ on the St. Thomas statement.
  • He has exhausted human wisdom over divine wisdom.
  • We should defend God’s word as we have understood it.
  • We must restore instead of creating division.
  • Theology is a science and it is the Queen of the sciences. The natural sciences are good but should always be subservient to theology, the Queen of science.
  • Robert Sungenis – what is the foundation that one builds of his view of the world?
  • Dinosaurs have been found to have all sorts in their digestive tract b/c this doesn’t fit into their schema.
  • Where did they get to the idea that dinosaurs are so old?
  • According to the Evolutionist the Earth MUST be old.
  • You have to look at their FOUNDATION. The foundation leads you to the next formation.
  • Uniformitarianism – 
  • The fossils are created by a flood.
  • How is it going to make an impression if it has no weight behind it to make the impression?
  • There is another foundation that must be mentioned – Theory of relativity but look at these theories, they all start off with an absolute. We measure everything else UPON this stable absolute.
  • Hugh Owens – There is no salvation outside the Church.
  • Without intending to, many Church leaders have moved the boundary b/w natural science and Church teachings.
  • Genesis is not a myth. From he beginning of the Church, we know God created everything for man.
  • As members of His mystical body, restoring it back to the beauty.
  • Young people know this yet they are being told by teachers this isn’t correct. That human science has progressed so that we know differently. Through evolution. 
  • In reality, Dogma is not dependent on science and more accurately pseudo science.
  • Catholics who don’t accept traditional chronology of the Earth and Adam and Eve, we don’t call those people heretics. It isn’t our place to make that kind of judgement upon fellow Catholics.
  • We are defending the traditional teaching of Creation. 

HEADLIINE: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, Why Does It Matter? by Tony Capobianco

Robert Sungenis –

  • A divine intrusion occurring – what happened before Adam sinned? God said Adam if you obey all your offspring will be saved. You will be tested for the human race. That is our salvation right there? What happened when Adam sinned? The creation was cursed. The cataclysm happened right then.
  • Now the whole world is under the curse of sin and waiting for salvation.
  • 8 people, Noah and his family.
  • Whenever men disobey God, and it can only be corrected by salvation, this is what we find in the Bible…a cataclysmic event.
  • Mike tells story of Daughter #2 had to take this prerequisite course in Evolutionary Chemistry















 Hugh Owens – facts presented in the Genesis narrative

  • Examples of this harmony: 
  • God refers Job to 2 types of creatures that are obviously some type of dinosaur.
  • Carbon 12 –
  • 20 and 30,000 years before the present.
  • Because when god created the world, the atmosphere was very likely free from carbon 14 or if it had carbon 14 it had very very little. 
  • Based on imperial science – over the last 200 years scientist have been measuring the strength of magnetic field strength. It has continually decreases in strength. 
  • 4,000 or 5,000 years ago

Robert Sungenis – 

  • We haven’t just found carbon 14 in dinosaur bones, intact strands of DNA with half life of 500 years INSIDE stomachs and the list goes on and on.
  • The sand stratifies itself based on weight and grain.
  • Sedimentation is horizontal NOT vertical.

Hugh Owens – 

  • Based on imperial research, the did an analysis on a section of the Grand Canyon. They determined by sediment it was formed by a massive body of water that formed in a matter of days or weeks NOT millions of years. 
  • Evolution is the worst thing that has happened to natural science.
  • Golden Age of Scientific and Medical Research 

Robert Sungenis Journey to the Center of the Universe the DVD can be purchased here.

Hugh Owens – farewell

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