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Infamy And The Holy Family Via The Ridiculous, “Conservative” Embrace of Roseanne

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Mandeville, La – Mike is back in action after a brief, 2 day “spring break” and the guest roster is loaded with talent including Ignatius Press’s Anthony Ryan & Brother Andre Marie! Plus Mike tackles the “conservative echo chamber’s” ridiculous embrace of Roseanne because it is kinda-sorta-pro #MAGA-TRUMP

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HEADLINE: Crash that killed lesbian couple and their 6 adopted children appears INTENTIONAL say authorities after revealing they plunged off the cliff at 90mph without braking. by Ariel Zilber, Emily Crane, and Jenny Stanton

  • If this was a ‘crazed’ Christian family of homeschoolers, believe me the house would have been searched, and this story would be plastered all over the media.
  • If this is ultimately determined to be intentional, who is ultimately to blame?

HULU bing watching – Hard Sun

  • Story of government getting too big, too powerful.
  • Let’s pretend the government knows when the end is coming, would they let us know so people could prepare their souls?

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 The Relaunch of the Roseanne show

HEADLINE: Why Trump Should Be Thanking Roseanne Bigly by Liel Leibovitz

  • The comedian’s ratings triumph is yet another reminder that most Americans will reward anyone who merely takes the time and the trouble to acknowledge they exist.
  • What does #MAGA audiences want to watch on TV?
  • It all boils down to money. 
  • The real money at HBO is made by Game of Thrones, whose cost per episode is roughly equal to an entire season of Lena Dunham’s exercise in virtue-signaling and navel-gazing. In Hollywood-think, Game of Thrones, with its nudity and its violence and its brutal depiction of war, is “the conservative show.”
  • How do you aid in someone else sin?
  • #MAGA conservatives watch GOT which makes the show a success.

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  7:33 Back to Headline: Why Trump Should Be Thanking Roseanne Bigly

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David Hogg and Laura Ingram

HEADLINE: The boycott of Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show barely registered with consumers (with one exception) by Quentin Fottrell

HEADLINE: Advertisers bail as Laura Ingraham goes on vacation

  • People buy ads on these shows b/c they “push envelopes”
  • Ingraham posted a Tweet of apology to David Hogg
  • Did he apologize for the monetary loss he has caused her?

HEADLINE: Mypillow Founder: Hell No, We Won’t Drop Our Ads From Laura Ingraham’s Show

  • The Runaways Series on Hulu – sex romp at a prom ‘soft-core porn for teenagers’
  • All of major media is in on this racket.



 HEADLINE: Left Finds Underage Sex Horrible For Christians, Beautiful For Gay People by Chad Felix Greene

  • “Between 2000 and 2015, 86 percent of the reported 207,468 child marriages that took place in the United States were between minors and adults.”
  • Unchained At Last – organization to make marriage under 18 illegal but it is perfectly fine for an 8yr old to change their gender?
  • It routinely glamorizes children acting as adults. Teen Vogue “Teenagers Guide to Anal Sex”



Special Guest: Brother Andre Marie

  • We don’t have enough Catholics engaged in the battle.
  • FB – claimed the crucifix was violent
  • The earliest crosses in Catholic history were glorified crosses without the corpus.

HEADLINE: Christianity: Too Violent For Facebook by Rod Dreher

  • The San Damiano Cross isn’t remotely violent. It is actually one of the more tame depictions.
  • Franciscan University of Steubenville

Topic: Is There An Actual Hell?

  • So this journalist is 93 or 94…this is a newspaper the Pope reads…even if it’s just a friendly visit with the Pope, it always ends up being summarized by this journalist with a BIG catchy title.
  • This has happened 4 times already!
  • Phil Lawler From Confusion to Heresy: How Papal Statements Are Exploited
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Inflation – how the middle class is handling it

Has anyone actually weighed a quarter pounder with cheese?

Toilet paper, have you noticed how small the squares are these days?

Using Amazon and the racket they have going on with the USPS


 Special Guest: Anthony Ryan from Ignatius Press

  • Paul the Apostle hopefully will be distributed by us but Sony released the film, we have helped promote it but we should have it one it gets out on DVD we will.
  • The Novitiate 2017
  • St. Pedro Poveda
  • St. Maria Soledad
  • The Woman 
  • In the Footsteps of St. Patrick
  • Such wonderful DVD’s now being offered by Ignatius Press, they are great for homeschoolers wanting to teach a Saint a Day etc
  • Mary of Nazareth by Michael Hessmann
 HEADLINE: The Most Important Decision of Trump’s Presidency by Daniel R. Depeteris

HEADLINE: Max Boot: Trump is about to squander our gains against the Islamic State


HEADLINE: Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria by Karen DeYoung, Josh Dawsey and Paul Sonne

  • Trump says we have gotten “nothing out of $7 trillion [spent] in the Middle East over the last 17 years”
  • Where was the congressional declaration of war?
  • So we have about 2,000 troops in Syria right now….so why?


Special Guest: Gregory Carpenter

  • We keep the rest of the world destabilized so we can continue to be the superpower we are today.
  • We are losing economically and people are starting to realize there is simply no end to war.
  • There is a change coming even out here in Mordor.

Black Boxes in SUV’s

  • Back to the story of the 2 lesbians that drove their 6 adopted children off the cliff.
  • Late 90’s on most automobiles since then. Mainly for the brakes and engine etc for law enforcement to determine if the accident was actually an accident.

Coming up on today’s Reverse Deception:

  • History of the Green Mountain Boys – to keep New Yorkers out of Vermont
  • Green Mountain Boys
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