Jobs: We Want YOU! To Join The CRUSADE! What’s YOUR Vocation?

Written by on 06/25/2018

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel wants YOU to get off the sidelines and into the fight by volunteering to join The CRUSADE. You can’t be a True CRUSADER from the comfort of sitting behind your keyboard fighting the SJW shaming wars. CRUSADING requires actual action, lots of prayer and a community to assist in formation. All of the positions listed below if pursued with fervor could lead to paid vocations with The CRUSADE Channel, consider that wile pondering YOUR vocation. – May God bless and Mary keep you.

SOCIAL MEDIA CO-ORDINATOR – Organize multi-site , social media campaigns for the CRUSADE Channel. and all our shows.

SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANTS –  Just what it says, assist the co-ordinator creating and posting social media campaigns.

MIKE CHURCH SHOW INTERNS - Work and learn with one of the most critically acclaimed and long-running radio talk-shows, ever.

CRUSADE Channel News Interns - Learn and work at news and news media gathering, writing and delivery. Fast-paced, fun and rewarding.

CRUSADE Channel TV Interns -  Gather video graphics and videos for the Mike Church Show TV Show as well as other CRUSADE Channel On-Demand features.

Founding Father Films Interns - Learn long and short form filmmaking and work on meaningful video projects.

Founding Father Films Publishing Interns - Our specialty is bringing out of print gems like Humility of Heart back into print so  new generations can enjoy and benefit from them. This requires research skills, editing skills and book design skills. You'll work alongside publisher Mike Church on new and exciting book revival projects.

Screen Writer for CRUSADE Channel On-Demand - Do you think you have what it takes to write screenplays or the short stories that screenplays are based on? There are thousands of stories of the lives of the saints and martyrs, CRUSADES, the development of Christendom and many more that need good screen writers to bring them to life so they can be produced as audio/video features.

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