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LGBTQ+ers Didn’t Win The Culture War Because Modern Catholics Just Surrendered with Joseph Doyle

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CJ Doyle

Catholic Action League 

  • They were the Grand Marshalls in 2016 St Patrick Day Parade in Boston.
  • Grotesque characters of devout religious nuns.
  • Sexualizing Catholic imagery and language.
  • The depraved obsession w/ Catholic ritual and mockery.
  • Condom Savior Mass – condoms are distributed instead of Communion.
  • They have the Hunky Jesus contest on Easter.
  • This isn’t just about ending discrimination.
  • This isn’t just about being accepted. 
  • 60 years of the deconstruction of Communism – Catholics are now back in the 19th century in the US.
  • They are honored against the wishes and over the sensibilities over faithful Catholics.
  • The corporations always go with the power.
  • Remember when the Church was so strong and so big the companies wouldn’t dare go against it?
  • This is what 60 years of modernism has given us.
  • No respect anymore from anyone.


  • There used to be a time when the men in sports were religious and you KNEW which religious affiliation they had.
  • They despise and want to suppress the Catholic faith.
  • This is a post-Christian, ex-Catholic place now – Boston. 
  • Illinois state house put up a Baphomet b/c the Satanic Temple said if a Nativity was welcome during Christmas they should have one too.
  • You wouldn’t have had this type of abuse of liberty if the Catholic Church had strong leadership.
  • Religious equality leads to no religion being accepted. 

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Written by: Justin Redman