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Limbo Matters! And Why Catholics Should Care About The Constitution

today05/17/2023 106

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Brother Andre Marie

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HEADLINE: Wrestling with the Fate of the Unbaptized by Father Thomas Crean, O.P.

Two punishments that are merited by sin 

  1. The pain of damnation. 
  • Mother Nicole and husband Austin, two conjoined twins she carried to term even though the doctors all told her to abort her babies.
  • They were born yesterday, baptized and confirmed then subsequently died. 
  • They are Saints according to our faith, they are both saints and are participating in the Beatific Vision!
  • SAINTS Marie Therese and Rachel Clare, pray for us.
  • Now we would NOT have a Requiem Mass for them b/c we fully believe they are already in heaven as they were baptized and confirmed.
  • They are infants thus zero sin.
  • Indeed we celebrate the Mass of the Angels for them.
  • It is a natural type of happiness.
  • Anamnesis = the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence (often used with reference to Platonic philosophy).

HEADLINE: Why Your Catholic Men’s Group Will Eventually Fold by Rob Marco

HEADLINE: Why Your Catholic Men’s Group Should Eventually Fold by Robert B Greving 

  • Clericalism of the church – 
  • Eucharistic Minister – 
  • What we have done in all of this is attack the identity of the Priest.
  • Principle of Division – the word polity, has several meanings…
  • Saint Nicholas of Flüe = Saint Nicholas of Flüe was a Swiss hermit and ascetic who is the patron saint of Switzerland. He is sometimes invoked as Brother Klaus. A farmer, military leader, member of the assembly, councillor, judge and mystic, he was respected as a man of complete moral integrity. He is known for having fasted for over twenty years. Brother Klaus’s counsel to the Diet of Stans helped prevent war between the Swiss cantons.

HEADLINE: North Carolina Lawmakers Override Veto to Enact 12-Week Abortion Ban by Caden Pearson 

HEADLINE: Montana Bans Second Trimester Abortion Procedures by Mimi Nguyen Ly

  • We need to take the win, we need to run with it and not have everything be all bad all the time.

Tonight’s RECONQUEST: Episode 374: Coptic ‘Martyrs’ and a Coptic ‘Pope’?

Saint Benedict Center’s Fall Conference Theme Announced –


Written by: Justin Redman