Massachusetts Assembly To Repeal Humanity, The Kennedy Curse Devolves Into Madness – Joe Doyle on The Mike Church Show

Written by on 09/16/2019

Massachusetts To Repeal Humanity, Kennedy Curse Devolves Madness

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Special Guest C.J. Doyle Catholic Action League 

Gender X Bill House 3664

  • All state documents to be gender fluid.
  • Make Boston a sanctuary city for abortions, not just illegal aliens but ABORTION.
  • This has been in the works for quite some time now.
  • The Kennedy’s were the pioneers of the modern apostasy.
  • Faithful Departed book
  • Jospeh Kennedy was also a fanatic of abortion.
  • Every single member of the family in public life since the 1970’s has pushed population control through contraception and abortion.
  • Racial integration – any decent loyal Catholic politicians the hierarchy of the church hated.
  • They embraced these traitors to the faith over the devout.
  • This shows you loud and clear where and what the issue is with the Catholic Church.
  • Joe Biden is the Abortionist in Chief 

Catholic Action League

  • The Friends of St. Benedict Center – to provide some funds to help them dispute these outlandish claims.

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