McCarrick Imperative – Time To Drain The Bishop’s Swamp

Written by on 07/23/2018

Mandeville, LA – The Cardinal Sin of Cardinal McCarrick and all those who enabled him by protecting him and what is being revealed to be the biggest sex scandal in the PLANET’S history since Sodom and Gamorrah.

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St. Mary of Pine Bluff Catholic Church in Wisconsin

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Cardinal McCarrick –

HEADLINE: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is the target of new allegations of sexual misconduct by Michelle Boorstein & Julie Zauzmer

  • McCarrick has declined to comment on anything siting he will let the Vatican’s policies dictate what happens next.
  • Caddy Shack reference

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HEADLINE: What Did The Cardinals Know? by Rod Dreher

  • Irish Confab – Farrell has endorsed Father James Martin’s book advocating affirmation of LGBTs in the Catholic Church, and is overseeing next month’s world family meeting in Dublin, where Father Martin will give a keynote speech.
  • SIDEBAR – Discussion of the beauty of St. Marys Church in Pine Bluff (images in the chatroom)

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HEADLINE: Parishioners say farewell to Scituate church by Stead W. Herndon (article from 2016)

  • When the Supreme Court refused to hear the parishioners’ case against the archdiocese on May 16, the nearly 12-year, round-the-clock vigil to save St. Frances from being closed down was over, as was the congregation’s relationship with the archdiocese.

Faithful Laurentians – attempted to preserve their beautiful church from being turned into condos.

  • back to headline – St. Frances will be empty for the first time in 4,235 consecutive days

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Back to Headline: Rod Dreher

  • The massive number of people that took vows that knew what Uncle Teddy and his “fun house” consisted of is mind-blowing.
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Fr. John Rapisarda letter to Netflix

  • Boobus Americanus


  • You cannot be a Roman Catholic and still have a Netflix subscription.
  • If Big Mouth wasn’t enough to make you realize that, the new American Jesus should be more than enough for you to cancel it.

9 Ways To Be An Accessory To Another’s Sin

  1. By counsel
  2. By command
  3. By consent
  4. By provocation
  5. By praise or flattery
  6. By concealment
  7. By partaking
  8. By silence
  9. By defense of the ill done
  • Tell Netflix to go pound sand!


HEADLINE: Netflix uses show about Anne of Green Gables to promote homosexuality by Lisa Bourne


HEADLINE: Netflix’s ‘Anne With an E’ is a PC Fail by Gracy Olmstead

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