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Mike Church Show-All Roads Lead To Killary Including The Gathering, Demonic Storm!

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    Mike Church Show-All Roads Lead To Killary Including The Gathering, Demonic Storm! LoneRhody

Mike Church Show-All Roads Lead To Killary Including The Gathering, Demonic Storm!

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  • Child Sex Rings
  • Pedophilia Rings – all connected at high levels
  • President Trump
  • Joe Biden – looking rough yesterday, coming down off the drugs
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Demonic Cults



HEADLINE: NXIVM Overlord Clare Bronfman, Illegal Clinton Bundler, Sentenced To Prison by Patrick Howley

NXIVM = is a self-described American multi-level marketing company based near Albany, New York, which offers personal and professional development seminars through its “Executive Success Programs” of large-group awareness training.

  • Allison Mack & Keither Raniere – both had deep roots in scientology and Neuro-linguistic programming.
  • From yesterday’s #WisdomWednesday Ven. Barthalomew Holzhauser
  • Allison Mack was an actress in Smallville
  • What an irony :  
  • God appears to be using the NOT practicing Catholic President Trump to do some of His work.
  • In the OTHER instance He is allowing the devil to use actual proclaimed Catholics to do the devils bidding.
  1st Presidential Debate 

  • Joe Biden – did anyone else notice his eyes?
  • We discussed this yesterday w/ caller Dr. Tom from Arkansas. 
  • He was absolutely on stimulants. 


Princess and the Pea – 

Southern Bell School – Finishing School or Debutante Schools

  • This wasn’t just a ‘white privilege’ thing.
  Father Ian Bozant – 

Letter to President Trump

  • Consecrate The United States to Our Blessed Mother
  • Father Bozant has been asked to STAND DOWN – 
  • Father Michael J Stinson FSSP has sent a formal

Just yesterday Father Stinson calls all Catholics to pray for our Nation so why would he tell Father Bozant to stand down?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Fr. Stinson: Call to Prayer for the Church & Nation, Oct. 2020

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   Alexandria Virginia Ordinance Governor Ralph S. Northam

Mayor Justin Wilson has signed off on this.

1h29m HEADLINE: Salon owner who was jailed during COVID restrictions pulls ahead of 4-term state representative in special election by Bethany Blankley

  • Empower Texans – 

HEADLINE: Is Shelley Luther a Hero or Villain? Why Not Ask Her Wallaby? by Richie Whitt

  • THE BONNIE BLUE – it stands for independence
  • Lone Star republic flag – Florida Parish Republic
   HEADLINE: Coronavirus tests are extremely sensitive. (That could be a problem, experts say.) by Advisory Board 

  • Amplified through 40 or more cycles.
  • FDA and CDC have very clear guidelines for determining if someone is infected.
  • This test only gives ONE of those checkmarks.
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   HEADLINE: United States Bracing For Its 5th Arctic Outbreak of the Season as the Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies by Cap Allon

  • The Earth stopped warming in the 20th century.




AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Mike Lee questioning Comey in the Sentate  “With all do respect you don’t seem to know ANYTHING about an investigation YOU ran!”

  • So Comey has eyes and ears and he sees how he reacts…basically he doesn’t like President Trump so that’s that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Mike Lee questioning Comey – “You don’t install a hornets nest into your childs bedroom and act surprised when they get stung. This is what we have done here, act surprised when the intelligence goes off the rails and unchecked.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Ted Cruz questioning Comey – “There are only 2 possibilities: that you were deliberately corrupt or woefully incompetent – and I don’t thin you were incompetent.”

From the Crusader Stadium: When the Clinton’s arrived in Washington they made a public spectacle out of their taking control of FBI files on other Americans. That was when the Clinton/Epstein extortion machine began.

  • The Deep State Corruption & Extortion Racket – how was Epstein able to do what he was able to do for so many years w/o facing REAL jail time?

HEADLINE: For White House Travel Office, a Two-Year Trip of Trouble by Toni Locy Washington Post Staff Writer 



















Jennifer S Bryson

HEADLINE: Advice to a Young Woman: Secrets That Feminists Don’t Want You to Know by Jennifer Bryson

  • We have had decades of feeding young women this feminist garbage.
  • I am meeting other women like myself that are 40 late 40’s that are just now rejecting this feminism we have been taught but we are being turned away from any type of order b/c we are too old.
  • They think that YOUNGER women are easier to be ‘formed’ into the faith and duty of being a bride of Christ.

3 Things ALL Women Should Know: 

  1. It is okay to be feminine – Feminists have spent decades trying to crush key instincts out of us women.
  2. Feminist want you to pursue a career so they can use you to advance their own agenda.
  3. Motherhood is a NOBLE, honorable path in life.
  • Invest time to learn what marriage is!
  • It took me 25 years and hearing the definition of marriage via debates..
  • Womens bodies are designed to have babies at a certain time, not 10 years after they are ready to have children.
  • Put yourselves in a situation to be around other single Catholic people.
  • Muster up the courage, take the initiative.
  • MODESTY – ladies 

Theology of Home – by Carrie Gress

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Written by: LoneRhody

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