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Mike Church Show-Battle Lines Are Being Drawn By The Enemies Of Life, How Will We Respond

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Mike Church Show-Battle Lines Are Being Drawn By The Enemies Of Life, How Will We Respond

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  Family Parenting Values of the Biden Family

  • The Wrestler Tyrus was correct.
  • The American Union/Civilization is about to crack folks.
  • Tyrus said Biden tries to solve all conflict by ‘throwing money’ at the issue.
  • Like he has done w/ Ukraine, he does the same thing w/ Hunter Biden.


HEADLINE: Expect Huge Negative Revisions to New Home Sales as Sales Crash and Orders Cancelled by Mish 

  • Let’s check in with a real estate consulting firm on a major housing crash now underway.
  • Why is this happening?
  • The banks don’t loan their own money for starters.
  • People don’t own their own homes anymore for another.
  • Some smaller banks like a credit union would be using their own funds.
  • This is usury – 


 HEADLINE: Floating abortion clinic proposed in Gulf to bypass bans by AP News

  • Can you guess who is proposing this?
  • A California doctor.
  • California is basically saying we are going to come to your shores and we will kill your babies.
  • These people have never really seen any pushback on abortion.
  • We’ve always just prayed our rosaries and stood out front of clinics.
  • We’ve never gotten in their faces and said, “We will not allow you to dismember babies in our state any longer!”
  • What about if the water is rough? Will this hinder the abortion? Will this put the woman at higher risk?
  • You have to admit their audacity to say we will do this in Federal waters is pretty bold.
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   HEADLINE: Vanderbilt Health Is Gender-Bending Tennessee Minors Without Parental Consent by Landon Starbuck

  • So these children when they turn 13 can now simply make an appointment and start on puberty blockers w/o their parents consent.
  • This is 100% child abuse. 
  • All of our daughter’s life we’ve been attending Vanderbilt-affiliated pediatric practices. At the stroke of midnight on our child’s 13th birthday, Vanderbilt made it known that parents are secondary to the child and they force you & your child to sign the ‘Mature Minor Consent Form.’
  • Essentially, this is a permission slip for the parent. Without our minor child’s signature, Vanderbilt simply strips our parental authority away. After signing the form, our daughter is still asked each appointment if she gives her consent to have us in the room. It’s just shocking. Our daughter is 13. She’s not on the eve of being an adult. She’s just entering her teens and, more than likely, the most confusing time of her life yet this is the precise time when Vanderbilt inserts themselves directly between the child and his or her parent.










 Special Guest Blogger Frank Wright 

Follow Frank via his Substack – HOME PAGE

  • I stopped working to stay at home and take care of my kids.
  • I started this blog thing b/c I wanted to make sure I would never actually hold a job again b/c of my views.
  • I was a educational consultant a while back but all that has been over.
  • One of the things I remark about Chesterton would say “A fat man should never remove his jacket”.
  • ChesterBelloc – they used to be referred to 
  • The Wipers Times – The Soldiers’ Paper
  • COVID – 
  • When you begin to explain basic things, you are increasingly compelled to us definitions that don’t align w/ your ideals or what you ‘think’ you know.
  • When this breaking wave laps on your shores, it might be time to step up to the plate and enter into politics to change what the politicians have been doing.
  • This is a managerial state – 
  • Christendom puts an end to all of this.
  • I am very much not a modernist.
  • Most of our ills stem from vanity and huberous. 
  • Liberalism is the 3rd religion of man –
  • At the end of the day we aren’t talking about a little washable hair dye, this is permeant body changes.
  • Love is Love – of course there are clearly Satanic elements here in all of this.
  • What consumerism tries to do is to transcend yourself by buying something right?
  • That is what this transgenderism stuff, you are BUYING a new life a new look.
  • It is an addiction of sorts.
  • You are undergoing surgeries to change your body and your life.
  • It is wholly destructive to the person and those around them.
  • This is all producing human misery and suffering.

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 BACK TO LIVE Frank Wright

  • If I lose my temper or whatever that means I am morally justified.
  • These same people champion they have removed all traditions. 
  • The morally corrupt hate people that are FROM somewhere, they want them to come from nowhere, to be all the same.
  • They don’t truly want individualism.
  • We are supposed to pretend that we don’t notice beauty is being destroyed everywhere!
  • They love the NOWHERE people.
  • It’s not just LAND…it is something that God has provided for you, and you live from the land not ON the land.
  • Chesterton – you put what you LOVE behind you.
  • The City/Country divide is a real thing.
  • The people that are in charge are in metropolitan areas, they are NOT from the country.

HEADLINE: “Digital Babies” and the Culture of Lifestyle Over a Culture of Life by Scott Zipperle 

  • For many younger people, our culture of lifestyle is driven by a hyper-consumerist appetite for chasing cheap dopamine releases in our brains.
  • If we are attached to nothing and believe in nothing we can be easily controlled.
  • Religious or Irreligious – public entity
  • We live and operate through the Social Kingship of Christ = Religious Entity 
  • A fundamental transformation of America.
  • Defect of the Virtue of Religion – 
  • You are very Russell Kirk Mr Wright – you write w/ your Catholic views but you mask them very well.
  • They reinforce this thought that no one has a homeland.
  • QUESTION: How do you guarantee you get a job?
  • ANSWER: wear the most outrageous thing into the interview and you are guaranteed to get the job b/c of discrimination. 
  • It took 212 years to build Notre Dame Cathedral 
  • Their great great grandsons finished the work.
  • #MouthBreather 
  • A nowhere land for a nowhere man – 
  • Human Scale – the Guild system – human scan in affairs, buildings and everything we do.
  • Concentrations of large populations produce these type of mental disorders.
  • It isn’t geared toward beauty or health or higher purpose of life.
3h25m  Caller Todd McClure 

Farmer McClure 

  • I have 300 chickens in these tractors and boy they don’t smell very good either.
  • I have to take them to the butcher on Wednesday.
  • Total farm sales revenue is $403 dollars.
  • I would probably make more of a profit if I would just sell their eggs instead of the whole chicken.
  • Honestly I don’t think raising chickens is as profitable as some of these farmers are saying it is.
  • Unless you think you can get $30/chicken.
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