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Mike Church Show-Breyer’s Yawnfest Is Evidence The Cult Of Death Sees Our Advance

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  • The truth is winning!
  • The COVID fear narrative has run it’s course.
  • Crusader Congress has a venue and date for 2022.
36m HEADLINE: Denmark to End Most COVID Restrictions and ‘Welcome the Life We Knew Before’ by Heather Bair 

  • “We say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we knew before,” Frederiksen said. “As of Feb. 1, Denmark will be open.”
  • Stop calling what they did a lockdown, it was government ordered house arrest.
  • The tests don’t work either so that part of this they still get wrong.
  • What 3 things make a case?

1. must have symptoms

2. must have a nurse or doctor see symptoms 

3. they confirm symptoms then administer a test

  • A CVS drop off test is NOT a case!


 HEADLINE: Stephen Breyer Is Still Alive? by Matthew Walther

  • Here is what I believe is going to happen here…I have 30+ years experience in this.
  • The Democrats don’t have confidence in the Stacy Abrams gang.
  • They don’t think they can repeat the massive deceptions in 2018 this go around.
  • His retirement is a flashing sign saying “LOSERS”.
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   HEADLINE: Cold War And Culture War by Rod Dreher

  • Once you understand that American politics is motivated by some combination of interest group lobbying and culture war resentments, the hostility towards Russia begins to make more sense. It really is about the “rules based international order,” but that doesn’t actually mean following the fundamentals of international law like “don’t invade other countries or interfere in their domestic politics.” 
  • One might effectively respond that the US has in recent decades tried to overthrow more countries than everyone else in the world put together.

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  • The Big Trucker Caravan 
  • It is now 70 kilometers long!
  • They estimate over 60,000 trucks in this convoy.
  • There is one starting in Australia and Brazil.
  • #TruckersForFreedom2022

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trudeau on the Trucker Convoy – ‘The small fringe minority of truckers heading to Ottawa hold unacceptable views and do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other.’


Crusader Congress 2022

May 13th 14th and 15th

PHYSICAL ADDRESS:  6489 Hwy 93, Arnaudville, LA 70512

1h57m HEADLINE: Cold War And Culture War by Rod Dreher 

  • The template of “white conservative Christians bad” is fundamental to their worldview, and this leads to not only hostility towards Putin, but also nations like Hungary and Poland, even if the latter are uneasily accepted as friends because they were grandfathered into NATO, the alliance that is of course aimed at Russia.

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   BACK to Headline by Rod Dreher

  • The people that actually do things, look at the person(s) that tried to force the vaccines, that forced the lockdowns, that told your children they were killing adults…They ALL could have said NO.



 HEADLINE: Media Lies & the Sacred Rites of the Vaccine Cult by Kit Knightly 

  • He actually had to get the vaccine to continue to be the coach.
  • He was actually vaccinated but the headline stated he was an anti-vaxxer. 
  • I can’t tell if they do it dishonestly to create this bizarre atmosphere of religious fervour, or they don’t even realize they’re doing it because they’re so caught up in zealotry. And I’m not sure which is worse. 
  • Either way, the endpoint is clear: A world where being “anti-vaccination” is no longer defined by what you do, but by what you say and think or even what you allow others to think.
  • It really is a cult. There’s no other way to describe it.
  • This article doesn’t even ask why this super healthy young man dies b/c of this vaccine.
  • Why isn’t the Olympic world up in arms over this?
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Alex Berenson on Tucker Carlson‘The mRNA COVID vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market. No one should get them, no one should get boosted, no one should get double boosted. They are a dangerous and ineffective product at this point.’


  • Where did this money come from?
  • The Federal government doesn’t have any money.
  • It doens’t have a job.
   HEADLINE: If Parents Pulled Their Kids From School For Covid Insanity, It Would Already Be Over by Joy Pullmann 
   HEADLINE: Students Should Mask Forever, Administrator At One Of Country’s Largest School Districts Suggests by Dylan Housman
   HEADLINE: Spotify sides with Joe Rogan, removes Neil Young’s music: ‘A costly move’ by Hannah Frishberg
3h35m HEADLINE: Ackman Buys 3.1 Million Netflix Shares With $1.25 Billion Profit From Massive Treasury Short by Tyler Durden 

  • The billionaire investor behind Pershing Square announced on twitter that “beginning on Friday and over the last several days, we acquired more than 3.1 million shares of Netflix… which makes us a top-20 holder.”
  • It is somewhat ironic that Ackman is now entering Netflix, as by doing so he once again crosses paths with his old Herbalife nemesis, Carl Icahn, whom he fought – and lost – last decade in an attempt to prove that Herbalife is a giant ponzi scheme, and where Icahn made billions. 
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