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Mike Church Show Interview-Thanks To Heretical Priests “Breaking The Seal” Isn’t Just For Tailgate Parties With Michael Hichborn

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Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

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HEADLINE: Former Vice-Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Attacks the Seal of Confession by Michael Hichborn

Father Connell argues that: “no valid freedom of religion argument rooted in the absence of truth can provide a moral justification for sheltering perpetrators of abuse or neglect of children from their deserved punishment, while also endangering potential victims.”

As such, he concludes that: “governments should intervene such that, while perhaps frustrating the free exercise of religion for some people, the greater good of protecting children from abuse or neglect would be enhanced for the common good of all people.”

  • In May of 2019, Father Connell sued the States of Wisconsin, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Vermont, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to revoke constitutional protections for the seal of confession. 
  • Bishop Robert W. McElroy – Diocese of San Diego in California since 2015
  • Blessing of same-sex civil unions and for women to become Priests.
  • He doubled down on both of these!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Papa Francis by Emily Clarke  

HEADLINE: Babies Are Not Inconveniences or Commodities by Jessica Kramer 

  • Surrogacy creates a fake and contrived unreality: it rejects the fundamental relationship between intercourse and procreation.
  • God answered the burning question we have today on surrogacy. 
  • Sarah the wife – 
  • There are elements to the question of surrogacy answered in the Bible.
  • The way you go about created a child through surrogacy has to do w/ certain actions, like extracting the male sperm.
  • That is absolutely immoral thus the whole practice is on it’s face immoral.
  • The PROCESS is important, that process of making/creating a baby matters!
  • This is a rejection of the reason for the Marital Act.
  • It was address in the story of Abraham. 
  • You can’t promote it, advocate for it or participate in it.
  • IVF – 
  • Even more problematic is the philosophical notion that we have the right to be creating life in a petri dish, completely divorced from the act of love that has made every human being since our first fallen parents, the act of love that, with God, wills another being into existence. 
  • It’s no wonder that the next logical step is to place this newly minted life made in the lab within another womb; and soon it won’t be a rented human womb but an artificial one.

Written by: Justin Redman