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Saint Austin Review – 

HEADLINE: Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos by Thaddeus J. Kozinski

  • It is like being asked to die for AT&T.
  • Thaddeus’ book Modernity as Apocalypse 
34m  Packing the Supreme Court

  • This is 100% Constitutional.
  • The better question needs to be…WHY?
  • The early acts are to solidify and make permanent their authority.
  • They don’t care what is going on in the states.
  • They will ultimately tell the states ‘go pound sand’.
  • 9-4 majority from the SCOTUS
  • Georgia will be told go you know what after that.
  • THIS is why it is important to pack the court.


HEADLINE: Face Masks & Courage: Is Family Your Excuse for Cowardice, or is Family Your Motivation for Standing Upright? by Allan Stevo

  • Remember the sports teacher that wouldn’t back down and as a result quit his job b/c he refused to mask himself or his children?
  • HE is the hero in COVID times.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioning Dr. Fauci – 

Jordan – “15 days to slow the spread turning into 1 year of lost liberty”

Fauci – “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing but as a public health thing.”

  • #FabulousFauci
  • This guy is a Class A dictator.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioning Dr. Fauci – 

Jordan – “are we gonna be here two years form now wearing masks”?

Fauci – “you’re just ranting now”


AUDIO/VIDEO: uring Dr. Fauci questioning – 



Author of Going Deeper: A Reasoned Exploration of God and Truth

Producer – Bella and Little Boy

AUDIO/VIDEO: Little Boy produced by Leo Severino


NEWEST movie – Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini – 1st female led ministry

About – Frances Xavier Cabrini M.S.C., also called Mother Cabrini, was an Italian-American Roman Catholic nun. She founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a Catholic religious institute that was a major support to her fellow Italian immigrants to the United States.

  • This will be a movie about an incredible woman that happened to be a nun.
  • Mother Cabrini – https://www.mothercabrini.org/who-we-are/mother-cabrini/
  • Going Deeper book – studied philosophy, then discovered St. Thomas Acquinas and discovered truth and God etc.
  • I am all for making inspiring films like It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • Who did you cast to play Saint Mother Cabrini?
  • We wanted to ensure we found the right Italian actress as Mother Cabrini was Italian.

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

 OFFICIAL TRAILER: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

AUDIO/VIDEO: You Got Something There by Kevin James

1h48m AUDIO/VIDEO: Democratic Montage – on why packing the court being a horrible, terrible idea, major power grab, not the solution.

  • There is nothing in the Constitution that goes against this.
  • This is perfectly Constitutional. 
  • Is it a power grab?
  • ABSOLUTELY but it is Constitutional.
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Bee Gees Friday Super Medley















Free Farm Friday

SPECIAL GUEST: Farmer Munday from New Jersey 

SPECIAL GUEST: Farmer Brian from Texas

3 Sisters seed blend

HEADLINE: Reimagining My Geography Of Consumption by Madeline Johnson

In her home town: To wit, within a 1-mile radius of my house, there are 44 restaurants, 27 churches, 23 attorneys, 21 real estate agents, 20 beauty salons, 13 schools, 10 clothing shops, eight gyms, seven each of coffee shops, financial advisors, chiropractors, and plumbers; six clinics; five each of banks, childcare centers, florists, funeral homes, fire departments, liquor stores, massage therapists, and physicians; four each of art galleries, barbers, caterers, dentists, grocers, gyms, insurance agents, pharmacies, jewelers, roofers, remodelers, and kindergartens; three architects, auto mechanics, bakers, bars, bonds salesmen, counselors, curiosity shops, shoe shops, tattoo artists, pet groomers, and music shops; two acupuncturists, brewers, carpet cleaners, donut shops, performance venues, interior designers, investment advisors, landscapers, libraries, manicurists, marketing consultants, martial arts studios, museums, optometrists, photography studios, ceramicists, publishers, tailors, tanning salons, tax return preparers, toy shops, and yoga studios; one bagel shop, one candy making supply store, one cigar shop, one craft supply store, one fabric shop, one flea market, one furniture store, one greeting card shop, one hardware store, one ice cream parlor, one juice bar, one lighting shop, one garden store, one shipping store, one office supply store, one spice shop, and one yarn shop.

Composting – solids can be put back into the ground. A little compost goes a LONG way!

  • If you have chickens they will put their food scraps into their pins and the chickens will turn it for you! You provide nutrients and food for your chickens and they are helping you by turning it and putting it back into the soil.
  • Glory and Shine: Our Catholic body sprays come in a variety of scents all created with water from Lourdes. Using high-quality essential oils ensures we offer an amazing scent. Each bottle has a prayer to the Holy Spirit right on the label getting us to focus on the divine during normal acts of life.
  • It is great to be growing all of this but do you know how to preserve it?
  • You have to learn to eat w/ the seasons.
  • You can’t have raspberries in December.
  • Never put plastic into the microwave w/ food. 
  • FREEZING – every two or three weeks we make BONE broth.
  • Bone broth – we could sell it for $10-20 a pint for it.
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