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Mike Church Show-It’s George Washington’s Birthday Let’s Recall WHY He’s The “Indispensable Murican”

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Mike Church Show-It’s George Washington’s Birthday Let’s Recall WHY He’s The “Indispensable Murican”

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  • Freedom Convoy Showdown 
  • Trudeau – Emergency Act – basically Marshall Law
  • Putin & Ukraine















HEADLINE: BJ Dichter & The Canadian Freedom Convoy’s Ray Epps by Mike Church

HEADLINE: Our Man In Ottawa: Who Is Benjamin Dichter? by Celia Farber 

Raymond Epps – January 6th

  • He can be see telling the people to crash the barriers and enter the Capitol.
  • The guy was an obvious instigator.
  • The FBI refused to admit or deny if he was there to stir up trouble.

HEADLINE: Judas Pence by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch  

  • Pence goes wherever he is told to go!
  • He is a spineless creature.
  • Why did Trump pick him to be his VP?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Justin Trudeau‘I call on all members of Parliament to take action against illegal blockades and for the freedom of Canadians. I ask them all to extend the Emergencies Act today.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Justin Trudeau‘I can’t imagine anyone voting against this bill as expressing anything other than a deep mistrust in the government’s ability to keep Canadians safe….I’m confident that this bill is going to pass.’


  • FROM INTERVIEW: My first trigger was: Why did these truckers who drive $250,000 work vehicles, who object to this, who drive as a convoy to Ottawa, that makes sense, but why the hell would they need BJ Dichter’s handouts and GoFundMe? These are not Antifa thugs that are protesting. The GoFundMe angle, it was immediately weird. 
  • I believe it was a controlled opposition that got out of control because the whole thing was scripted except for that the rest of Canada joined in as extras. They’re still sticking to the terrorist narrative when it’s all of Canada! 
  • It’s still only where Trudeau wanted it to be. He needed the Emergency’s Act. This was never about the protests. He could have ignored the trucker protest forever. This trucker protest was never going to turn into anything other than a small trucker protest, it could easily have been ignored, suppressed or dealt with, but they wanted it to go big. They created the narrative that it’s bigger. Trudeau needed the false narrative to get the Emergencies Act so he could go after the bank accounts. Now his problem is that because it did become a real organic movement of Canadians who can’t stand these mandates and want their Charter rights recognized, he had to keep playing up this Nazi narrative. They tried infiltrators on the first night. Everybody called them out.
  • They don’t want you to know who they actually were or where they were from.
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  NEW Flags from the two regions that SECEDED from Ukraine

  • They are wanting to rejoin Russia.
  • Why would they do this? 
  • Join the evil, vile Putin?
  • The middle of the Double Eagle flag has St Michael in it!

HEADLINE: Ukrainian president reveals chances of war with Russia by RT

HEADLINE: The silent secession of eastern Ukraine by DW 

  • Ukraine’s Donbass region is adopting Russian currency, schoolbooks and maybe soon, passports. Russia, which annexed the Crimean Peninsula last year, hasn’t had to take any formal control to move the secession along.
1h37m AUDIO/VIDEO: Chrystia Freeland (Trudeau’s 2nd in command)‘The way to get your account unfrozen is to stop being part of the blockade and occupation.’


  HEADLINE: A Naturalized Canadian Woman from Romania Gives a Speech for the Ages by Vasko Kohlmayer
1h49m  HEADLINE: Decorated Canadian Veteran And Pastor: Trudeau Has Declared War On His Own People by Joy Pullmann
  HEADLINE: Trudeau Style Tyranny Is Already Here by Julie Kelly 

  • FROM ARTICLE: Except the FBI didn’t knock on doors—it kicked them in. Hundreds of Americans have been awakened before dawn by dozens of armed FBI agents and military-style vehicles to capture even nonviolent protesters. FBI Director Christopher Wray declared January 6 an act of “domestic terrorism”. 
  • FROM ARTICLE: Broken men and women with no other option plead guilty to low-level misdemeanors such as “parading” in the Capitol in an attempt to end their legal torture, only to be sentenced to prison time by judges of both political parties, who then berate them from the bench as if they had committed the most heinous of crimes.
  HEADLINE: US Agencies Quietly Studying Reports of Post-Vaccination Neurological Issues by Zachary Stieber 
  HEADLINE: CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for 33 MILLION Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show the vaccines as ineffective: FDA expert tells CDC to ‘tell the truth’ by Harriet Alexander 

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   AUDIO/VIDEO: Los Alamitos – Science Camp Controversythey/them are permitted to spend the night in the cabins w/ young girls. (5th grade girls)

  • The school board says that is the policy of the state to place students wherever they identify.
  • So they didn’t break any laws at all!


 HEADLINE: AG Pax­ton Declares So-Called Sex-Change Pro­ce­dures on Chil­dren and Pre­scrip­tion of Puber­ty Block­ers to be  “Child Abuse” Under Texas Law by Ken Paxton Attorney General of Texas

  • Watch and see the lawsuits fly in now.
  • Why would anyone have an issue w/ this?
   HEADLINE: Up With The ‘Carceral State’ by Rod Dreher  

  • Evil is real. I don’t like “the carceral state” either, but if the alternative is a state of violent anarchy, in which violent criminals run rampant, I prefer the carceral state, and it’s not even close. If it means a disproportionate number of black men go to prison, that’s a pity, but the alternative is absolutely unacceptable. Lock these vermin up, throw away the key, and I’ll happily pay higher taxes as the cost of protecting civilization. How many more innocent people have to suffer, and even die, to protect progressive illusions about human nature?




 HEADLINE: George Washington: Indispensable Man by Forrest McDonald 

  • Who spotted the first flaw?

George Mason & Patrick Henry were the first two to sniff this major flaw out.

  • What made George Washington who he was?
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: “George Washington was respected, admired, even revered by his countrymen, and he was the most trusted man of the age. What is more, and different, he was the most trustworthy man. The question of why this is so must be examined if we are to understand Washington’s true legacy.”
  • He was raised by his Catholic father but there is nothing but hearsay that he converted or reverted back to Catholicism. 
  • He burned about 2/3rds of his correspondences before he died.
  • He spent hours a day w/ a scribe. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Crossing A&E Official Trailer w/ Jeff Daniels 

  HEADLINE: Should We Celebrate Presidents’ Day, or Washington’s Birthday? by Gleaves Whitney 

  • Isn’t it a strange thing that Washington became MORE trusted b/c he REFUSED the third term?
  • He said, no he was done and he went home and picked up the plow.
  • Refusing power and prestige made him MORE trustworthy.
  • The almighty dollar – where did this come from? – Washington Irving  
   HEADLINE: Did George Washington Convert to Catholicism? by Marian T Horvat, Ph.D. 
  HEADLINE: The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism by CJ Hopkins 
  HEADLINE: Jesus Christ, Savior of the World & General Contractor by David Deavel

First, when you think about our Lord’s life, the running of a business was what he did for most of it. What was hidden about his life during this period was not his humanity but his divinity. He who did not consider equality with God something to be grasped also did not consider having that equality with God something that the people around him needed to grasp either. He was perfectly content to be known as a carpenter until such a time as his Father willed otherwise.

Second, contrary to the way some people would like to depict Jesus, it is pretty likely that, though he wasn’t rich, neither was he a poor man, one of those day laborers in his parables who go around looking for work in fields or on projects. He was certainly not a hippie or a revolutionary. We may think of his work in too narrow a term because of the usual English translation “carpenter,” making us think of him as limited to small projects such as the table he is shown making in Mel Gibson’s film The Passion. But while the only thing we see him making in the Gospels is the whip with which he drove out the money changers from the Temple, tektōn, the word in Greek that we translate as carpenter, is perhaps better designated as “builder.” The New Testament scholar Martin Hengel called it “a Greek word which means mason, carpenter, cartwright and joiner all rolled up into one.”

Interesting: That season of Lent ahead might be the perfect time to ponder the hidden life of a general contractor who was always about his Father’s business even in the midst of the family business.

  • LENT is upon us – it is approaching quickly, are you ready?
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