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Mike Church Show-It’s Maundy Thursday- The Christians Left In ‘Muricah Should Act Like It

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Mike Church Show-It’s Maundy Thursday- The Christians Left In ‘Muricah Should Act Like It

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  HEADLINE: Here’s How To Butcher A Chicken In Your Backyard For Dinner by Laura Baxter 

  • When you see a headline like this at a major political news entity, you see where we are as a country.
  • We are seeing a push towards homesteading and farming.
  • Something that used to be for survival is now back for survival again. 
29m EASTER – 

Easter is this Sunday.

  • Do you know how the date of Easter is determined? 
  • Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon date, based on mathematical calculations, that falls on or after March 21. If the Full Moon is on a Sunday, Easter is celebrated on the following Sunday.
  • FROM THE CHATROOM: In 325 A.D., the Council of Nicaea, which agreed upon the basic principles of Christianity, established a formula for the date of Easter as the Sunday following the paschal full moon, which is the full moon that falls on or after the spring equinox. In practice, that means that Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon that falls on or after March 21. Easter can occur as early as March 22 and as late as April 25, depending on when the paschal full moon occurs.


HEADLINE: Building Trans America by Rod Dreher  

From Mom in the Article: Moral & ethical compass. A generation of young people are being harmed and failed. What will you say to these people when they grow up? Will you say that you turned a blind eye? Will you say you were too afraid to speak? For goodness sake what will it take to stop the harm? 

  • We are in a fight with naked evil. So many powerful people push this evil. So many people who know better are too afraid to stand up and call it what it is. This is not a matter of diversity of opinion; this is Evil. 
  • The First Sin = Transition
  • The Devil told Eve she would become GOD-LIKE – that is the very first sin.
  • She is promised to become something she isn’t.
  HEADLINE: What the Left Has Done to Women by  Dennis Prager

  • The Role of Women – 

The women of today no longer turn to the Original Mother – Mother Mary.

  • When the census was taken in 1880 the number one name assigned to women was Mary.
  • Leftism would appear to demonstrate that ideology can trump human nature. One result is a generation of more depressed young women and more regretful middle-aged women than ever before.
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  The Government Scheme – Title 9

  • What if someone is working for the entity that is the Federal government of the US?
  • They have to find a way out!
  • Most say well then they will come after us…well they are already after us.
  • What is left for these government goons to do to us?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: US Treasury Sec Janet Yellen‘We must redouble our efforts to decarbonize our economies. Our windows of opportunity to leave our planet worthy of our children is even closer to being permenatly shut.’




HEADLINE: Regime Change Begins at Home by Frank Wright

FROM ARTICLE:  It wants you fat, passive, angry, patterned on fake reality tropes, childless, isolated and riddled with anxiety. Broken people cannot get off their knees to resist. They crave consolation. Presents, no future.

How to Stop Being a Victim – 

  • Have you ever heard of the Island of Mont San Michele?

HEADLINE: 10 Fascinating Facts About Mont Saint-Michel — the Medieval City on a Rock by 5 Minute History

1. Mont Saint-Michel was conceived in a dream – One night, Bishop Aubert of Avranches had a vision.

2. Mont Saint-Michel is a structural hierarchy of feudal society – On top, there is God, then the abbey and monastery; below this, the Great halls, then stores and housing, and at the bottom, outside the walls, the fishermen’s and farmers’ housing.

3. Mont Saint-Michel was one of the most important pilgrimage destinations – Second only to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Mont-Saint Michel was an important pilgrimage of faith during the Middle Ages. 

4. The English couldn’t conquer Mont Saint-Michel – During the Hundred Years’ War, the Kingdom of England made repeated assaults on the island but were unable to seize it due to the abbey’s strong fortifications. 

5. Mont Saint-Michel inspired Joan of Arc to victory

6. Mont St Michel has a counterpart in Cornwall, England

7. Mont Saint-Michel served as a prison

8. Mont Saint Michel has deadly tides

9. Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are UNESCO World Heritage Sites

10. Mont Saint-Michel is a top cultural attraction

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Magical Island of Mont St Michel 

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Form Habits of Meaning 


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  • Think of your world as an extended family as a clan.

FROM THE ARTICLE: Strategically speaking the number one factor for resilience in adversity is your clan. If you have strong family ties, friends upon whom you can rely then you are better suited to social disorder – even collapse – than even a well prepared individual.

  • Your guns, food and water will be taken from you by people with more friends. If you think only selfishly, then realise your human relationships are the grain which will sustain you in times of famine.
  HEADLINE: Here’s How To Butcher A Chicken In Your Backyard For Dinner by Laura Baxter  

  • Tough times are tougher for the squeamish. Get ahead of the apocalypse, and start trolling Facebook for free roosters.






  • It is up to each state to protect it’s own borders.
  • I know they passed acts, an act cannot contravene the plain language of the Constitution. 
  HEADLINE: The Trans Lobby Loves Ad Hominems by Michael Warren Davis 

  • Mutilating teenagers isn’t an act of charity.
  • Why are we conceding to these crazy people? 
  HEADLINE: Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share, so it can be ‘transformed as private company’ by Samantha Subin 

So he sent a letter to securities exchange.

Here is his letter: I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy. However, since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company. As a result, I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, a 54% premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced. My offer is my best and final offer and if it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder. Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.

  HEADLINE: Frank James, Suspect in New York Subway Shooting, Taken Into Custody by Zachary Stieber


HEADLINE: What the Left Has Done to Women by Dennis Prager

  1. The Desire to Bond with a Man
  2. The Desire to Marry
  3. The Desire to Have Children
  4. The Desire to Have Sex with Commitment 
  5. The Desire to Protect Children’s Innocence 
  • Remember in 1999 when the Columbine High School shooting happened?

QUESTION: Who did the media and people blame first?

ANSWER: the parents

  • Now we want to punish the parents that want to protect their children from LGBTQ issues and all the mental crap that comes with it.
  The Last Supper – 

  • The Jews who would ultimately convert, it will be the last Paschal Supper.
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