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Mike Church Show-It’s “Pride Month”, Bigots!

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Mike Church Show-It’s “Pride Month”, Bigots!

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  Uvalde Shooting and the Aftermath

  • There was an active shooter training course just days before this shooting.
  • Here in St Tammany Parish – we put out the weird, steroids up people and voted in a good ole Peace Officer. 
  • He completely transformed the department and the workers. 
  • Obedience to the unenforceable. 
  • You want a society that has a moral compass that basically relegates itself.
  • This only works in a Christendom.
31m HEADLINE: Price of Crude Jumps as EU Foolishly Doubles Down On Sanctions by Mish Shedlock 

  • We are about to meet reality!
  • The EU reached a deal with Hungary and moved forward with more sanctions on Russian oil imports. As expected in this corner, the price of crude jumped.
  • The Biden Regime is telling regulators to pull lease permits of oil exploration on Federal Lands.
  HEADLINE: Massive Fire Breaks Out At Poultry Farm That Supplies Eggs To Major Supermarkets by ZeroHedge 

  • How many is this now?
  • Like 15+?
  • Retail egg prices have soared 41% that is just b/c of the ‘bird flu’.
  • Why do you have to murder all the birds?
  • QUESTION: What has necessitated this?
  • ANSWER: Out of scale farming 
  • Can small producers make up for these massive losses?
  HEADLINE: Yellen Says ‘I Was Wrong’ Last Year on the Path of US Inflation by Christopher Condon 

QUESTION: What is the primary source of inflation?

ANSWER: The money supply!

  • Inflation caused by a natural thing like nature (hurricane)  would go away.
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  TKD discusses going to see the movie Top Gun – 


 HEADLINE: What Progress Wants by Paul Kingsnorth 

Colonisation – The ultimate result of the revolution of modernity, predicted Del Noce, would be fragmentation, nihilism, and ‘the death of the sacred.’ The twin revolutionary engines of the postwar era, he suggested, were scientism and sex. The first usurped the role of religion and culture, reducing all life to the level of the measurable and controllable. The second, via the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the resulting ‘permissive society’, unleashed a radical individualism cored around sexual desire, which would lead to the fragmentation of everything from nationhood to the family – but leave capitalism and its attendant class, the bourgeoisie, intact… 

FROM THE ARTICLE: The rushing power that runs beneath the age of Progress, the energy of the modern world, the river that carries us onwards – where is it taking us? We know the answer. Humans cannot live for very long without a glimpse of the transcendent, or an aspiration, dimly understood, to become one with it. Denied this path, we will make our own. Denied a glimpse of heaven, we will try to build it here. This imperfect world, these imperfect people – they must be superseded, improved, remade. Flawed matter is in our hands now. We know what to do.

  • So basically what ‘Progress’ wants is to REPLACE us!
  • They have the elites that want to rule us.
  • They want to pull the strings and make the system that we must play in.
  • EXAMPLE: Samuel Adams brewing company – 
  • Why can’t companies stay out of politics?
  • If you make beer, just make good beer.
  • If you make cookies, just make good cookies.


 HEADLINE: Biden Administration Creates Office of Environmental Justice in HHS by Nathan Worcester 

  • If you are driving around on a diesel powered tractor, you could be arrested.
  • They are doing what Obama did, they are just creating Czars.
  • The government doesn’t need to do any of this b/c the major corporations are doing all the ground work for them.
  HEADLINE: Laverne Cox is first trans woman to have Barbie doll modeled after her by Amy Cheng 

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   AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing 

Doocy – Does Biden take any responsibility for his policies potentially contributing to the inflation?

Jean-Pierre – His policies has helped the economy get back on its feet.

  • They are working overtimes to remove all Federal land leases on oil.
  • They are making this situation.
  • They have no desire to ‘solve’ the high gas prices, they have created them.
2h20m  AUDIO/VIDEO: ABC News w/ Lia Thomas – Trans people don’t transition for athletics, we transition to be happy and authentic and our true selves.
   BACK TO HEADLINE – What Progress Wants

















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  • The month of the Sacred Heart!
  • The South basically goes from winter to summer w/ no spring.
  • Today also starts Pride month.
  • They offend God and then take the Sacred Heart month to celebrate their rebellion. 
  • FROM THE CHATROOM: Mike, we should stop calling the gay flag the “rainbow flag”  It is factually NOT since it only has 6 colors in it whereas God’s Rainbow has 7 colors!.  We should call it the “Sodomy Flag” just like you say “BullPence”  Or maybe the “groomer flag, or Pervert Flag, deviant flag, or the anal flag etc just not the Rainbow flag.
  • Brother doesn’t allow his students to say the work suck – so one of his students didn’t do well on a test and he wrote in the margin “This test vacuums.” 
  • Our Lady of Prompt Succor – 
  • QUESTION IN CHATROOM: Can Brother confirm or deny my idea that if a saint has made it to the calendar, they are assuredly real and in heaven?
  • The modern calendar removed Saint Christopher but that doesn’t mean St Christopher isn’t a saint anymore.
  • They are according to Canonical law owned by the Church.
  • Georgetown, Holy Cross – 
  • They took down the Crucifix when Obama spoke at BC
  • When the Provost invited Obama in 2009 – there were 120 Notre Dame graduates that refused to walk.

HEADLINE: The Visitation and the Personhood of the Unborn by John M. Grondelski 

HEADLINE: Defeminisation by Frank Wright 

From The Article: How feminine is feminism? It cannot and does not defend the most basic facts of womanhood. It is a movement destroying itself over the colonisation of the female by men, which it promotes. The fact that feminism is promoting the replacement of women by men is both astonishing and illustrative of the endpoint of Liberal individualism. This leads in all cases to strange paradoxes which destroy meaningful categories in the service of some extreme identity group. Black identity is about whiteness, rainbow rights are about the attitudes of normal people, feminism is about men.

  • Chaos only entered into the world w/ free will sin.
  • Man by sheer force of will has to impose his will.
  • Fundamentally antithetical to Christian society.
  • Story of Noah in Genesis – 
  • The strength of wine – the fermentation did not happen prior to the flood. 
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