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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  • COVID narrative crumbling
  • Bill Maher and Bari Weiss say the quiet part out loud
  • Defeat the Mandate Rally highlights
  • March For Life Rally – Washington 
  • #TruckersForFreedom – Canadian COVID Mandates
13m      HEADLINE: Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers Blocked Nationwide by Zachary Stieber 
   HEADLINE: “A Catastrophic Moral Crime” – Bari Weiss & Bill Maher ‘Say The Quiet Part Out Loud’ On Leftist COVID Policies by Tyler Durden 
  HEADLINE: Americans’ Opinions on Abortion

  • The cult of death is losing. 
  • They know they are losing and they are grasping at straws now.
44m  HEADLINE: Truckers Fighting Government Vaccine Mandate March to Canadian Capital by Reuters 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Parent at school board in Michiganthere are litter boxes in the unisex bathrooms for students that identify as CATS! 
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   HEADLINE: ‘Women are now third-class citizens’: UPenn swimmer speaks out against trans teammate Lia Thomas and says she ‘wasn’t even close to being competitive as a man’ after her latest wins by James Gordon and Stephen M Lepore




AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. Ahmad Malik on GBN‘If you are double vaccinated & boostered you are more likely to get infected than non-vaccinated. The whole hospitals are filled w/ unvaccinated is foolish, it is the absolute opposite.’

HEADLINE: ‘I’m a Full Anti-Vaxxer Now’: How the Conspiracists Are Winning Over Fresh Converts by Kara Voght 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Defeat the Mandate Rally – Robert F Kennedy Jr.‘Every power that gov takes from us it will never relinquish voluntarily. These lockdown mandates will be used over and over whenever they want to.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Defeat the Mandate Rally – Dr Robert Malone – destroys the approved narrative in minutes – ‘The science is settled on the COVID vaccine, they aren’t working. If there is risk, there must be choice.’





















 SPECIAL GUEST ——— Alexander Tschugguel 

Austria on COVID 

  • There have been over 300,000 people demonstrating and more than 200k statements! There are less than 9million in Austria.
  • The Austrians did NOT say yes and that is what I want the people to know.
  • QUESTION: How Catholic is Austria today?
  • Compared to other European countries – we have high number of youth that says they still belive in God.
  • We have a lot of Evangelical and Protestant. 
  • 12% still going to Mass here which is high for European country but still very low.
  • Would you say the 12% still attending is younger?
  • A community that is Catholic and trying to do good things – they are all young.
  • BREAKING – Croatia – Enough is Enough – initiative has collected enough signatures to initiate a referendum on the abolition of the COVID certificate.
  • Slovakia – did not find it’s own sovergntiy to show the people that they have the right to rebel against the government. 
  • The Czech Republic – will no long enforce the COVID passports either.
  • They never give you the freedom they promise, it is always just this one thing, then just this one thing etc.
  • It is normal there in Brussels etc to have that sort of rioting, you won’t see that type of stuff here in Austria.
  • ROSARY RALLIES – In November and December we now have over 250 different places every Wednesday at 6pm 
  • QUESTION: What do I need to start a rosary rally? 
  • ANSWER: NOTHING but your faith and how to say a rosary!
  • It isn’t about the numbers ever, it is only about the FAITH!
  • Images of Our Lady or any image of the Catholic faith – 
  • Victory for Our Lady – (end to abortion, please send us whatever is necessary to have a Catholic country again)
  • Only 17 MPs voted against – 
  • Founded in the 50’s – they were nationalist then converted and for 3 decades they have turned out to be very Christian. Pro-Austrian, ProLife etc
  • They are really fighting for the citizens of Austria right now. = Freedom Party of Austria
  • The Minister for Health can change this law more or less.
  • So it could be they can change it to where there are NO fines at all for going against this law.
  • Despite this being a black day indeed, we look to the future in hope.
  • We don’t leave anything to chance, we plainly state Our Lady will ultimately triumph. 
  • The Truth will prevail…ALWAYS!
  • God never lets people suffer ‘too’ much. He knows exactly how much we can suffer.

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   AUDIO: OAN Medical Experts Discuss Pandemic Response – lead by Senator Ron Johnson 

Dr Ryan Cole – 

   AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki‘My advice to everyone out there who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita….’

MAGGIE MINUTE: When did it become okay for a White House spokesperson to advocate using alcohol as a coping mechanism? 



 AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Fauci on ABC ‘The antibody levels will go down, that’s natural. The 3rd shot boost may give a better layer of protection against severe disease. We may need to boost agains, that’s entirely conceivable.’

AUDIO from the counter rally – “I don’t care how many shots it takes because I’m not a selfish bastard.”

2h36m  HEADLINE: “This Sucker’s Going Down…” by MN Gordon via Economic Prism 

  • “The fate of the nation and the fate of the currency are one and the same.” – Franz Pick 
  • Once a country’s economy and finances have been corrupted by fiat the fate of the nation is doom and disaster.
  • Management of a spineless currency by central planners always falls to frequent debauchery…followed by short episodic periods of crushing austerity.  The central planners never seem to get it right.  Their extreme intervention lurches the economy from boom to bust. 
  • Consumer price inflation has nothing to do with rising prices or greedy corporations.  But it has everything to do with declining money. 
  • This is just simple math here.
  • TKD – plot of land in the area doubled in price – how did that happen? Did the land get better? No the money is weaker!
3h01m  Hearing on COVID and the response from US doctors and hospitals.

Testimony by Dr. Paul Marik –

Remdesivir – cost the WHO $3,000

Ivermectin – cost the WHO 2 cents

  • Hospitals are getting kickbacks and so are the doctors.
  • The system has failed.
  • The NIH is telling them to prescribe medications they KNOW are killing people.
  • The FDA approved drugs are being touted as ‘harmful’.
  • Ivermectin and vitamins could have saved 500,000 lives!



Hearing on COVID and the response from US doctors and hospitals.

Testimony by Dr. Aaron Kheriarty – 

  • 10% rise in all mortally is a disaster we had a 40% rise.
  • The Ethics of this – the Nuremberg Code
  • This basic principle of medical informed consent was thrown to the side.
  • We used a one size fits all mandate for these vaccines.
  • We ignored natural immunity.
  • I had to file a request to get clinical trial data from the FDA which is supposed to be public.
  • They requested 40 years to have this data held up.



 Hearing on COVID and the response from US doctors and hospitals.

Testimony Dr. Robert Malone – 

mRNA Technologies developer

  • I’ve spent my entire life with pathogens and the science on how to protect humans.
  • The science is settled, these vaccines where created for the original virus not Omicron.
  • If there is risk, there MUST be choice.
  • Informed consent is a necessity for ANY medical procedure, why no these vaccines?
  • Omicron is highly infectious but rarely causes death.
  • This is completely against bioethics. 
  • Nuremberg – our public policies have had a particularly strong adverse effect on our children.
  • Americans are typically good people – 
3h23m   Hearing on COVID and the response from US doctors and hospitals.

Dr. David Wiseman –

  • They meet gene therapeutic definitions, we need 20+ years of study on theses vaccines.
  • These vaccines contain HUMAN genes.
  • These vaccines don’t stay in the arms like we were told.
  • This vaccine is a greater evil than COVID.
  • Release the NIH study on injuries.
  • FDA and NIH will they meet w/ scientists and they finally answered YES.
  Now the FACTS and evidence is out.

They can no longer deny the outcomes as they are in plain sight.

They killed Shannon Suttles our sweet Chatroom admin.

They killed thousands of people in America w/ this KNOWN killing protocol. 

It harms people who are older at much higher rates than the younger.

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