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Mike Church Show-Loudon County PROVES The Elites Are Sacrificing Children’s Innocence To Normalize Pedos

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    Mike Church Show-Loudon County PROVES The Elites Are Sacrificing Children’s Innocence To Normalize Pedos LoneRhody

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   Catholics Got the Pope they Deserve –

  • I don’t want to comment on that statement.
  • I’m not the one that created that.
  • America gets the politicians they deserve right?


HEADLINE: Sailors didn’t know what to do in USS Bonhomme Richard fire, Navy probe finds by Ellen Mitchell

  • This is the state when find ourselves in.
  • Officially released on Wednesday, found that 36 individuals, including the ship’s commander and five admirals, were responsible for numerous errors and breakdowns that followed after the vessel was purposely set on fire while it sat pier-side in San Diego.
  • “the response effort was placed in the hands of inadequately trained and drilled personnel from a disparate set of uncoordinated organizations that had not fully exercised together and were unfamiliar with basic issues to include the roles and responsibilities of the various responding entities” 
  •  It burned for more than four days, injuring 63 people, including 40 sailors and 23 civilians, and rendering the ship unsalvageable.

AUDIO/VIDEO: GREYHOUND – Official Trailer 2020  

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  NIH Added Ivermectin – 

Characteristics of Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19 Table 2e 














 HEADLINE: Rotherham Child Sex Abuse Scandal Looms Over Loudoun County by John Daniel Davidson

AUDIO/VIDEO: Woke Loudoun County prosecutor is blasted for helping jail dad whose daughter ‘was raped by boy in skirt in girl’s bathroom’ and DEFENDS decision to send ‘attacker’ to another school ‘where he struck again’

  • Government schools, you know the Obama and Biden Regimes are both forcing the transgender, unisex bathrooms.
  • You know Loretta Lynch issued an order to all public schools – to open all bathrooms up for transgenders, whatever sex they ‘feel’ they are.
  • That was one of Donald Trumps first Executive Orders was to undo that transgender bathroom in public schools.

Rotherham, In England – in the early 2000’s

  • This went on for years and years, and at least 1,400 children were victimized. The local government and law enforcement authorities knew about it the entire time. But they did nothing. Why? Because the perpetrators were ethnic minorities, Pakistani Muslim men, and the authorities feared being accused of racism if they said or did anything.
  • There are wide spread reports that the Afghanistan refugees are doing domestic abuse.
  • We want to give them citizenship. 
  • In 2014, the former chief inspector of social work in Scotland released a 153-page report that finally broke the whole thing open. Among the many revelations in that report was that most of the victims were white girls from troubled homes, and the perpetrators were Pakistani Muslim men.
  • Not even the rape of a child — or 1,400 children — is enough to rouse them to action.
  • They are sexualizing these kids so they are easy prey.
  • Especially children from broken homes.
  • They are easy targets.
  • Open the bathrooms up and tell children sexuality and nudity is perfectly normal.
  • That sex is FLUID.
  • This is all grooming.
  • Is there any reason why you should continue support for government run schools?
  • QUESTION: Why do we need school boards? 
  • Again what happened to schooling that taught children HOW to think not WHAT to think?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator John Kennedy on Hannity – If you have a pulse you know Joe Biden and America is in serious trouble…gives rundown of the MANY things that is going wrong now. 

“Mr President you just have to try harder NOT TO SUCK.”

QUESTION: Can you tell me what a worker is?

  • So you have taken someone’s craft and diminished it to appear that anyone can do it.

AUDIO/VIDEO: A Bug’s Life – Then they ALL might stand up to us! 

  • This is s GREAT point Hopper makes here.
  • Commander Sharpe at the SBC – Tate was one of the 12 Southerners that submitted these letters “I’ll Take My Stand”.
  • The industrial revolution had already created great suffering. 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: NY Gov Kathy Hochul – on General Colin Powellhis story cannot be hijacked by the anti-vaxxers…someone who wasn’t vaccinated gave him the virus. 

  • Let’s all remember she is a ‘devout Catholic’.
  • What a nut-bag!
2h48m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH COVID Coordinator Jeff Zientswe expect the FDA & CDC’s decision on Pfizer’s vcxx for children ages 5-11 in the next couple of weeks. We will be ready to get shots in arms.


  • Does anyone else see this as violent rhetoric?


 NIH admits it did send funds to China for GAIN OF FUNCTION research – 

Senator Rand Paul Twitter – HHS Deputy admits Fauci’s NIH funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan but says it was “an unexpected result.”  If the experiment combines unknown viruses and tests their ability to infect and damage humanized cells,  of course the result is ‘unknown’ before the experiment. But it is not “unexpected” that the virus gains in function it is simply ‘unknown’. 

So, if this type of experiment created a virus that had 50% mortality (like MERS which they have experimented with in Wuhan),  that result would be “unknown” before the experiment but not “unexpected.”

  • These people simply aren’t smart enough to pull this off on their own.
  • This is demonically inspired.
3h06m Caller Cindy from Florida – 

  • I’m not blogging but I am here and I am listening!

Catholic Church that has a school story – 

Transhumanism – evil people, God isn’t in their life.

  • We are still fighting Agenda 21 in our area. 
  • Depopulation of the Earth by any means necessary.
  Boston Dynamics Robots – 

Flippy the Robot

AUDIO/VIDEO: This is a video from harbinger of the apocalypse Boston Dynamics field-testing their Spot robotic dog robot at construction sites. It, uh, it looks very capable.  

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Written by: LoneRhody

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