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Mike Church Show-NOW The Doom’s Bodies Are Piling Up As VAERS Can’t Keep Up With SADS

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Mike Church Show-NOW The Doom’s Bodies Are Piling Up As VAERS Can’t Keep Up With SADS

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  HEADLINE: EasyJet flight makes emergency landing with ‘ill pilot in toilet’ after mid-air alert by Alahna Kindred 

HEADLINE: My interview with American Airlines pilot Bob Snow by Steve Kirsch 

  • Today there are many pilots who are vaccine injured and not saying anything, endangering the public.
33m The COVID Lie

  • Remember when you were a child and your parents told you if you lie, you will have to lie again to protect the original lie?

This is what’s happening w/ COVID.

1st lie – if you get COVID you will die

2nd lie – the government can protect you w/ the vaccine

3rd lie – the vaccine completely protects you from COVID

  • The List of Lies goes on and on…..
  NYC Confiscates and Crushes ATV’s and Dirt Bikes

AUDIO/VIDEO: New Yorkers Frustrated With Illegal ATV, Dirt Bike Riders 

  HEADLINE: Southwest Air Pilots Seek to Block Covid Vaccination Mandate by Mary Schlangenstein 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WaPo’s Michelle SingletaryThere’s a great deal of Americans where it is uncomfortable that they’re spending more, but they are not going to go under. You gotta stop complaining, overall many American are not suffering as much as they think they are.
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  HEADLINE: The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome by Dr Joseph Mercola 
   BREAKING: JUST IN – Germany triggers the “alert level” of the gas emergency plan. The country is now in short supply, natural gas is used as a weapon by Russia against us, says economy minister Habeck.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Watch the German delegation’s response at UNGA when Trump says – “Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course”

  • Okay just isolate Germany and “nuke the entire site from orbit”.
  • These delegates laughed in the face of President Donald Trump when he stated this.
  • Today they announce #EnergyLockdowns.























 SPECIAL GUEST: Kennedy Hall

Follow Kennedy Hall on Twitter: @

  • The Trudeau regime is losing steam here in Canada.
  • You can see the effects of the Freedom Convoy STILL happening here.
  • There is a mutiny happening here – 
  • There was a mass shooting in 2020 – the recent gun grab, that hasn’t passed yet, they are on vacation until OCTOBER! They do this to sort of end on a ‘high note’. 
  • This shooting from 2020 is being used as the reason for the gun grab.
  • The Liberal caucus is brewing mutiny right now.
  • 5 MP’s went on record w/o their names – to recall Trudeau etc
  • So we can fly now as Canadians we just get asked a lot of questions like have you been vaccinated.
  • Well, yes I got the measles vaccine.
  • And…have you had your shot – why yes I had a shot of Jameson this morning!


HEADLINE: The Vatican Confesses by Anthony Esolen 

FROM THE ARTICLE: From the Vatican, comes the news that Catholics who want to get married should have to wait longer to do so, to undergo more preparation for the sacrament, so that we will not be plagued with so many applications for annulments.  The reasoning is that young people now are ill-prepared to understand what the vows of exclusivity and permanence imply. 

They have “prepared” for marriage by the now-usual series of sexual liaisons, often transient, sometimes treacherous, ending in disappointment and sullenness.  The males are often addicted to porn; both sexes go for it sometimes.  Their language is strewn with crudity and obscenity, and as for love, they are not likely to have been instructed by the mass entertainment around them, not to mention their own habits, or, often, those of their parents.

  • You can sin even if you obey.
  • Watch A Few Good Men – 

Anthony Esolen Article Excerpt: Yet somehow the sexual sins that John and Mary commit, those that are not counter to nature, and that are often but poor and confused attempts at marriage without marriage, are so grave in their effects upon the heart and mind and soul that we must place an unprecedented barrier in their way. 

Now you cannot hold those two attitudes simultaneously.  If sodomy is perfectly fine, fornication is downright beautiful.  But if fornication is chaos-making and destructive, don’t even talk about sodomy.

  • Pope Francis himself has said that gender ideology is demonic.  So is indifference to the beauty of male and female.  What have you done lately for young people who have been raised with that respect, and who cannot find someone decent to marry?  When have you ever considered them at all?
  • This is why marrying a fellow Catholic is so important. 
  • That is ONE LESS thing you two will argue about.
  • That is the ONE thing you two will always fall back on.
  TKD continues reading Anthony Esolen article –

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  HEADLINE: Democrats poised to pick up House seat with Louisiana redistricting now in court by Ryan King 

  • Yet another example of how quickly this union is breaking up.
  • The voters will not stand for this continued aggression. 
  • There is a full on revolt against the Biden Regime. 
  • From states banning transgender athletes from female sports to TEXIT.


 COVID Trial in Children – Tennessee House of Representatives State of Tennessee

  • Ladies and Gentlemen this mRNA is getting walked back.
  • This means…they LIED and they knew they lied.
  • This lie resulted in MURDER.  
  • The 1986 act – 
  • You can’t sue Pfizer as a member state of the union, you CAN sue Pfizer if you secede from the union and you will win!

HEADLINE: Auto CEOs Ask Trump for a CAFE Break by Michael Strong 







Q – Would you say that the war in Ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in America?

Fed Chair Powell – No inflation was high before, certainly before the war in Ukraine broke out.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen KennedyI’m sorry they’re having inflation in other parts of the world, but them and misery doesn’t make my people feel better. Inflation is hitting people so hard they’re coughing up bones.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Energy Sec GranholmThe only way out of these boom & bust cycles is to break that sole reliance & that means diversifying our fuel sources by deploying clean energy.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Non-binary middle school teacheris upset that people at it’s school aren’t using it’s pronouns correctly. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt GaetzYou know who isn’t going to be able to fight tonight? The pilots who are no longer flying for the Air Force, SEALS who are being separated from the Navy b/c they have been exiled b/c we don’t recognize natural immunity. 

3h23m HEADLINE: Uvalde School Police Chief Placed on Administrative Leave After School Shooting by Randy Clark 

  • This just doesn’t pass the smell test.
  • He did tell them to stand down.
  • WHY would a home town cop tell his cops to stand down knowing children were dying?
  • Do you believe Police Chief Pete Arredondo acted on his own in telling his cops to stand down?
   SCOTUS Blog – Supreme Court Decisions/Opinions for the day –


This conclusion does not necessarily dictate reversal because a §1983 claim may also be based on “the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the . . . laws.” (Emphasis added.) It may thus be argued that the Miranda rules constitute federal “law” and that an abridgment of those rules can therefore provide the ground for a §1983 claim. But whatever else may be said about this argument,6 it cannot succeed unless Tekoh can persuade us that this “law” should be expanded to include the right to sue for damages under §1983.

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